Drake White Visits Dallas Food Bank

The country singer visited with fans and took photos on the second leg of his day-long tour.
8:16 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Drake White Visits Dallas Food Bank
Hey everybody. This film we're back here with the ABC news lives. Charity event went. They played. Here just got here right it had. Now he. This food bank where. Angry some people here can play number. But a bugging years so weird you know we're we're live again. The order here. Got some. I'll make sure your dreadlocks dot com. Do you don't have. Grace. Just going to be here. Sears card. They're juicy flavor so we're also doing some work here and we're stocked shelves. An extra set any. I'm. Thirty minutes. Something that's. Okay. You briefly about your. The great friends. Meanwhile. Alex an incredible. He's not only our volunteers and our clients and I'm happy I'm here Natalie drink. And have you not seen anything other yeah. Oh yeah. See you run you run the in the national inherently important things. We aren't meeting. The other venues and him or her out that many million meals every angle. And we didn't that's enhancing my fifth. Do you your. I'm an easy. Hey I'm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah like. Yeah. Okay. McMahon now. Thank everything. Crews your hear and. He's okay. Colas and make you. He half thing. Get what. Good okay. Okay big group. North Texas. Yeah. Go. I don't know when he. You enjoy this Osama bin puts an end. Edward Clark. It's. Great else you came at Seton Hall in Manhattan wow he's. Going to have it happen. Leno look forward you would most like about his music movement quickly and waste dump. We meet here yeah. Good kind of hustle. The movie desolate. Good home crowd. Thanks came out. Okay. I. The Dallas clinic. A couple of songs then raise some money. Texas you. We'll be back. And a couple hours. Good. The movie. Playing. You.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"The country singer visited with fans and took photos on the second leg of his day-long tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41627147","title":"Drake White Visits Dallas Food Bank","url":"/Entertainment/video/drake-white-visits-dallas-food-bank-41627147"}