Dec. 9, 1980: John Lennon killed

The former Beatle was shot by Mark David Chapman outside Lennon's apartment building in New York City.
3:29 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Dec. 9, 1980: John Lennon killed
Good evening I'm global generation that danced and sang to the music of John Lennon mourned his death today. A man accused of shooting Lennon is under arrest in nearly all one of the prosecutors described the killing as a calm and rational act of premeditated execution. We have a series of reports beginning with Lynn Fisher in New York. Mark David Chapman was arraigned today at criminal court in Manhattan on a charge of second degree murder. The five foot nine inch heavyset defendant appeared in the courtroom under and usually tight security. DNA Kim ho grief charge that Chapman who seems to have had no prior arrest contrary to previous reports. Had come to New York from Hawaii with some 2000 dollars in cash specifically to stalk and kill the former beatle. He called it the premeditated execution of John Lennon. Chapman's court appointed lawyer requested an immediate psychiatric exam. Judge Martin Ret juror agreed ordering Chapman sent to Bellevue hospital and kept under suicide watch. But held without bail. Chapman's lawyer admitted to reporters that his client had shot Lennon last night. The musician and his wife were returning from a recording session to their apartment at the Dakota as celebrated luxury building on Manhattan's upper west side. As they stepped out of their limousine Chapman who is said to have been standing in the shadow. Is said to have called out mr. Lenin. Then witnesses say Chapman assumed the combat position and emptied his 38 revolver. Four bullets hit Lenin. Bleeding profusely the former beetle made it up a set of stairs said I'm shot then was carried off to a police car. Moments later he was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt hospital. The violent outburst on not only rock music fans but residents of his last home Honolulu. Where Chapman now 25. Was described as personable and well liked by his former boss at a local hospital. But this is also the city where he bought the 38 revolver. Four days after he left his last job as a security officer at an apartment building and signed out within name. John Lennon. One of Chapman's high school classmates at Decatur Georgia called him a very nice person not a free and also pointed out that he'd gotten very religious. He got into the Jesus movement really I guess what was. He was. His mannerisms we're worse off remorse and then. And in New York to devoted Lennon fans who have spent much of the last four years quietly idolizing him and occasionally photographing him. Actually met Chapman earlier this week on one of their regular vigils outside Lennon's apartment house so nice and really and claimed he was. You know from the little that he spoke to a us interests and really nice. Genuine honest person. The list or because he rural town. To David vigil continued outside the Dakota with local mourners joined by former beatle Ringo Starr who visited Yoko Ono at the linens apart. There are bitter and poignant ironies to this act of violence. Last year Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono donated a thousand dollars to the new York city police for the purchase of bulletproof vest. To show they said they're genuine concern for the lives of our police officers in New York City. And just last week Lenin told the BBC radio interviewer that he particularly like living in New York City right now. Because he felt so much at ease here.

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{"id":51615582,"title":"Dec. 9, 1980: John Lennon killed","duration":"3:29","description":"The former Beatle was shot by Mark David Chapman outside Lennon's apartment building in New York City.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dec-1980-john-lennon-killed-51615582","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}