Embracing Menopause With Style

Kim Cattrall talks life over 50.
7:47 | 09/25/14

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Transcript for Embracing Menopause With Style
We all remember Kim Cattrall as the face of sex the sexual warrior who could stop men in their tracks and -- sex in the city. And now at 58 if you can believe it can Cottrell is still stopping men in their tracks and she's joining us now in the studio -- -- -- I want start by. Catching up on all of the multiple projects that you have going have been busy US. -- right first -- but the face of the boomer generation in this American masters series. It seems unbelievable to me because you know we think -- used to -- As the face of the sex kitten. Yes well you know I think that. Life is about change and embracing that changed and I think that I've been doing Matt personally for along time. And professionally now with getting projects off the ground and be involved with projects -- -- passionate about first. And also but reflecting what's going on in my life in my fifties. Well it's -- -- we all say well you look so young you look survivor but you're also acting very young very sexual. Because I think menopause was always taboo. Because it was always associated with like oh you're behind your child -- you beyond your sexual years. And yet you're very sexy still -- me thinks that -- thank you I. I think that you really I don't have a choice in the sense I want to go forward with my life. And I'm being involved with something like sex in the city which was really about getting rid of taboos getting rid of of words and and situations. For people would feel uncomfortable and using humor and intelligence in doing that and having a great time. I mean the projects that I am very much drawn to are about issues. And platforms that I'm passionate about but also. They affect women all over the world I -- -- -- prize is not just happening to me. But I you feel like -- -- Stephanie and my first experience -- -- was actually acting. Tell about that experience what was that like you even don't instrument upon that know him well it was easier actually to act going -- amenable has been going through an apartment beginning. I called up my gynecologist as it was I have this scene and I don't really know how to play I was doing my research. Right and she gave me some some really great advice of what I could expect. And we did the scene and again I felt that we had struck some kind of comic gold and originality and programming for women. And that I was in London I was working and I just about to go out one night on the date and I just apple I have to sit down -- going time. And it was my first hot flash I thought it was. But it wasn't until I got on the phone with my doctor -- said this is what happened to me she's -- it's it's happening its happening. And of course my girlfriends have always been there for me I have an older sister had already been through menopause. But the thing that really struck me about what was going on is how individual and -- And how working with my -- it was a real journey of really exploring and discovering. The challenges. That my menopause was going to have and how it was going to navigate. I'm taking all sorts it's got up at -- I don't -- interesting to me is that you've partnered with Pfizer full disclosure of cash and others with pandora and others to to make it a sort of you know multi platform -- dress for success is also we partner where it's great and so tell me how Pfizer and pandora and others are playing all. Well this is really. Great time in the sense. We have places to go for information. And tune -- to -- a -- con was terrific place to start. And I didn't have that when I was diagnosed but now exists and to be part of it is really fulfilling for me. Because what happens as a kind of scare scary feeling -- -- aging in and then well -- still be viable well. -- physically and emotionally be able to go through this and leave my personal and professional lives. And you care. Having this site -- a great place to bounce off. We've also made it kind of fun and attractive with pandora of course and a playlist I put together. Some of the -- -- Aretha Franklin and -- And -- come to an end is exactly what I kind of ironic that as boomers. You're the first generation -- experienced the pill as a sexually revolutionized. Science and now hormone replacement therapy. It's gonna help revolutionize -- upon them. Well that's the thing that's interesting development again so individual. In someone's therapy can conclude that someone else's that's needed so. It really it really because everybody especially women who are really frightened by -- it because for me I thought my girlfriend's and I will get through this. But it was really my position that took me by the hand and said we're going on this together. Gonna have to tune in console into what's going -- while we're going to suggest. But I like to share my experience of getting to my doctor but my journey was completely different than anybody else here everybody's isn't -- message. You are as busy as ever professionally and you have to -- But what I think is so fascinating is -- Become more creative force in what you're doing out -- Canadian HBO project this was a television series for BBC two called sensitive skin. And it it was the story is the story of a couple middle age couple going through. The whites midlife crisis as you can -- that the theme going on in life right now let's hear about women and -- -- that you're inflatable it's helpful for us to be able to relate to you at every stop all thank you -- -- -- that's very -- But what I -- very impassioned about it because I look at my mother's generation in my generation. And as much as a positive spin we've had about having our careers and when we -- gonna have children. Specifically to do with the pill and rigidly. And Planned Parenthood. But now a feeling of what. What now what's next for me it's not common -- -- you are saying that your character actually has the yes he has delusions and people talk to her about what she's actually going through. And also encouraging her to take those chances to live life to the fullest. Because the hourglass is its bottom having -- -- and -- said that the project that you're involved and now they all have a sort of a message. Mission if you will what would you say mission since it. Admission of sensitive skin is really to address. And -- very honest truthful way. This thing that has -- negative connotation of a woman's midlife crisis. It's never really been explored. -- -- commute weekly and a very artificial way. But what I really wanted to do was to use comedy and intelligence. And also really. Almost dark aspect. Of -- you can go with these kind of thoughts in your hand. You know what's next for me and my I'm no longer a mom. You know the kids of laughed I'm I'm could be single at this point in my life -- relationship that is not really fulfilling. So I want to really pose those questions in this character. That's the great thing about my job is can I get to really experience -- sometimes before they happen to basically out other. It's it's it prepares to -- also. Is its sense of educating you even -- you're going through it we really appreciate being along for you could -- better educational. And the website -- -- -- in two -- upon -- column can account excellent thank you. And of course you can always catch your entertainment -- -- --

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Kim Cattrall talks life over 50.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25764973","title":"Embracing Menopause With Style","url":"/Entertainment/video/embracing-menopause-style-25764973"}