Donald Trump Encourages Police Profiling

Should police be allowed to single people out based on their profile?
7:08 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Encourages Police Profiling
Still a day yesterday authorities caption. The man suspected of bombing New York me Jared. Outposts in the FBI and all of that you know Neil police and that New Jersey. Police all the folks who are working on this tonight make this happen because they actually. Give a damn about what's happening in our city and the people and this is so they're not they're not all around the stuff they're not kidding. But then of course the candidates were quick to response of the attacks Donaldson president. You know this is the time to start racially profiling. Cold and raising fell flat. Hot and Hillary says you know that's exactly that the bars it invented this. Rhetoric that terrorists want to hear. And she knows more about you know counter terrorism and I mean does any of this does I'm talking really help anybody. It's not doesn't. It he's going to want to go out there and say something ahead of the game he's what you call a prima juror about their way to act. Before anybody decides what's going on him of those those kids in the at Central Park case yes right away day guilty before anything. Every time something happens he's at no extra Donald the guy you know I'm he predicts what's going to happen. So now he's talking about profiling people because he thinks that that is the way to do it before it. And by the way it has never worked it never works he's talking about Israel Israel. Now they have this different situation in Israel. And they've been doing it for how many decades now. You know of the same with Ireland and England listened when you have you know at first ball. You cannot profile everybody because this is a kid who's lived here camp was under the radar and was. Was I. A pain in the butt for a New Jersey fox but he was not seemingly on their radar won their radar as it. As terrorists and so you know how do you look who's talking about profoundly every month I don't I don't I don't think it's not about us Syria's this time I. Think he's talking about it people come from hot beds of terrorism like for example we have the Syrian refugee crisis. FBI has come out repeatedly is that we don't have a proper system proper mechanism in place to bet these people so when they come over as we don't really know. Others said it repeatedly you don't really know who they are. So what he's saying is if you can't hotbed of terrorism where this notion of Islamic extremists and that has been killing people is prevalent. Then you have to these people because you just so let acid down requests. Problem. So that takes care. The Syrian so year. Happy on the fox do we start profiling all the white people because of what like all of the domestic terrorism I mean cool we talking about them. This is that this is the problem you know from me let. There are people who live here yeah. Cool we're never gonna find until they lit Nate Nate peak out and you can't protect. And help client profiling even if you're talking about executing this is that when if it is applicable fly is it when people are walking on the street with a bag don't it I'm just curious how you would implement it I think he's talking about right now that people actually are coming into the country battering you know I stood let me have a homegrown terrorism problem here and oftentimes it. American citizens that are the problem that's a separate issue that he was he wasn't an American citizen I was the right now and I do what I. Knowing you're not gonna stop but all of that had been immigrants or refugees from other country countries the man that was the bop. Did all the bombings was an immigrant of Afghanistan. And traveled there over several times and even spent a year there. I'm the man that stabbed ten people in the mall was from Somali act. San Bernardino was an radicalized so radical light in the grand bombings. Happened in your wrapped. Work from reverend Eugene went let's talk let's talk about here asking and that not a valid question when we seen all these attacks have been. But then how bad how about what. About Dillon worked. That's domestic terrorism yeah had a winter I mean here's the thing we have a system in place. Where what people are applying to come into the country there are. Things that are supposed to happen maybe if we actually do this stuff we put in place. It might not. People just thinking this in by. And yes but that's not that was us giving them citizenship and not doing what we're supposed to be and I and living in Tuttle it. What that's what that's different. Then people just coming in and also you know when you start pointing fingers at people experience a stab. You remember nineteen you know member ruby bridges in talked about Linda bridges going to school while a lot of little kids that have come from Syria now have just started school. I'm walking through those lines of people screaming at the little kids let's figure out who the terrorists aren't do what was supposed to do and stop what and I want every Michael. Thompson might have been them. Somebody gets pissed off and just some stupid. But as designing does the country then include Brussels in France because. The lot of terrorism is happening in Brussels in France knowing re not allowed to have anybody coming from though I think if you happy doing what he's that's not even walking out I had to the point it's it's about a violent that's the massive let's check it's about it's not like let's we'll be right back and I'm I doubt we'll do. Whether we think it's a good idea. I've been. Donald suggests of them could profile and that we will break him down a local gets profiled and then we had to stop because it was time to go so. Conceived and sentenced to me that the more you vilify Muslims which is what he dies in this country. The less chance you have of them cooperating. With the authorities in the mosques and wherever they are in this country. They've been cooperating you need mold you need people to work with these vilifying Muslims he's bill applying our practical sacked. Of Islamic extremism. We're at war but it when we got our -- our we have people that are coming from a radical sect of Islamic extremism that are blowing people up there strapping bombs they're back and they're blowing people up at what he's saying it. If people are coming from Hopkins of terrorism wit that exists. We better able to that those people until we got those people do not let people in from those areas because otherwise where at risk of another alleged. Another channel when not gonna have another night Clinton because people paying attention when you can't you know that never know I don't know you don't ever know what I'm saying bets. There's a lot of bad people in the world and when you come to this country you're supposed to be dead. If you're not from here you're supposed to be bad if you're not doing the job. There's a problem may be the problem is with the government yet don't also go thank you so stop blaming the people who come here they are cleaning up just.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Should police be allowed to single people out based on their profile?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42229029","title":"Donald Trump Encourages Police Profiling","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-encourages-police-profiling-42229029"}