Fans and Fellow Celebrities Remember Joan Rivers

New details in the unexpected death of comedian.
4:37 | 09/06/14

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Transcript for Fans and Fellow Celebrities Remember Joan Rivers
When I -- Pena is well isn't that day will come -- US dollars and and -- -- stealing unnamed. I want my funeral demeaning to be a huge show visit -- -- lights and cameras in action. Alan craft services -- -- paparazzi. Have a publicist making is seeing. I'm running for me Hollywood on the way don't give me seven rabbi rambling on -- -- narrow street fighting in five different accents. -- -- -- -- -- And it didn't enjoy alliance claiming variant of balance you know -- I want Harry Winston to make me at Tokai. The queen of comedy Joan Rivers nothing off limits not even plans for her own funeral. Making those demands in order for audio books so -- -- remembering rivers who died yesterday in New York City. Below going on -- Cutler in New York funeral service for the sharp tongued comedy legend is set for Sunday. No word yet on if it will be anything close to what rivers joked about in that book we'll have to wait for that. But for more on her life and the outpouring from fans -- -- -- BC's Carolyn stone outside his apartment. It -- -- Caroline. -- -- -- -- Fans have been coming by dropping off flowers and cards. On the front steps and Joan Rivers home here on the upper east side these fans as well as Joan Rivers -- close friends all reflecting on her life and her legacy today. Joan Rivers who loaned to me feet from the -- -- Michael -- township I don't fit into this -- -- at 8 o'clock. At 81 years old she had no plans to stop her schedule booked through November. Rivers was supposed to take the stage the night after an outpatient procedure at this Manhattan clinic last Thursday. But during surgery she suffered cardiac arrest one week later rivers passed away for more though. On this as the grieving does continue there are many questions being asked. I want to bring in ABC's -- he with more on the investigation that is ongoing and Aaron I understand there is some new information. Well they're two separate investigations ongoing one -- the chief medical Examiner's office here in New York City Dan. They're investigating. Cause and manner of death the autopsy is complete we're told but there with holding. Cause and manner of death until they do a little bit more examination on the body of Joan Rivers. And separately the state Health Department is investigating not because they suspect any wrongdoing -- York -- and -- could be a clinic on the upper east side here in Manhattan. But because there's an automatic kind of investigation. Triggered by an episode like what happened with Joan Rivers. We've learned that Joan Rivers was undergoing -- diagnostic endoscopy. While she was -- York -- The -- -- clinic. And she was concerned we're told. With a raspy -- -- in her voice so she wanted to get that checked out she had been in debated and she was under general anesthesia when she went -- -- cardiac arrest. And that that is the latest -- but again as your point out there that that is relative standard reaction that for that kind of an investigation to be opens. The investigation is rather standard but certainly the circumstances of her death have led to a number of questions and and one of the reasons the medical examiner may be so interested in taking an extra look and conducting an autopsy which is -- Necessarily a certainty when you die in a hospital. Is because even though she was 81 and rather open about all of the procedures that she underwent many of them cosmetic. She was otherwise thought to be in and fairly good health and so that she died after what was supposed to be -- what she undoubtedly thought would be a routine procedure. Triggered more of an investigation. ABC's -- -- -- find -- very latest on that Aaron thank you for that appreciate it -- And before we go more reaction from the entertainment industry and those who knew Joan Rivers fast. She was just. One of a kind and I don't think this could be -- -- one like for a long time. -- starter somebody who was an apologetic in them and the way as she approaches comedy which is the way that all the greats of -- comedy and there. When people used to say oh my god like the black Joan Rivers like the -- only one Joan Rivers OK and if you -- to call -- the black -- she would say. Thank you and I didn't have to is breaking -- to this. Thank you can think of anyone like there. There was no one like -- --

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"New details in the unexpected death of comedian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25304445","title":"Fans and Fellow Celebrities Remember Joan Rivers","url":"/Entertainment/video/fans-fellow-celebrities-remember-joan-rivers-25304445"}