Earth-Friendly Fashion

Stylist Gretta Monahan gives eco-friendly fashion tips.
4:25 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for Earth-Friendly Fashion
As a celebrity stylist to Greta Monahan -- regularly dishes out style scoop to celebrities as well as fashion -- everywhere. And one of her best pieces of advice is to be stylish and environmentally conscious every day. And she's here to tell us how yes this is actually possible right that it sure am very savvy and news so glad to be here so many designers nowadays are using environmentally conscious materials and fabrics aren't -- -- high and low and everywhere everywhere. That's why I went to work with plastics make it possible because. For me and -- I also boutiques so I'm something working with high end -- went in when I'm seeing is never like it is now could you go out and actually find a means including red carpet worthy right wing air. Also know where to go to the -- To the office and look amazing and be. Environmentally conscious and and so some tips on how people can just incorporate these great material into their daily -- Well you know what many times people have things in their -- they don't even realize many women do that actually have a portion of that at least that's been recycled -- so that's why it's really important to encourage this because there -- people actually go out to York to answer your question. In look for recycled tags they have hang tags and actually tell you select seek an agent and -- and JC Penney. Great stores where you can actually -- specifically for that -- -- -- conscious and find. All the things and more that you lots of cat and you a couple of blocks if any on down wanted to -- I want to pretty. Much we've got. Business for the business yes so. I want to bring this and start here because this is a classic business looks of you -- in office and you need to have uniform. Feel exactly need to have a senior what are now. Going back women and we can use this as well as men but really what you're seeing here is this entire -- is from recycled polyester. -- whole look of how and so the little pop -- Rebecca Taylor top is recycled polyester and I think -- important to note that because. Also what people don't realize is bright colors shiny fabrics. Gorgeous looks that we have come from recycled and -- -- I love the -- you've got -- bright pop in what would otherwise be. Just a black suit exacts its special and you know what else these suits would be comfortable they would also not function well but they didn't. Plastics and I'm so happy that it's just really connecting fashioning controller -- -- every day -- for women because -- -- -- we just don't make that connection an ounce down a notch and let's talk about a casual yes I want to show you look that I -- modern work play so this look -- kind of the New York girls look because you can go to work adamant. It's a little traps. You have your classic -- -- and you had your pumps and you look at those groups and those comments are also recycled -- at top designer vivienne Westwood near -- as you and I were talking really wanted to prove that this is everywhere at every price point no matter what he wants and what you're comfortable with. You can be environmentally it's fantastic and what about something else for us well. This residents at a segment I love this particular area is all about -- -- but -- has totally blown up because now. Koreans and designers like Nike and Adidas aren't racing recycled plastics and they are creating -- -- -- -- but also really cool looks. So for me this look as all Nike. Top jacket and pants and and you have your ID issues which is great news accounts for getting -- -- she is and the issues are recycled and yet they -- -- in the function of these clothes and you know as women we -- Angela -- and storm have a baby I need to be able to -- that abstinence only -- for fashionable -- you don't -- have to -- in time for Africa where this is really the high fashion I love this -- A couple of the other materials of people don't associate our -- weather and both are so fast no this is well -- -- in leather look at tracks that's in metallic from ancient and -- -- was under. Hundred dollars my got a lot of -- -- on red carpet and a little booties and divide and all so I don't Obama completely recycled -- I think that for us. In for me specifically just as a fashion person and I wanted to make that connection for everybody will allow it. Shopped for the you know for what love don't ever compromise that right but you can and do something great you can look great and care about the earth as well handled. The break and enter. Grant making them I think he's silent.

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{"id":17968794,"title":"Earth-Friendly Fashion","duration":"4:25","description":"Stylist Gretta Monahan gives eco-friendly fashion tips.","url":"/Entertainment/video/earth-friendly-fashion-17968794","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}