Director X discusses his 'Superfly' remake

Director X talks music videos, in addition to directing and making his first studio film.
18:36 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Director X discusses his 'Superfly' remake
It's candid ABC radio L and I am super excited because I have B one the only director. So fitting right in front of me how are you don't great. This is a bit of undertaking it's it's your first full featured I done film before but this to be your. Her first studio picture our studio Kitchener Sony Sony Pictures came in on this one so. Yet it's a bit of a different beast than. So. Where you apprehensive because this is like you know obviously going to be seen by many many many and I tighten and you know their it is. Also a remake of an iconic blaxploitation. Films so there's. And pressure I would note did you feel any pressure represents our home. I don't know if that's the right word for a new. I've been directing for a long time so everything now is a job openings would on that level of them from fund. On the level of remaking this. That was a big thing being a test of my philosophy. I came up comic books and remember when they almost changed the Butte and make the movie and they change it up and then or book people we've all had that experience something we love. Gonna make a movie out of something we love and then we get to the moving like that's not the thing I love what body just do the thing we all. And you get very news painful have been painful. But then you see movie alone companies like marvel and dead pool. Where they released owe true to the source material and people love it so I actually brought that. Departed up when I was pitching will be we need to do. Who before we shouldn't be trying to fix it usually trying to change we should do super fly modernize it modernize that movie so we went and it really took the original film sort of breaking them characters breaking story lines what what is it what are the things that makes it flies to before. Michael put Shakespeare. Great in the same way if you do Romeo and Juliet need to groups of people that don't come along. From those groups to befall a loaf curse on both your houses in the tragic and if you do those things anything else you do between this find those things with what makes it. Romeo and Juliet. So we did the same thing was who what if things have to happen in this movie to make this soup who has to be there. Once we laid that out then we can begin to change things but we're changing things. Because it didn't translate. To today things that happened in the seventies that don't happen now things and couldn't just things that were believable. And you know all the and then those changes would grow into their own story lines it's of the movies. A lot Fuller. It's a lot is a bigger the original two blows the scriptures only 55 pages. And and six short son Steve shore sent me that script so I kept that 55 page script in my binder with our new script. And some of those pages are actually digress. 'cause marine view regional super fly there's a whole split screen thing that happens. Don't they drew up those split screen so they cheated a couple of those pages if so really that page count is a little less than 55 pages so we had a lot of filling out to do. Yeah and I. You know justice to speak your your volumes a little bit because. You know your your coming from the standpoint we're you've worked with so many great people are obviously from from JA. The cosmonauts to be on that's obviously Drake you know Knots Landing accent that's on them ahead telling you about that. How did you look specifically approaches project and any kind of talk a little bit about that element definitely limits a music video per say because. They're all theatrical nieces. In a similar way but obviously making a full feature our studio feature in this way is a little bit different than how I wouldn't fill new approach destiny and the. This two story that's key you know music video even if you do a story line for music video it's not essential that the story makes cents. What's essential and music videos that it feels like the music so the story should connect to the song for not a story so you just during the performance. It should have that energy of the music that's the key. That's that's what you've come to become the deal with so. All focus all focus initially was getting the story right. Again home not just getting the story right for something that works but something that. Remains true to the original film. Now I know the film premiering at the American black film yes. You thirteen eaten will be here great the air unit but you know. American black film festival is a Mac I would say for black film. The actors and people associated with you know this this industry and you know what are your thoughts premiering your filmed there in front of those eyes is going to be heavily media and the you know. About opening up at specifics. I'm I'm honored to be either look that this is the film festivals that premiered girls' trip they premiered straight at a Carlton. Funeral home just a special place it's in Miami with its always fund so it just anything Miami sees little more phone. What I am a moderate I'm honored to open Memphis won't feels really great. Yet and of course. It's it's kind of inches staying seemed really ECU director acts again because I I've seen you know. A million of your video obviously I I watch I'm hip hop Fenton an island you know art is that you work with. Some laughs K you know he's he's making this this feature now is it is this year full line. You don't. Said Ed an in the music video world. As a director of a director has four main lines I mean outside of the guys and maybe do documentaries but for most of us. You know music videos commercials. These are the places where you can get a phone call when do what he doing. July 5 you know there we needed to do with one of these things. So I love them all LO every aspect of filmmaking has very special. All these. All these elements of something that's very unique to it and I enjoy them on employment directors or as the cameras motion picture camera you could find mean. Telling people what to do that. I had this tapped into. You know doing the film projects Irsay has had that tap into a different creative side of view you feel I mean I don't you know again you're a director so yet you can do those different. I'm mediums and different things. I mean you know everything kind of. That you you coming on television shows she when Whitman may be on for six seasons. It's so I think your character should go on my character doesn't. If there's six actors nowhere what you're you're the guest on that show they've been running in the polls this as opposed to moving. Or offered Enola of I've done my first film. No weird too shooting a scene Ehrlichman and this is we is written. Now that we're doing it doesn't feel right. And you have to spend his time figuring out what is a character going to do how does this really work. For the larger story because we ball been. Carrying this project around the same amount of time we start getting to that and then of course there's the story element in a movie where things are very fluid. Where television is a writer's medium. Of writers got you know your your there. Really. Giving a little bit of a spin and making sure everything gets done on time in TV he. We're the film just does a lot more news ahead in the creatively Europe and in and Beecher. Obviously. I think people who will even now will also be invested in the music beaten and soundtrack is amazing it's doubtful. A future project go to sub compact. It is an embryo feature out and is it is his own future well yeah definitely. When we get when we are breaking and then moving well part was Britain and the story that we actually at the brink in the film because of the movie. Has a resonance outside of just the story line. You know hair and the call or in the clothing and the music in the music is such a jarring element of the original film had to address it. As opposed to making a soundtrack that's just about to remake Suez is due Freddy's dead over let's do super fly over the I don't want to. It into a competition with the original soundtrack that's one of the greatest albums ever made not touch and no chemicals productive truck. Oh what we got into was the essence of what Curtis did for the film. So the movie he was a commentary on what was going on he he purposely went and there's of them may be the Greek. Courts right. I mean talk about what's happened especially since original film wild. But they snort Coke to say hello literally meant and how you do and try this multiple times in the movie to when he saw that little when he did I need to count practice. Our movie isn't quite as while. But I did go and think all right we need a singular vision for our movie we need someone that's gonna comment on what's going on in our film. So future being from Atlanta being at the forefront of the sound of the city being such a big star release all the elements that we needed to. And why these songs and it really is a theme for the movie and you hear that the music you hear this come up quite a bit as the film goes. No shame in my game kind of just encapsulated. What super fly or priest it is doing. And then from there with futures team we we went out and started finding other records to populate the world. And make the world again. If everybody everywhere listen to a future song in the movie be like this is what world were planted and hunt what is featured only music. So we went ahead and found some other artists were you know that they go to parties and driving cars that there's all these places drum music plays we needed we needed great music. And at the same time something that made the fuel made the movie feel real. It's it's also the feel is very timely too because not only is a music. Current of today but also bear the themes you know you you address I think in a very. Head on way you know the police. You know. Whether it's the brutality the or kind of the under workings it was going on. But the politics. Mean there's a lot of things that I I thought they did see the amount that came to. That were very visibly visible an intentional. Omelet that always the the mindset in approaching this is that I know you have to content arrives at film. It was there. A focal point saying look these are the things that Irene you know we have to be able to know I'm Eric. They the responsibilities to the story responsibilities entertainment. We didn't go in with a message. You want to tell but the original film deals with these topics Kris gets involved with dirty cops. That want him to keep working Foreman me you know dirty cops that are. Selling the providing drugs to the community which is a big thing like an American against American gangster was the first movie that means really kind of made it from me. All the Cox's indicate they're not just taking look at their heart of the drug and our. Seoul on his interest in the gold watches movies it beat for these guys who must have been a big moment. Put that in a movie in the seventies and Bono don't know the cops give us drugs. Be clear right that is that's not a minor thing to say in 1972. So as he modernized it. We we. Rod and this brought in that element of dirty bad cops we live in that time now we were dealing with its Obama just saw. A video today. I think it's Phoenix you seen this video. These boys street it will if it look like. A remark when I was a teenager and in go to a party and see a crew. Role upon someone. Thousand street gang rule and open market. So and that means just another story you're you have to which one of the one with the US house are you'll ever hear your prisoner of which with the with the new one of all what it was a note we're gonna miss one. So that it's where we're inundated with this going on. So. It wasn't something like we have to see there's a responsibility to our nose. Ten years ago when have been the same goes a thing with the cops but not like. Right so so those elements came up and then when we then when we didn't like the mayor Kwame Kirkpatrick was influenced the first interview ever actually said the said the inspiration for the mayor. It's boiler there. In a foot of fantasy that make this itinerary. We spoke a lot about you know middle class girls at and updating drug dealers whose talk about corrupt city officials we spoke about. You know corrupt police and dirty cops and end violence we spoke about where drugs come from and that we had soon. Talk about where we are in the world what do we what do we know and then to draw off of the common knowledge to make this movie. Well you know I think people will get the seat belt elements infused with and done away it's obviously. It speaks volumes to what we see you know it's not. Oh this is new this isn't directly. Yeah what it is. And you know kind of turning back to some. Things that I consistently see you do you know. You directed the future of radio guy. You know as a got planned out. I didn't direct cause and my prodigy I produced an executive producer Chris Evans in the Korean. She's 22 year old little wonder kid you know twelve years old she did it's nice for what. Oh she's incredible incredible talent from Toronto dome and so. I was making this movie it in time to it would have been interest incarceration a guys they need to do about from shift I gotta do this they would drink. He. Worked with obviously Dracut in the past will you be doing anything for short yen. And we will see article go to music videos move fast roll out plan too far ahead of you that you could you know. Sometimes call as woody doing tomorrow. It's. Do you turn it and I'm just. Get it done baby we get it done this is part of how this move he went down. This movie was green lit in November we are shooting January 16 we finished march 9 we released from thirteen. This is not a normal movie schedules I mean our whole crew is super experienced guys have all done million movies. And on our wrap party rolling jesus' what my address this was this the. And you knew going in at this time frames you turner. And listen that's I come from a car from a get it done I know some people. They come from world my union and I don't dude we couldn't good it would be doing tomorrow. We got a record ties the radio in the video Friday we got to shoot tomorrow console so unavailable what's the it's all right we'll see you there. And Nolan and pop culture I'm sure I would like OK we got accorded all the schedules every widening the millions being no exact I can only imagine now you know including. I think people you'll be entertained I was highly entertained by by the film but of course you I'm just curious on having expectations for this film and theoretically speaking it it's a work of art in its its. Anything that one creek is their child in some death. I'm but of course you know with every person that loved it could be critic doctor are you in mind that to say OK I don't know how to take that or are you like not worried about any U at this base and complete a project I'm happy with it and you know. Again that the project's done it is what it is home we've had enough test screenings we've shown critics in Oakland. Critics and LA. Are educated professionals. Or yelling and screaming and there if there was a loud screaming they're really had a good time in the so that all the critics of Fiore Hugo you know the test screenings and think audience really got into so an old. Just by that it's not me don't love it people like the movie it's enjoyable movie it's really fun to go in have that experience in the theater. And you know Edwards left the level of just one of those commune notes while we go to the theater to all be together and have this experience ago. What I've seen in consistently hear back from people like it's it's a fun ride. Rome so I've I feel good about that then beyond that the superstitious west Indian in me doesn't make projections. Iran's this is gonna be this that we're gonna do that I just like any time you start talking crazy or god is what is. You initially so that the fifth so. Easy no. This is united. Well you know I'm I again I am excited about this film I feel like you know it's just one of those films that ICP well. Be eager to see and have their own opinions about it but I I think at the end of the day it's it's it's a project that. Be blind to what's going on his time on its funds on film it's a fun film. Before we go what would you add the director hope people get from the sale. Out there in detail and hope to have a good time. You know there's a little wish fulfillment. Again we're not trying to solve the problems of the world and you view. You know dissertation on what needs to be done but. We all got a feeling we all got to urge we all got you know we all our little some that we wish we could express. And dome this movie like the original. Expresses some of our frustrations in and some of our wish fulfillment and what we wish we could do. Amazing while. July 13 that all goes down in theaters nationwide. From air aloft that ABS that direct X. Thank you so likely not and I haven't radio skins line.

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{"id":55699607,"title":"Director X discusses his 'Superfly' remake","duration":"18:36","description":"Director X talks music videos, in addition to directing and making his first studio film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/director-discusses-superfly-remake-55699607","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}