Donald Trump on Profanity, Vanity and Keeping It Real

"The View" co-hosts discuss some of the qualities that distinguish the GOP front-runner from his fellow presidential competitors.
6:22 | 03/09/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump on Profanity, Vanity and Keeping It Real
Donald Trump keeps right on winning right on winning every. I'm but it will attack and it's going after him for its use of colorful language ladies and gentlemen the president of the United States watch that's who. Had the best words does. He gets the nomination they're gonna sue his and she said he's a I'll give it and we'll beat them and then there ripping the candidacy. And what the fellow we blew it is not here yeah. The best words and you can. It sounds like god. It's an out it museum cresting now Sonny when we see the Latino vote I don't like they aren't saying it. That's just so incredible to me because I always tell my children people that. Use expletives and foul language they don't have a good vocabulary of so they have to fall. Back on how it's great grandchild that I yeah. I agree I I always say you know if you if you really are wordsmith you don't need to use those notes and where suspects for emphasis I think it's you know. More of I have there's a there's emotion. That's connected to these words that no other word can connect you however how you house I can't say I don't like me I guess I'm checking back in math you point where you. How winner mine would have more of an in packs. I doubt that but yeah you're gonna do delayed after ending after but yeah. Let me ask you doubts. If if he were president is not appropriate language for a president to now gonna not. I know I'm stop this I mean he's doing this right now because what wins a primary doesn't win a general election and he's saying that the people that are voting for him and supporting and are supporting him because he's like that because he's a non politician. Because he talks like some of us do what the dinner T want to Italian girl from Brooklyn sometimes I can throw it down so he's talking like that. Right yeah. Or. But as a as a threat and it if he wins this primary and I think it looks like he will you're gonna see a different guy you're gonna sodomy CN Donald Wright sounds very present data to all going to be have a British accent and hunted. I've been saying that for a long time data diet that that you're gonna see you're not gonna see a quicker 180. And Donald Trump what's he wins that nomination if he alluded to that a GMA this retard George Stephanopoulos says he says. I think they're going to see a very different person when this is all over with I was hit very hard by Marco and I had to hit. Hand back. A lot harder ladies and men like you once you aren't saying you would think that these attacks would hurt him right. A that he he would apologize watch what he said this is like heat this guy nobody's like tropical still skinny turned. Carl. What's this. I watch it and message you know that it shows a certain degree of anger. And it shows a certain degree like we're not gonna take it anymore from all of these countries that have been ripping us off and taken our jobs and taking our money like we're a bunch of babies. Very very stupid babies. So I watched that and I don't think it's a bad it for me I actually think if I had my choice of saying I could have it down or let it run let it run. C and I've Saint Helena let's say exactly what out interesting about that is except from the very beginning that trump is not necessarily a brilliant politician he's a very good crowd reader and he has tapped into an anger. And frustration a lot of Americans are feeling I get let's of the rise of the Tea Party I don't think I sort of understand what their man about these guys he's a mostly white working class got the plan to end it right right all they jobs have gone that sits at technology. Our other tech revolution or overseas which they promised them when they signed those those those trade pacts. That jobs are becoming hit jobs did not come here they went to China to psyche cents. We're not manufacturing anything there are no jobs what I don't understand about them why they're not Democrats because the Democrats will help them with unions and wages. Now that's a lot I don't now. And you're talking about low taxes and he's a guy out there saying I want you to keep more of your hard earned cash I want to reduce regulation up some of these businesses have a chance to grow and drive to talk and it's now sir you know why because Strom manufactures his time that his clothing. Well that I can't I'm and provides not necessarily jobs here but what do you rebellious cannot right now find his policies. We'll create jobs because they're gonna reduce regulation reduce taxes he's talking to people poured does invented. The house the about every advantage when he says now Annie says it's gonna change when he gets the nomination so let's see what he says then. Nap because it's not a it's not gonna say it's gonna change teachings I think he's gonna change either on I think he's much. Did something at sentencing I actually agree that this also with top. He reportedly has scrapped his TV appearances the other day because he didn't like how we look now I completely understand that. I can't get back what I would I would be like I didn't I'd call in sick for jobs of my hair didn't look right. You aren't I would not go to school at my hair was wrong yeah I and I tell it like that eleven and he'll never gotten standing up for the person who actually said this to somebody wasn't the only heat looked it was the way the situation where he was looked to the room that he was filming. Didn't look right because the lighting was all screwed up that they were Russell also were not able to connect to have the stations that was supposed to be I don't but he can't be that he touchy about the way he looks I don't know Gentile didn't go tipped it to fix Arab Israeli Israeli prime Gazeta. Yeah safe and our audio issues to be here and T it's not just about lighting. But they're engineers that called in from different networks as they were having some audio which yeah if you've ever had will be calling industry mix minus it's like here read yourself Acco in your ear and it is if you see just pop out our our earpieces because we are present and I just never audio issue there was some audio issues but by and large people are saying he would like the way he looked and guess what. I was a prosecutor I worked for the people of the United States at I have to go to court street regardless of how I look I'm yeah if you. Well then he's called and every network that money now to cool in INS is here today. That's why is on the phone all the time they hear it is not right it's hot here since departed accurate arm hit one day under the other on the other day. I'm yeah. Okay.

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{"id":37523301,"title":"Donald Trump on Profanity, Vanity and Keeping It Real","duration":"6:22","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss some of the qualities that distinguish the GOP front-runner from his fellow presidential competitors.","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-profanity-vanity-keeping-real-37523301","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}