Debra Messing Criticized for Nose, Priyanka Chopra Shares Story About Body Critics

Co-hosts share stories of body-shaming they experienced at the workplace.
3:11 | 02/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debra Messing Criticized for Nose, Priyanka Chopra Shares Story About Body Critics
Actress Debra Messing recently told a horrifying story when she was acting and movie outlook in the class she claims that director stopped filming a sane. To tell her that her nose was ruining the movie. I'm in humans. I can't even I don't even know what I mean. Has this happened to any of you haven't been. Miner might what I before I became an actress Iman to produce and direct you know that the possibility of acting and I was I was a beauty bats went about their husbands work. He said everything was wrong about these are my nose was not to blow it is that might shape of my. Thank you original noticed yet hasn't body. Yeah. Yeah. I handed Atlanta area has an all out what was they have they got a lot of things done resisting or one as beautiful you are some what's going to change some yet to change everything. Yeah. Why Lewis so why wouldn't they want of want to date not under the color of my hair but I think it was as you know there is there's such a follow sort of the section of what women should look like and what our bodies should be an especially when we're in the business you know you put on just a couple of pounds of beef Ehrlich but he's. You it happens Christmas happens all up laughs yeah and I. Yeah yeah. It I have the body I have voted out like a hundred on the day that happened in my body slumped to its a not want to finally yeah. I'm I remember. When I was working in the news business I had had my daughter. Six months earlier and one of the producers tell me bit I was looking fat on camera. And I said well I Habibie yap and I set I just but I just had a baby and he's at I'm so sorry. How long nights at six months he's that well you didn't just have a baby. Hello hello. I'm. Arab why not a star and I I really went through a period where that's starving myself so too does the baby weight because of it now not in Havana on about it. When I don't nice to go up the commercials in the old days. The guy when agents sent to me he says you're good tight. Four red blue and drive his training institute. Is a truck driving school buddies said to may you can't. Can't think Procter & Gamble on someone and is that what you can do Procter & Gamble but the blondes have to have the clean floors you have to have the dirty flies one time I'd like to report that I did both Procter & Gamble and I'd like time. I think people are told the stumpel the time and I. Had a similar experience with that blond I grew up in the age you know Christie Brinkley and she's beautiful but this this this vision of what beauty was as blunt symbolize all American I would now for a commercial skin care commercial. And they told me hands to ethnic looking yes and I couldn't figure out what that was what I and then he'd Brooklyn I did go out when condominiums town it was basically they're not all American girl and I was like this melting pot made me like I am an all out today is a younger person actually has an ethnicity yeah yeah you're right yeah.

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{"id":45387035,"title":"Debra Messing Criticized for Nose, Priyanka Chopra Shares Story About Body Critics","duration":"3:11","description":"Co-hosts share stories of body-shaming they experienced at the workplace.","url":"/Entertainment/video/debra-messing-criticized-nose-priyanka-chopra-shares-story-45387035","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}