Disneyland opens 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge'

ABC News' Clayton Sandell goes on a journey through the new 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.'
22:45 | 05/30/19

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Transcript for Disneyland opens 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge'
Again it's Clayton sandalwood ABC news and I am pretty sure this is mine first assignment. On a completely different planet were here on bought two and blacks fire outpost. Come with us we're gonna take you on a journey. We've got your fast pass to Star Wars galaxies that you. So the very first thing you have to do in telling your own Star Wars story is get from Anaheim California. To the planet a plot to an awaiting him engineers have designed this is to become like a movie they went outside world to fade away and then it. This cinematic world a box due to open up as you walk through these arch ways here. Welcome the blacks fire up. Star Wars galaxies edge is in a word at this. It is the most authentic the most immersive. Pictures. Our. It is the biggest single wing and expansion we've ever done and Disney parks history. And it completely in. Immerses you in the world of Star Wars. You think of Star Wars all the kinds of great distinct identity and so we're really explain how we make a two distinct. And get fit seamlessly within the Star Wars universe. And so in one of our resources we actually found. But the effect force in Arizona and who's actually perfect because the polls I trees. We're a beautiful. Unexpected thing in the routinely get attorneys are was just exactly scale. There aren't literally thousands of little details to check out here its powers counties edging putting this Peter here right behind me which would. Suspiciously. Like an X 34 that Luke Skywalker might have on but one of the best ways to see things here. It's from a lot. Okay. Okay. And. Of the really great things about galaxies adds is that blacks by our outpost is sort of revealed to you systematically scene by scene you don't see it all at once you can't happen. Walk the streets like we are right now. Round the coroner's. Climb the stairs. And sometimes. You turn a corner and see something like this. And this is roughly. How the millennium falcon appeared in the very first Star Wars movie and guarantee this is going to make more than a few fans completely hero. We're. You. You can't have Star Wars without having had hands here and right over here behind me is bogus cantina this is actually the first place at Disneyland you can find. Alcohol there's a white want to play a real beer and wine was blown up cocktails something called a Fuzzy on time and a bloody francoeur. And unlike that canteen on tap to leave this place actually allows at least one Droid. Mark popular and routed sponsored Star Wars don't exactly this isn't okay. You might expect Paul. Kindness government ability to show up. For a beverage and might even see light Saber battle alert soon maybe a lost limb. We don't serve. When you're drawing down I don't know I can't remember the cantina on Pat Toomey did not. Lloyd's. But focus allows that's what his name is Brad and start there's been a good remembered ranks as the pilot of the stars beaters. Now got a new job here. All right so here at dallas' edge watched fire outpost. They have all of these huge. Enormous vistas but they also have these smaller. More intimate basis and this really to me feels like Star Wars this is like a scene right out of rogue one this little courtyard area here at the Droid depot area. Do you see here they've got a dunk Detroit right here in the front. Back there you remember C three PO in Star Wars to cut oil that there's an oil back in the back there. Couple other joins and a bunch of other stuff and then my personal favorite appear on the wall. And imperial probe Jared. Okay this is something that really geeky Star Wars fans are gonna pre. Seated as you walk through blacks fire outpost you find all of these tracks these Droid tracks in the ground while. When I'm engineers were building this land they actually went to the Lucas film archives. And pictures I don't exactly. They found the original art you need to tracks from 1977. They made a bold they brought it here they dragged it through the wet concrete and so you have authentic art Judy two tracks. Necessity attention to detail there who would Maurice. Bowden. The new rose to a depot and everything about the stories all celebrating Droid. They I think we have a customer experience nothing at all kinds right I don't really on the celebrate the lightning and actually company minimum decent android down really really cool. There's elected there's like that therefore it. If you let their kids need a match there is the last issue need right there area. So that we place the dumb on top we take the lags that screwdriver in August brightly that Catholic and here's some more pieces to customize or even further. But then you still have actually. The last step is there we have one RD way to get out of deactivated thrust of that but. Like a break to lac area. If you want you can maybe get a bulls dark thank you can't get a full size variety the famous broken for all path not yourself. Balanced when he got out when he. So that is just some of what you can see and do here at Star Wars galaxies edge and when we come back. To fly this thing. You're watching ABC news lives. Welcome back to your inside look at Star Wars galaxies edge here on ABC news live. My new friend the gone through it. Bulk wrong but my impression. There are tons of Easter eggs here its powers galaxies that we don't want to give them all away but if you can get a drink at this mountain. We should look up. All this exploring around black spire you're gonna get hungry and of course. Food is a big part of Star Wars of course you've got. Blue mill look that weird space spread that ray made. Roasted pork and my favorite the time that and it can floated a pair across the table to pat meant law. Here at lax fire there are five main food stands we're gonna go in to docking bay seven right now in here. You cannot get a hamburger or hot dog. Let's walk around it made me hunger. This is docking bay seven. So we have some of the items at some that are available here it documents avenue Connor. Must have far in model role. Our bright moon's overnight notes red dragon fruit and some strawberry Volvo balls on the opening Jack fruit in there. Really interest team. Textures and flavors you call encounter obstacles to peace that everything has a story here everything has the story were really really closely rip Walt Disney imaginary. Reed's high are food story. Into the story of bats you blue milk. Highlights. 1970s have in everyone's been waiting to taste the milk is so. Gotta tell me what you think it. It's good it's a little bit of coconut milk. Rice milk. It is pineapple and Jack and for an. Some really exotic flavor combinations. So this is awesome because. They everywhere you go you round a corner and you see something awesome. So we just turned the corner and there's this giant public schools cargo crate. It's filled with helmets Beazer scout troopers remember those guys from return that that I. Sort of backpacks as it's like these belong to like maybe snow troopers. Can't quite. He got them. Binoculars down there I'm sure there's a Star Wars name for binoculars I'm sorry I don't know what it is. So right now we're in the marketplace and you are just literally surrounded by Star Wars here. These are places that you would come to buy toys or clothes but all of that is meant to be in universe and this is a speeder from the solo movie. But it's like a kid would drive it. Couple of other speeders and toys here. This whole area they say it was kind of based on the streets of Janet in the movie robed ones. You just happens but in reality they went to places like Morocco Turkey northern Africa to sort of get some of the design ideas for this place. All the merchandising stars galaxies edged. Going to be a challenge is can just walk in here and buying a Star Wars teacher Horace. An action figure that used to seeing and it targets on this is all very different in the universe explain that works. You're absolutely right as a life long Star Wars fan. It's a challenge that I just could not wait. To get our arms around it really is. Forty years of merchandise and retail has never been more tied to a film. Then Star Wars merchandise a you've got that behind you and now for all those guests the grew up with that they're kids and now even those kids are kids. To do something they've never seen before his Star Wars so exciting. We have got the most immersive retail program you have ever seen nearly get a chance to live. In a Star Wars universe show us a little bit about one of the things you can hear our first time here is lax fire outfitters that you're gonna live in a Star Wars universe. You gotta get Medicare Esther. And does it. These are so authentic when they say they jump off the screen literally we went the legacy archives we went you are set for the current films. We got we got samples and we matched them so this tunic and the belt they are the most realistic things. The you can find her shirt her belt her best her sleeves. Jump off the screen just like a character and the great thing is if he wore a T shirt and today are tank top he looked at any of these things on the right over what she wore. And adults on with it automatically urine story. So little light sabre we can secure that later. Its home market. It's based. Looks like stars homes. Where we've been before but. And before. Little hints of jetting here which we did is it. I also think I'm Morocco Jerusalem there places all around the world that have local markets and you kind of look and see. Etiquette what are people shopping for what would you mind. And one of the things we found in several. We're pet shops. So. Star Wars have some of the best creatures in the entire galaxy. You've probably seen Mike Glock in my view lizard that we've very delete you've got this guy and his older learning in my shoulder. Nominees anonymously to displaced ground so he'll look a little bit familiar. We have another one of his cousins that gears slightly different color away but there's also so many great favorite here I'm war sweepers networks. Remarks island in the last. That this alignment like everything here it comes to life. SARS a flap its wings. People just absolutely love these boards. Good acute as little creatures the galaxy. Don't want to take you inside a very cool shot here this is. Dot com dollars Jen love antiquities. Don gone dark collects all sorts of high end stuff from around the Star Wars galaxy and has an on display here in his shop and you can buy some amendment nuns angle here. Some very. King creatures on the wall here from Star Wars lore including Tom Tom right up there. This is doc himself. He's in the gets Soriano or when I was a kid we just call them hammer heads. The stock will martyr where do you come in the five nine. Depending on his mood it. And you get a few credits maybe not. And very have a very solid. So this Hilton is very. Very solid very heavy. We look at the this of course is Darth meters light Saber. This is a legacy lifesaver the get here and talk on ours. I can take on a few jet eyewitness. No no back. How one goes there now one goes there. I had to do that attack this is the moment but I have been waiting for maybe my entire life we are now going to fly. Fastest how could talk in the galaxy must. OK I've only been imagining what it would be like to walk in the top of all times I was about four years old so my inner four year old is going crazy right now. On introduce you to stop qualities executive creative director at Walt Disney imaginary friend regulatory welcome. I'd tell me a little bit about. This case it's amazing guy here in the hold the most famous scrolling freighter in the galaxy and hear about the to control going to create mission got behind. My good little Dicey might not all of the above board but I hope you got a good true because you're going to be everybody pilots engineers and gutters to get through. So many iconic scenes lines took place in this whole. We are true. It's kind. Smith. Does that up the pressure to get it right. Well you know we had it right right and and because it was really excited for us actually. Police attraction often we get to see the talking and for Gloria sign up for the first time in film it's often in two yard sections and this is a wonder one of the talking interior competitor for standing right over the crash were ray and fame. In last Jenna. I'm the bad days behind us and the shark tables are here and so these are all the things you wanted to be dealt with human touch show us around. That's about it when did we got dark table after. An expert at Hollis just played it here. Let us did you during big basically off. Hewitt who are left there are down that hall was injured passage through the center of the global chip that's actually the place where. Sugar purchased back right where Cuba through them for. Absolutely I temperatures are just that. Act but waiting for the mind. You can kind of take time to explore the space aliens for you explore me through resumes cover things that you Henry Hudson's it's like a jet attorney involved by. As a director and there you know so little from. Area absolutely it's that's that moment that record. Trading turning to save the first time in this room. All of these props even in the props within the space tells story. Yeah everything closer every every connection every cable button and all networks that support the overall there. In delivering on the start to experience it's been over forty years. People actions. And that's fertility substance. This chart table. Or is this so we hear is the engineering station where. Han Solo sat in new tell me a little bit about this that is basically the whole the whole the heart of this controls group for. Keep the should live to the ship. And keep in good condition as we know. The ship comes to us here at the law expire after the eventual asked that I. Old beat up cherry doesn't look like Spartan food out here you can deal with Hondo could not well enough credits to action vehicle repairs. It's an exchange for friendship giving up speed. It's a loan. The un and us what the story of the shipments and sales and so it's and you pretty Dicey. But commission. What a peace secure and it is described as a hunkered John. So sometimes. Not always running at optimal levels he he run into problems there was. You can run in some serious problems here. Internet to stabilize occasionally and can you need it you're gonna need a good engineer on this flight because I gotta feel you're gonna run and some things lecture hall with compromised your electric systems are challenged. Shipment IV is responsible. We got a brief surge here in theological without owning unlike ours are reliable slightly adequately control panel hearing. Very little bit like. No security here. Soil and air yeah. Saved today saying the guys amazing. Feeling is going to be hard to get people stay up well hopefully they're excited marked by uncontrollable. Which ago. Austin Scott thank you very much Scott all its imaginary machine tour. Bush broke who. I. I was. It's. They. A line. In the populous. A government. For. It. Hello. What is your biggest hope for fans when they come here and walk these streets ride these rides I think the biggest hope is like. Beef and lamb experience he now has have a degree in in my case all day. Because I think for them to leave their first half he actually immersed themselves into a Star Wars universe like you've never been before. Entirely new so there are so many planets that are being a Star Wars galaxy you have to mean hot all of those. And here we have the opportunity to create a planet where guests themselves can become heroes their adventures and experiences planet that is that is just. Because we know that story on hot there that's exactly and we don't want a replay other stories this way guests get to feel like. They get to have their own stories here and and we are also starting to you. You've seen this planet into some of the other pieces of a Star Wars literature Allen it's starting to become a part of the broader universe as well stipulate that a planet it is. Of the parts but also is starting the story has really excite. And Disneyland first opened its doors it gave our guest an opportunity to do something they've never. To step into these worlds of fantasy and imagination and Star Wars dallas' edge is at a. An extension of that same idea that same vision that wall at about. Giving guests an opportunity to believe that there were having these real experiences and to believe that there were becoming a part of their favorite world's. I hope that if Walt were around today he'd be proud of what we. This really is an amazing place for all Star Wars fans new Star Wars fans and I hope you enjoyed this look inside Star Wars galaxies that I can't wait for you to see it yourself. It's opening now at Disneyland and at the end of August in Florida. As they say here on the planet but to. Fill the spot. Okay.

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