The Year of Erin

Erin Andrews talks "Dancing" and "Football".
11:00 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for The Year of Erin
I just in -- has never looked better on my word OK I'm. I don't care what anyone says I don't think anyone can rock a gold jumpsuit greatly yourself keep. Look I'm getting your mom and daughter here but I think all of us just wanted Judy -- I am not even -- There and Anders. Co host of ABC's Dancing With The Stars telling -- like only Erin -- good don't know what the policy look -- just that that's the beauty and apparently that showed it can show you that the overall care. -- react to it. The fact is you bring such personality that like you actually say what everyone at home is thinking. And and we let you for that. I don't think -- well a couple people -- do you ever think your Twitter timeline that's fine after show. You -- first of all working on dancing is so much fun of the guy like Tom Bergeron because he's so dry -- so sarcastic right you can just -- -- -- you -- to keep up with him because he's so good with the comebacks in the one liners. It took me a couple of shows during this season to get into the -- I felt like I was kind of doing what I saw everybody else do -- before me on the show and just kind of play by the rules and then -- -- you know Wyatt. You kind of just -- have to ask people they're -- you got a comment on these girls and their amazing absent factor wearing not seen. And demand and if they're doing pushups and just have fun like every -- -- fan so act like a fan that has a microphone. You have been even that would keep that distance I mean I get I don't get all -- -- kind of like let's let the Psycho analytic that -- But I mean -- it but your people you were -- you republic had a key. Keep that sort of you know stand deep down about you know dancing -- in the -- they get excited with the with the contestants just as much as the rest of -- -- -- and able to do. Here's -- thing I am -- actually I. Think Erin Edwards the that's the lower -- -- totally and I think a week from sports I am just a big fan like everybody else -- love reality television and I watch the housewives I watch you know. The card actually -- I watched. Back in paradise is something I'm lucky you see him now and -- are you. You ain't all about synergy -- VIP area its either way I understand the -- with our but I what happens with the real her house but so what's your favorite. You know -- incidentally held out right now the camera is hysterical everything that they go through his grade Heather. I just wanna have a cocktail -- -- that it was in Florida orange she's in there and just talk about life and her husband show botched. But you know holiday it's my only television and I think it helps you get away from here every day light brown and you're like -- away and it really and -- accomplish anything. Will -- apart whether that's true but a part of everyday but -- as you pointed out though is the critics though do you ever think you take. The heart is ever shake your day of -- you're gonna get up again and how you gonna you know do your job reform and. And react respond. I love and hate social media and unfortunately I think social media brings our critics basically into our bedroom -- -- reading -- you know before we go to batter when we wake up in the morning. I'm very lucky that my -- -- my boyfriend my friends. Get on me right -- and very broke Rossi did it sound so sad and they'll to say okay but let's look at silence now. I'm sorry there aren't happy with their life but I have to pick on you you just have to put it on perspective listen when somebody write something about you're gonna read it you're gonna react it's just isn't gonna -- -- day is again and that's you up or is it -- motivate you. I really love hearing stories about athletes -- Jeter. A LeBron any of these guys that are driven by the criticism and I -- to take some -- you know -- really naked -- at the end if they don't -- a year really like. Put too much into my job I remember what those people are saying and I try to use it as you know kind of motivation on this. -- aspect of running into just get -- -- -- -- -- got a new venture coming up very soon. But Dancing With The Stars so all the big buses that Mack center mosque is not be returning though he possibly could be making an appearance on the judges -- And all of tank I think I'll let me play well really that night. I swear -- you really aren't any drugs on me anything I was -- dying to go out with some of the producers you know I -- night on the town. With that because they're fine people. No I know nothing and now I can't wait to hear -- any back in new York and Bryant -- for -- announcement which will be awesome on Good Morning America. I don't know I think I know that there was a rumor about Juliana and woke up and -- read it this morning on social media I don't know anything. So are -- talking about this -- is that -- under the squeezes out of you because it sounds as if you don't eat I really. -- -- -- -- Actually I don't -- -- Hey did you see Ricky Martin on our show last season I got hit to cut back every week hello Rick Ricky Martin I think -- probably a permanent replacement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are so obviously you're taking in his new role for -- sports here's for fox sports coverage. Coming up -- NFL sideline reporter congratulations. You know I had this principally in the -- -- wanted to do for a long time. Yes I think forever I'm you know -- I'm a Florida girl went to the University of Florida diehard college football fan but I think in the end I am I -- -- ten years in college -- I had -- national championships I've had the big sit down interviews have been really. Fortunate this XXI -- -- not sport. And I'll be on the United States is and a foul and down. You know been huge fan of Joseph our country -- for very long time love watching those guys that love our NFL pregame show and just be a part of this family is -- I'll talk to me about the garbage that Pam Oliver got for nineteen seasons at some of the some of the critics -- had set out there that the reason why that she was replaced was because of something as ridiculous as her hair. But then again that's what we mean people talk about my hair proud proud where -- thanks. -- the horse eat -- But you know what ad volume and I'm not mad at it looks fantastic -- get you a small army that had become -- in what we had actually not been telling wall judging. Now develop big gallon here's -- Again it's everyone being critics and unfortunately in an industry where you're seeing now and she's such a pioneering she paved. You know big ground work for me to be able to come in -- in she's been a mentor. It's ridiculous the staff people can -- has anyone seen you know other people record you brown -- Jimmie Johnson's is the best I don't know if you don't -- Jimmy's hair is -- I'm naive and I had that -- is -- me that the -- piece. KF -- -- and now I'm fired his. But it did so on but -- inside the do you do you have to deal with that mean that is because making those kind of comments from a critics or even from like some fans when you mean those are very sexist -- I don't -- -- on the sideline. Hadn't had to. So would it since day one I mean even how do you do -- do not listen to them like I mean you have to just think about it I'm sorry that -- so unhappy with your life for your job that you have to pick on. My nose eyes or my eight voice that sounds like nails on chalkboard I mean I've heard it all along with -- I've heard -- all about the looks and too skinny and too. Fat and -- it's just -- unfortunately it's part of the job I joke with people that I never read that part of the curriculum and the journalism classics and -- the University of Florida. The criticism and what people say on the Internet was never ever discussed with us I hope it's part of -- lesson plan now because. If you have six scanning -- knock -- -- you're not gonna make any headway in this industry and you know I didn't -- it didn't matter if -- sports entertainment. News everybody's got the critics saying something Michael Strahan is a dear friend I think he does a tremendous job. -- obvious he's doing a great job with the show here in new York and there are people that criticize that can -- you've got a problem there -- you just happening in general yet. I'm very hot and outlook -- of not to -- ago -- I need antibiotics. And -- -- very easy to get rattled they'll be right you do get kind of like insulated in this bubble because you wanna have a good support system around you actually go out there and you feel confident the same time you can't be so -- get to know how -- beings how you're being reactive and see what can meaning -- Bullets you step back and you look at the people that are criticizing -- on March calling you ugly saying you know certain things about you that you don't deserved his job he sat back and look -- back. -- he really I mean he joked in an article in time your -- -- -- -- and means. -- -- Now we love Jimmy Johnson and all the fans out there -- -- and Eric -- you just can't find god and just keep cannibalizing a VC one show at a time. What's going -- -- you've got Dancing With The Stars. You going to be on the sidelines yeah. Next going to be like cooking with air and we it would. I ballet and I wish I wish I knew how to cut but actually I'm here in New York City. Today because apparently kept Saddam from Florida right to the University of Florida Florida girl Florida -- -- and -- teamed up with -- -- using you talk about having all these jobs in being able to stay healthy live on the road. With out of a -- I do that with Florida orange juice there's a campaign that they have is there's amazing inside. Orange -- Florida orange juice no added sugar all the vitamin C you need I don't know if you live on the road as much as me but you need anything you -- make your body feel that and learn art keeps this -- It's a great campaign and you know what's Kirby if we don't watch ourselves as gonna make -- comeback. Oh yeah. Oh right that's right I I think I think that -- up for the pirates might be eighteenth my hands and that. Dating tips and obviously coming -- fall football season what you have we'll have -- tailgate and I have my tailgate with and there are probably some pictures out there with possibly a final involved that yes we've proven fact I have tailgate -- forward with it. We know all the crazy street that you could have retaliating I love fried foods fried chicken on a southern girl biscuits gravy but if you wanna get a little goodness right -- Bryant -- held meeting we're actually doing something out Harold square where you can marry me you're chickens -- -- with the Florida citrus marinade -- I think it'll help feed their before you get into the hard stuff like a good memos -- -- rather pay well arrives -- -- get your nutrients you get your vitamin C I think you're adding in a different flavors right I like your logic behind -- -- -- -- not my job. This is it's -- because obviously it's very easy to -- to go to the standard fried chicken burgers things that happened you know kicking up a little bit and impressive you know the folks as are putting on their war paint on -- They're glad. They're -- they're -- I think a lot of -- going on tailgating on -- Well there's people that where obviously the pain as you read I don't know if you've seen these two crazy fan fans from Florida State Garnet and gold they do I. Yes glitter over their pain to be very shiny and sparkly in the stands. Dancing With The Stars give a tonic -- I know I can I you you you are single handedly keeping Michaels and his. Eric Anderson is -- here got. It is the Euro area Anders some that the frightening -- -- continued success.

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