Emily Blunt on Her New Role, New Baby and Husband John Krasinski

Blunt appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about playing an off the rails alcoholic in her new film "The Girl on the Train."
20:58 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Emily Blunt on Her New Role, New Baby and Husband John Krasinski
I saw someone with made in April but not on Friday night. She. She was having an effect she how to love best that's what I'm trying to I'd like you did no work. No but I spiritual have. And so on Mir space sort of from the trains she was standing on on the deck could this man husbands got him well no it wasn't him this. Man was different and that they where they were kissing. It's pretty coincidental isn't. He's happy to be penetrated the same exact moment that a woman you don't know this and now recognizes cheating on her husband. I know it so it's crazy person could drunk woman in the vicinity of her house Friday night. Man in April of this bear resemblance to kind of want to. Mrs. Watson reported that you go to her house sometimes invited and that on communication you actually broken took their child. Hello everybody I am Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you. What is happening at the movies and so you'd have to be living under some kind of rock or bolder if you have never heard of the girl on the train which has been the best seller since I was child it was just. It's everybody has read this people on trains planes and everything they. And yet the we need in this. It hats that he's somebody who is convincing as a possible murderer and a black gap dropped so welcome my ex. Many think ought to be in any day yes they said. Who else they said nothing nothing's as a raging alcoholic like at least on it's it I don't know where thinking for a was that call. McCain T that said yes you will be. It would mock Platt them reduce. Called me is that if you read this you would party with many top. You. See me on several friend. And he called an -- that if you read about and I haven't but nothing of it contrary I absolutely stable that went at every one's reading about. Such as snobs. I was reading it Stine that cost them a few more. Here regard yes but then he said we are in sit down in new or like to shout and they ran to the nearest bookstore in port it. And that was enough and you do said yes I and the groom. Well I read and I was. At the same time rattled by the challenge of the art annals of slightly. Consent that they just think immediately of me as them but we suspect described it but at a few days aggressive obsessive. Okay. You gotta do something. You really. If you are playing Mary Poppins next day I can't imagine anything. Unless you kind of merry. As I've been opt out opera I'm planning I thought got to do something different you know why do would you may be actually meth addict. But I'm thinking. And there money and that April OK let's talk about the idea that you're in something a movie version of a book that everybody that can still read. It has looked yet you know to do this and what the pressure is there are those of us who were shocked shocked us. It's not in England's anymore I know Randall you would try to sell it come from that yes and yet you weren't loud. Your British accent which is baked Regan was just. Yes. I AM I did often to do in America. You did which I have done a couple of films and they said I mean Tate Taylor the director quite liked it he civil I think that Arab Israeli isolated feeling just. Just keep it and keepers isolated as possible. That would help when it because no one like British. It. And you'll pretend to like Captain America all have even pretend I always think there's with the brits. The center fielder looking down yes it cannot it's I hope it's always a good idea that well. Of course I've read yeah in areas yes I've just done it. I actually went world relation to Shakespeare had been educated. It's always be at the old Vick and the Royal Shakespeare Co. That's the way it did it. That's about it that way we live in said that to me at one point remember. I had met you before you didn't believe it and use it to me who was on frosty. I love the word problems yes I wouldn't like that is that it's. This we can't. Now we just can't have epic mold just that but it's not true. Yeah. Income from I think you're not at all I think it may be takes a while that come through. But now is Rachel and girl on the train you do re Nina union goes. Because I think when you're still blot. Yeah I like lots I like blah took it to number and getting Obama favored alcoholics and you and Rima lands in the lost weekend if you can't just be drawn. As this person you have to be somebody that could have blacked out. So much that you don't know with the UQ. Yet and I think that's what I found so appealing about it which is that it's. It's less a thriller about an Rachel being a sort of terrible drunk Nancy Drew Carey trying to figure out. Who done it. It's more about trying to make sure she didn't do it. And I think that was so appealing an unsettling turns. Read it to me and that's why reading liked about the characters that yes she is. And drunk this is not just a portrait of addiction this movie this is a Perella. And she's very afraid of she had been on the story that she's believed and lived that she is dangerous and toxic to be around. Well yes if you wake up and this year's closer caked with. Their faith. About just look at. So I'm sure you were pregnant again when you started this so that must have been quite a risk for yet links some months while people are at risk. I'm just so Matt in have to do an up and you couldn't do that so not what I mean there are many reasons to I think this is something your best work you do god because it's. You could possibly be obvious trunk but all the drunks I would known I think I'll of cola now but. Win a person is actually drunk we all try basically to pretend we're not. I know you yet that that's the thing yet I watched a lawsuit. Documentaries. Which for the most helpful thing for me just seats in its reality and I in any of that you Wear them and strangely. But just to see its them in all it. Incredibly sad ugliness and that I think the pitfalls of it could be a bit comical watching someone be drunken for lynching around like a drunk uncle and and that is the hold tragedy up is that they are trying to pin like that holding it together and that's WASL and comfortable spear. Sort of like the elephant in the room why. I'd really like about the book that. Team into the movie that I thought wouldn't be that the book was written from. Three on reliable mariners all. All when we. Who sometimes they're lying sometimes they're lying to themselves. Sometimes there are creating something. That they want to sit. And yet it's that rare point of view that that happens where these women aren't discontent. The word that shall. How would you describe Rachel what is she besides she's way more then the drinking. Well you know she is cotton broking and being unable to have a child and I think that became the crucible of her issues and sham marriage -- hot she lost her job she's pretty much lost everything people don't wanna be around that it went agreed that they Maris you very loudly but there is the theme of motherhood that runs through this. Has Haley Bennett carrot to Megan. Doesn't thirty want to have a child and you find out why she doesn't want to have a child and then. Tom's new wife Anna how the child but yet it's on to the detriment to marriage is just very interesting through multi led themes on mother had and domestic. Life and that that this the reach for domestic lesson. And and some societal precious put on women sort of get that. Domestic bliss looking for even if they don't fit the Fulham and even if they don't feel comfortable when it. And I do find what people really responds to about this that they should they were women responded to is that they off lord Carey to stay on discontented they on not. How things they. That's struggling and then looking for something else. And I think that's what women really related to his than these women just seeing various seeing themselves of it to varying degrees. Do you see differences. From the book to them me. To be honest it's a base of the blood now. It went out with your drinking a hypocrite because I was wasted. Well I I'm I believe now that he didn't have anything to entry into what looked pregnant I would rather do that and how how old now. She is fifteen weeks she's fifteen weeks old so now it's drinking all the time all the time this is basically it's actually fifteen weeks will it be funny that's just solid core all violent rattling around in there is likely this horrible alcoholic. And I they waited. Other mothers just have played Beethoven although we don't tell. Two picture. And I are finally happened down and railroads tensions in doing it was a lot of stuff with you stagger. Yeah yeah well that it was quite physical I didn't I don't think I anticipates physical system would be. The sum of the craziest stunts like sliding down a ravine where stunt woman but I was like it we just lost to. And. That's just the way it is but you couldn't do it nobody we expect you to do so about this crazy business here. Are you enjoying that I do you enjoy it very much. It to you feel incredibly fortunate the business that can be crashing and and it's being. Kind to me it hasn't crushed you know has been very kind yet you have you have humor you plan and believe me I do the show a lot. And there's not a lot of people. Who can laugh at the world and themselves remain you can ask for and your husband. Two that's how you found each other wasn't because. It. If that first each other there. What was that had was that to be looking to be now we just Manhattan. Doug each island that was it here is left just said I just love devil wears Prada. Now oh. He didn't go yet he did it when it's best opening line. Know what's behind this guy. Where is that on that. Each day. It confront it see it I can see it but I'm not the way you would be sitting at an interest in that it Perot took place he. Shipment. Of it it's called. Among count people. Time that you know you call it did he offer you yes. It's whether any says and I'll I said non OK things from the names and parents. Cutie little rough sea ports rusty path and it doesn't bill I'm fine notifying. I did the any yet to ban. So you live your life now add this to kids yes. Are you here now Leon you come up in his Brooklyn we love it so happy that you offended some people in the Los Angeles. There was enough market hope for you we I families in London and Boston. Which slightly closer grandparents. Lets the grandparents so they concede the baby they can't it's a long hot debate off stuff my folks some twelve hours on a flight equipment. It's one on lovers pack up US consulate on east east always loved it. Think he couldn't go on the someplace that you could be on the tree I have not to imagine you on the train head on now when this and it becomes. Now it won't happen we'll look what's changed when this man and I don't want to be the physical go on the train which will. I I'd love to with Pete I recognized and in what they say what did and they recognize you from the moment. It would be between. Double west Prada and add to tomorrow. And we'll recent ones. But I would say they'll there was try to get quoted to me. I'm I would say every week. Really someone will come out and Austin admits question of say the quote wrong and I'll be like at headline of the -- Mike Conley by the ticker act and it. I think he could be like island them I have a line worry say I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight. And people look Alec. I love the Lyon where you say like I have been and I'm gonna get in here in your life. Act time. Or humor. And then someday you'll just be year to aided by and say. Often it's its audit leave me alone yes I'm going to keep out mind life. His. New war this very impressionable child. At ease. Knowing what I haven't gone there but can't you know it is testing what. What made you say yes this is what I want to do I want to see my image. Will loan up to its isolation and a favorite this site rat yet knowing didn't ask honestly truly one of. Beer is wrong I tell you something new we'll just have to take my wife and on the stand that there is not a doc. Lay it. As you're trying to fight but. I. Quite content languages. It's gonna get you the best in team sports. And be at translate. For the UN them. Oh. And I did a play in the at and ran. It's a festival and an agent came to see it I was seventeen I did it through my school at a drama it was like to take a plane the but in a play head agency said I think you good which lets do this is sold to and to into the industry. With a bit of a casual like like I'll track I was seventeen Atlanta goal. And and then thank god it paid off because I just I'm in love with it. But I didn't have any sort of burning ambitions but some might less job was with Judi Dench. Yes updates though in the west as if India in the west and and I got paid 350. Pounds a week and I remember being. Oh. Come. That this thing that big money and all I it was at a ball like I had no. I had no banning ambitions opal I'm gonna be a huge deal and things like I didn't. Didn't need. It's been a sort of very slow progressive. Writes enough things well meteoric nothing is now overwhelming it's just been like a gradual. Wasn't what you you pushed dame Judi away into that your in my life. Well who wouldn't that be the time that you felt. You could just joined the luminaries. Q a kind in the Houston invite me into dressing room every night off to the play and that people kind of famous people in. And I don't like. And I think he's over at and I mean like having things he and Jerry and an all night and all of them eight and he hit me let cool. That's still there that little girl is still yeah instance. Aren't there times I'm the only with media what do you think he ought. In your life that is you never want to lose that in at second practice would I'm again delightful. Who we date. All of like Harold must've been marrow official was that to me yes apps in the AP. And no I just watching backed agency to in a row that there are ha. Ha. Yes. And people east village of flight and it just elections that just that's such a searing impact on the but sometimes people are disappointed women there. I'm not disappointed. Now you can deal with them. I yet not all like it Alec tricky people as well as. I think ever let people all the way they originally idea idea I highlight it. Because when you approach a different project it's always that with Mary Poppins this or not we we should tell the world. Not you're not trying him. Just wipe out the image through the entrance fee caps in places like it continuation. Or is it every imagining so he's not at remake. It is more to be seen as like a sequel in isn't you is he is in the future like. It's like that he is on from the original for the banks children and grand. And with Lynn man whom nothing. Is easy to get two tickets to Hamilton. Yeah. But I think every time three times and yet people that weighed on line and two to see it once and yet seen any lines I think it's in. He's incredible I mean. That ten genius is used so casually and he is it I mean. Attention just for beavers resentment. Just. And forget those people and. Medicine neglect and that's all about movement act that it will commit to it but would this be completely different score. Yes you know we in Asia and science used that to me on the if they don't marry Poppins you. Well I don't want that we can't know what they constant. There you can do an old. Tony nominees sent me I don't thing you know about it I don't. Why are you asking me that's its own you know now I know you did then you do into the woods yet and if you grant. And you're singing you're a hard. And I'm saying well but she's. I can't sing and I know that's a big lie running back here at singing for the people but it was never comfortable fit in the eyes get Barry embarrassed. I pick. I know do you wish you the go on the train I don't like him now I mean I'm all confident now coming up. To be in about Leonard often but yes. While all you have to do is just give me any. Something. Something that's in your head I can sing super count prejudice that no I'm not thinking super Gallup gradually get via McDonald. I'm going to marry original. Who ever could say yes. I would love to meet that person or. Emily Blunt you're not. To do this and how do you would do it. No I would be I feel like I've it would be wrong it would be wrong okay I accept that it's that it's a moral. Tomorrow kind of thing yeah you. Jamie acted rabbit ears he did he say you want my son's. Okay. And tried having it suddenly okay. What a difference. A day main. Clinic. The thing that it's definitely get. And it. It was coming in it was just it was going to be more. In line. Not which had been. They should have been another Frey that actually getting there. Joan and then bring. And it read that we. That. And I think I can. Being with you for we are all let up it positions and you'd think if yet all.

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