DTWS Stars Maks and Peta Get NYC Dancing

The stars hold a dance workout class with JCPenney Xersion active wear.
17:10 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for DTWS Stars Maks and Peta Get NYC Dancing
An indictment here at ABC news digital and right behind this night. Let's start. Close paid easy didn't think we'll start statement faxed. We aren't the Manhattan mall here in parents that eight where statement. A rough weather online and end and I'm from Peta are doing a little bit of it stands demo right now. What you can do in this time being held at the end it will he's like yeah. That don't look in the camera continent not answering it other lots. Many parents we're getting his daily headlines at that little impromptu dance movement in. The. Yeah. Sixth. Read that's really thinking my mom blessings somewhere. Yeah. Is it really went right can be fast. Tight Lewis must again. Okay. Okay. Down you'll have been. On the yeah. Yeah. Nobody bigger. Yeah. Someone. Yeah. Me. Good question you have any questions ask. Twelve minutes. And then do it. Yeah I'm got questions right and do it isn't even before we start this I just like say thank you for coming out in. I I think yeah. Yeah. I'm Canadian tack room I know he yeah. So much. I'm standing in the northwest yeah. And vision my friend and they immediately yeah I didn't let them in my. You like that yeah do you think. Yeah. There aren't wearing pants and I'm honestly I was really. You're gonna really mean achievement in music and think about one time parent do you want. He's like so somebody doing ninety hits fox and it's really. Rob did anything else. Yeah. Easily and I think my employer out of their ads yeah. Your kids your current normally it's. Saying the girls like I really. News balanced teams. Eighties and bring you know I'm yeah. Always look he's standing over time I don't know I'm I'm onstage and on my it's really really. They hit I would say yeah. Figuring out. I feel your pain and Nike plus ordinary facing an increase stop losing it and realize. My mom. And Max leg pain very patients teens. Here content. Him go through very and I'm very patient. He is guilty didn't really learn from that you're Dancing With The Stars absolutely anything evident Monday evening and dancing the sons and them. I haven't eaten yet something investment pools them innocently OM IN. It's definitely an icy. Really lend money to find them on any desk. See you guys are not on that upcoming. And there aren't. Enough. It stepped. I'm definitely. Coming back injury but in the last week that thing happened. And and a lot of end up and they're hoping. You guys. Miller then yeah. Good evening and hand them here and tell us your relations yeah. Over it and hear them. I'm he needs. Then I'm glad I'm anything that I don't is time. I'm went immediately I'm. And I don't think anyone just minutes. Kelly thanks to us. Well I welcome the craziness nobody has been now I'm just like taking my time. We gonna help clean up. In my the first. You tell them and hearing aids clinic I'm gonna and then let the baby's coming and yeah. Having that coming to win. Clearly all over the opening. Night and yeah. I thank you. It's not just because I'm gonna need weddings. That's next coming week. To grant me. Yet Clinton and you know little militant thinking fairy tale of being trapped in the hall. Yes I think like I don't honestly just named yesterday after an audience that Clinton and again thanks. Not and here are yeah. Currently on an up coming up. And here I go. I haven't seen on everything was not. Yet know why houses soon so he would have he and what's. Larry and good and friendly. Hello we're here right he'll Leningrad on them. I think anything she wears. Your brother Larry apartment in the aren't. And that you can't look I am. In part a slightly better than humans than a decade it on the show. You know became close friends and fourth and then me you know we have. Everybody. Nobody they mostly everybody likes he and so as you do massive massive. Then he. And that any chance that will beam me up he Alan snow around you guys here I'm planning and every a lot of them that I don't know it's something something's. Something's up for us you know and at some memory and it's something that we wanted to do we. You know nowadays he can't hide from social media anyway. So there's going to be a lot of things that come out but we we personally don't wanna be dot com. The plan. The ways and. It's something some just hot sun. You never know maybe mumbled and and that's what's in the vehemently you know nobody's ever seen. Any idea where you got there first and it's easy a lot of times people mountain living the camp. We're out there aren't other wedding. Let it be on earth did Ali in class help everybody in the audience will be here. Instructions on what to do and went to do it hit and then to everybody gets up recently announced. Now let's not about that Clinton now things you CNN that he's been very comfortable on. I am content like yeah. I just like I just like bush and the message the message is. You know you. It's amazing and you know with promoting gets from knowing about it desertions quit lines there comes. All in July it's all. Amenable. Yeah. These that there affordable in the times when you know things are so expensive because it's now the North Atlantic where he. Message. Yeah. Some some companies took advantage of that in this. Prices aren't touching surfaces affordable and. We've got to did not open. Certainly meant so and then on top of this don't dancing thing as as a way of getting you into. Do you involved. With the with the visit. The you know whenever you won't. Get back into something. When elitist. You can come to the gyms are lifting MD's and realizes not. We'll never have to. Jump start. Those new years resolution that below is still trying to key stunts yeah there is ample time to get those you're certainly. Yeah is that the Billy goat in the right place and people but I know that we don't like my. On the course of the month comparison of year when only some people reading this village in the middle of next year normally consider us. You know indiscriminately. Drink. And it inspired a lot of people look on the eighteen they're dancing everything I think in certain things you if you can live and ending. Keeping up with the. I'm and they did they degrade some of them some of them learned some of them have fun of millions de Louisiana. Look thanks so much. We can check out the rest of them fly actually. Thurston quit JC Penney backpacks and neither here. And that these things and the other look here take a look at what's on the man again and and so they honor. Just finishing up. All these fans here so excited to meet and greet earlier taking. Helping them well. Our and be proud here in the arts and give us news. Get himself beaten them on some face to face the attention it I can't beat them and it marks next. That part of the ABC family on didn't. Side. I'm a living I thought you know trying out some of these move. I might I add up. And I'm telling you about honor and scary and we're in. In mind Indian thing going I think he's learned a lot today. Come on his. Do you think that he that tipped over your mom damn thing. Not the climate but I'm lucky and nine. I can't get Hitler thing. Next time we come alive hopefully it will probably well let me get out showing up the arm and definitely not. Think so much not being mean did well. It's not. Now. And here at.

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{"id":36427713,"title":"DTWS Stars Maks and Peta Get NYC Dancing ","duration":"17:10","description":"The stars hold a dance workout class with JCPenney Xersion active wear.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dtws-stars-maks-peta-nyc-dancing-36427713","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}