'The Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart had 'lifelong preparation' for playing Poop

Stewart appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his performance in the new animated feature film.
19:41 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for 'The Emoji Movie' star Patrick Stewart had 'lifelong preparation' for playing Poop
You are smooth because doing my dear Jay. What did I say. Come on on the aren't at the little bits and that he did last time I still in the night time share. Come on man it's my behind you know me I'm up by you break it's probably some sort of mistake coming look at me I'm an attractive. I'm giving I thought he opens up and it he indeed is out isn't knuckle heads this sort of a look at him much and look like. Acts opt out crap. Yeah. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie out now called the MOG movie. Starring my guest Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart. You all know there's so many reasons to me he's one of the best actors on the planet. People if they were passing on the street would know him as captain Picard from Star Wars Star Wars are track I should be killed for that. No no there is one worst defense what is it there was what a guy said Kamerion and elevators Rugova the other very. Aren't you doctor Spock from stalwart now that's really bad. Yes octaves. Every wrong on so many levels yes although they need levels to do this but that was via news story because his wife said oh honey. You know this is. This is sir Ben Kingsley. And K we'll there's a confidence builder until we passed yet. Luckily I was not my way here so fast but if I didn't know you. Previous to that meeting today. I would say how do you when of the queens knights. And was Shakespeare company how do you wind up playing the hoop mostly in humans humans what about that. Grabs you he said I must play this role. Well it it might have wanted them one of my team saying Patrick this could be the apex of your career. Cuts could have been one. One of the reasons yes. Another one was well you know you're so you like notoriety. And then there were all those people who said you know Patrick Stewart acting is upon poop thinking well now they're going to. Rick I think that you just hit the emotion and that. Oh. It's great but how do you prepare to play a Pio who I mean that's it preparation is different it's been a lifelong prep industry. Really even though we haven't had a modes Heath until light but now note but his view. Yet time would come he'd edit all of that hard work. Would add up to some weren't exactly you've got it and one. You're alone as if he's acting state that you met a lot of other modes he's on the set of this and it was all just that happy to know. You know how it is what is animation. He you don't need any anyone know I. I once did an animated movie and Whoopi Goldberg and I played a scene together in the same studio at the same time. Eden because it was quite a complicated decision that's the only time I've worked with another. Voice over artist. Well they're so lonely business is a lonely business and you know knowing you as a a person of the theater as well I'll. It could be lonely on that stage if you're not getting along. Wrong. Lonely plot hooks but despite the fact that might be a thousand eyes on you by the way it can just point out the way you per knobs. There's a yes yes. You say it within a picture yen which is his fifth I thought it was still wrong clearly not do it I thought you were just like slam me for an I don't know no no it's it's. It's a very cultivated. Cultured up applause way of setting saying it where I. Yours to him in dividends soft bank of the Thames albums. They're pronounced fears are very different that what my drive and little mini camps and is said to be one based ala. Pat break. Wish you prefer then. Do you prefer pictures all the fit I'll. I let it fail. And stick prepare well you know good question. The great. Scandinavian direct a Bergman and Bob a union. Who was one of the major film influences of the twentieth century. Also ram it his own theater company. Adam. He was I asked this question ones and he said. I love the Sonoma bought the theater is my. Suddenly behind your head there appeared a poster of Logan. One of my favorite movies with rhetoric that it's right there but I get it. There's not a great shock it's fabulous shot and in it's a really exceptionally great movie. Out of the whole. X-Men job but we skip to the future I think. We don't expect that of this kind of movie where you and he Jackman are giving performances that I think is good as any you've given it. In movies this is. They should be Oscar buzz all about what you didn't. Thank you thank you thank you it was good I like police said that it when you win well you could say that in the same way. That phrase has not been used in connection with the work I do. Maybe before but it's so I'm flattered and delighted to hear it. I can. I worked as you know very closely with the Q on that Graham. Aris me Academy Award matier in that almost I'm in the film the weapons that James Mangold and on the film's extraordinary. And they that. The nature of the collaboration between James and Hugh and myself. Putting together what the tow what the moon would want me. Temperature of the film sugary and it was something. Very other of them a superhero movie. Watch this movie is about despite its action that's. And it's it's like a micro cuts everything that's happened before war where. With this family of X-Men that are happening all done. With age and with the dying of a light in. This is extraordinary that it's happening did they try to talk to James mangled and every once they what are you doing. I'm sure that there word some stressful conversations. Early on about I was not plotted to any of them but James survived them magnificently. He is strong throws and he had a vision. But what he wanted this movie to be and Hugh from the outset shared that vision with it. They both fogler good about it when I came on board I to amend the fascination was of playing a man. Whose biggest impact perhaps was not only his. Superheroes Skittles. But that he was a brilliant individuals and intellectually. And now we find this bubbling Gabby incontinence. Angry. Pylons. Men and occasionally. Quiet more normal and that was a real as you and appreciate. Fascination. In taking chiles and Xavier. Twenty years into the future. Looking at what you might become. Now you said this is the end. You sticking with that because doesn't have to be you could always go. Back in time again if you want it it would be possible I I feel. In every sense of the word it would be retrograde. Need to do that. Am mighty decision. And Huard gone public with his decision long ago. But for me it happ from. All my first viewing of the movie with an ordinance which was at the Berlin Film Festival. And I sat alongside Hugh. And when we got into the last. Five or six minutes of the movie. I I sole use hand come up just there's an Eiffel. Org. He was crying and I too was feeling emotional cycle if you Jackman. Could crop at a movie I can do so. And then. Would you what animates he then took my hand. And held on to file and the whole ending sequence of them. And that we will watching the credits because the festival woman has gone on stage until. Which is quite frightened all the credit to drop and that endless known of that tend to move I was sitting there ripe for what. At some point I will city. Oral law to his eyes. Can ever be bet. Than us. I don't think it could also you know we were about Obama's books. And enable me ten news. Well but it's sort of a wonderful story about what goes on when you're making a series how many were there that you were it. I think ten I've made appearances and set seven. So it's part of who you walk. Seventeen years. Yeah all all it was from from the first X-Men movie to Logan. The seventy. And when he did Star Trek next generation. If that Atlanta is it wasn't as much about full genius so. You Kurds there I've had a franchise in my life on the thirty years we've had these people go in your head did they live inside here somewhere. Which people people captain decline holdover pastor acts allow people. What do you do with those can act in the case through plates along. John Luke. You know we did seven seasons. While. Next generation. We each season and each episode human. The group the line between Jon Rupert Cottam Patrick Stuart got. They're not. Until quite honestly that was Tokyo. To the extent but I didn't have to sit at my trailer. Meditating on who don't become law because there was so by that time there was so much of me and it's and also. When Jeanne very sadly died far too soon and the feds seize this news gene robbery he uses. There was a change of tone that came within a new executive director Rick. And it. The show has became a little more controversial and noble political eaten which having. Been a political personal life since the age of five my commitment as a civil does that mean. And that 1945 general election police went over to mu law on them. I refused. And he went to hit me pick your code policeman had just. Yet Iran ahead in those days and then look at my father who regiments on the maiden in The British Army said Batman. And yet second full pat. Alex that was carrying a plaque. Children months of the outages that is happening. I'm still have that and you. This feeling of resistance because I heard that you were thinking US citizens. I was US dropped that idea because of our recent elections. No it was the cost of York re election that I had the idea. I've it is high time it became a citizen of the United States big costs. I'm I said I've been political all my life I have engaged in such aspects of American politics I was. An active supporter all of Al goal Al Gore campaign McConnell. But they re I reached a point when I couldn't do more. The costs the questions will be ousted. I'm if your campaigning. In an American election why you notices. No one's. The its use of citizenship. In relation to my British citizenship. Made it very awkward. And so. Item I remain. And people of this a resident alien. It is perfect it's so many way it's nobody wears a very very proud to always. But you always seemed to me when we spoke to the citizen of the world somebody that was concerned about the world you remember. It's very sad story that you told me the first time we met about growing up and about how your father. Was abusive to him. And that you still support groups for domestic violence well. In fact. I discovered while I was going to program for the BBC called who do you think you ought yeah it may take a celebrity egos some. Individual and examine. Someone from that pops nutty can be. 500 years in the past or it could be. In my case to my astonishment. I'm very unexpected group. And as a result of that island we were talking about uncut my father was evacuated from for a Borden he was on the Los. But it's too early show on Wednesday Nazi patten's the division already in the edges of the town. He returned to England. Severely. Shall shall it was cold. It yet he has deep in his own. For which he would never treat and indeed up to this day that. Veterans. Who who are suffering who have not been properly treat not the problem it looked often are by the British government all America. Which is a scramble. You know we say thank you for your service. And it is minute go by you know do the best pound. I am so. Yes my father about press were me. An iron eyes supporter and wonderful magical refuge it's the biggest domestic violence. Charitable organization in the UK but it proud to be epic written moments. But novels a patron of a goal combat stress. Which helps soldiers. Not just repeat TSB but. In many many instances that's what it is over creation. So I do one for my mama. And I do via a four month who was never treated. And his behavior. After the warden. You as when I got to know him. What plastic. Examples. All someone someone severely itself from peaches so you. Through that you're making your own peace with what happens more when that is exactly our field and it's just what was that first time view growing up where you said I wanna be an actor I wanna do this I want. I wasn't yelling I was twelve. Acts puberty. Yeah and a and might English teacher. Who is responsible for almost everything important about him on life. He has put accomplish expert in my hand. Defense pulled me into a play with adults. And he was the first president to say to me what I was league's goal at the age of fifty I didn't drop out my education program. In those days it was over fifty and he said. Considered becoming a professional actor. Well this man is now in his nine it is. I'm less than a week ago I tool to him on the phone. He called me up and he's that is always says Patrick I'm worried about doing too much. I think you should take you. I think people about the vote Jeanne move it kept Dade exactly exactly something like that his name is Cecil goal Monday am. Brilliant teacher them form the the most profound influence on my life and career. You know you've got married. Married a wonderful singer now that's nearly wet garbage he's exceptionally. Fine doing chads country. And then suddenly I see you doing something with her where it says Patrick Stewart cowboy classics. That you law know it happened. There that actually did it for good reason. Well good all the proceeds broke the little mommy that we've made out of releasing about a album. Went to minuscule international rescue. Here in the united here in New York to run by David Miliband. So it went to a good cause as well as making me like laugh and control. And because it just goes not. It's just like one of those things you see on TV and your different cowboy Alfredsson and rolling things and doing it. And I bring it up only because we always end the show in song. Oh. And just a little piece of it and I don't know maybe you and sunny to sing together all the time. This now that you living here in where you and become. You know would have box pops well on their way to pox that can spark that could. I don't know it's. Actually we don't. We rarely do on that album is the only time we are formally sung together she has a sensational. And highly trained voice he. I've. Noting that journey man saying I just have a go. I'm an acting as a go yeah that's what have a little Gallo now thru four what it. You'd you'd like one of their cowboy I kind of loved them all OK well. Just a few phrase be eight yeah rawhide was amazing to. Reuters wonderful I wish I feel wanted the warmup for a little but what about. Ghost writers in the salt well. How old Kyle Pope went ride now one darker. Windy day a U. On average view restaurant is you went along news where. They know that. But all everyone's idea whatever diet coward he's all. Up and threw about dragons can. About the Pilates overall UPI a you're pre I'll I am not into it you're done you're not going that. Thank you thank you so much human hope that was that you don't nobody uses nobody every festival plaza should. Oh it's it's amazing. I enjoy talking due you know it's always great. Thank you.

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