Ed Helms reveals one of his favorite 'Daily Show' memories, talks 'Father Figures' and more

Helms discusses his latest projects on "The View."
7:30 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Ed Helms reveals one of his favorite 'Daily Show' memories, talks 'Father Figures' and more
Right. I like that title of your show. It's funny. Ted Nelms. Close enough right. He's minus Ator ego. Before you came out here we were discussing snooping. Are you a snooper or not? No. I don't support snooping. You don't? No. I heard a little bit. I think it's bad news. You've gotta trust each other otherwise what are you doing together. It's just going to open up suspicion. I don't know. I don't like it. So you were a correspondent on the Daily Show which I grew up watching. I miss it. I miss him as a host every day. You are returning to comedy central for the fake news with Ted Nelms. I hope I said that right. Really quick because I have to geek out do you have a favorite memory of the Daily Show. I have so many great memories. The conventions were incredible. One of my favorite memories was something that had nothing to do with me. It was when ka rel interviewed your dad. I swear to god I didn't know he was going to say that. It was a perfect Daily Show moment of lefty but also hitting an issue a little bit. That was a real treat to be on board. Thank you. Tell us about the new show on comedy central. This show is a very different format from the Daily Show. This is a completely fake news show. I play a fake character who is presenting the news like Anderson cooper or shepherd. It's fake news. We made it all up. It's incredibly silly and joyful and ridiculous. It's more fun than the real news right now. Will you do it in Brokaw's voice. You do Tom Brokaw. I do Tom Brokaw. I don't do the show in Tom. I'll do Tom for you. The Israelis have launched an attack on the Palestinians. Where is Tom Brokaw now? He's on NBC. I wish he was kind of running it again. Well, I just saw "Father figures" your new film. I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you. It was just so funny. You've and Owen Wilson play fraternal twin brothers who find out their dad isn't who they think it is. Take a look. I spent my whole life trying to honor my father's memory. You have. What memory? I stair at All day long because of a fictional man's colon cancer. Pete, could you pivot into plastic surgery or something less butt related? You're very smart. Kyle, how are you not freaking out right now? That's not fair. You've can't tell people how to freak out. Everybody calm down. The light is going quickly. This is the last chance for family photos. Not a good time, Annie. It's a perfect time Annie. It's so funny. You two have this really great odd couple chemistry. The best thing about working with Owen Wilson with was? He is just the funniest guy on Earth. I mean, this was a road trip movie. So we wind up -- while we were making the movie we ended up spending an incredible amount of time sitting in a car together. I looked forward to sitting with Owen between shots because he made me laugh so much. He's a fabulous guy. Speaking of twins you have often been mistaken for other people. I found this funny. First off Jason sudeikis. Sure. I see that one. Absolutely. Now you have a new doppelganger. You're going political. James Comey. Do you see the resemblance? You must have one of those faces. I have one of those faces. It can go anywhere. You all do look alike? I am those people. Yes, whoopi. We all look alike. Let's say thank god I never ran the FBI. That would be bad. When you were a kid you used to have someone you would get -- didn't see this one coming. Is that true? Is that chuckie cheese? Yeah. That was a nickname for a little while. I think you can see why. We all had awkward phases. It's fine. You had glasses at a young age. Ry I did. I had huh Monday goes glasses. We all did. We want you to do a rapid fire lightening round. You ready? Go to karaoke is the song. We built this city on rock and roll. Boxers or briefs. Boxer briefs. Favorite guilty pleasure. An old fashioned cocktail. With bourbon. Yeah. First celebrity crush. Dolly parton. So you're a boobs guy. Sorry. Last person you texted. My wife. Pet peeve. Pet peeve, oh, boy. Come on. I hate when people crowd into elevat elevators. If you're in an elevator and 20 people get on wait for the next one. I get clause tro to bik. Hidden talent. I can spin things on my fingers sometimes. I happen to have a book here you can use. Really? Is that the great gas bag? I've heard of that. Available at Amazon. Amazon. This is a little smaller than things I usually spin. What do you spin T like a pizza box? Yeah, the bigger it is the easier to spin. Nice. Here we go. I can't do it. I'm nervous. Can you do it with basketballs and things? Nice. I can. I can do basketballs. I can do -- Is that how you picked up your wife? This is a -- Watch it. Good pick up line. Because you're so good oond so thattalented you can have the book. Father figure is in theaters the December 22nd. We'll be right back.

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{"id":51620983,"title":"Ed Helms reveals one of his favorite 'Daily Show' memories, talks 'Father Figures' and more","duration":"7:30","description":"Helms discusses his latest projects on \"The View.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/ed-helms-reveals-favorite-daily-show-memories-talks-51620983","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}