Fantasia Is Back With a Fresh New Sound

"American Idol" alum reveals the personal meaning behind her new album, "The Side Effects of You."
4:59 | 04/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasia Is Back With a Fresh New Sound
She -- everyone's hearts -- and she became American Idol season three winner at the age of twining. She went on to released three successful album sends a memoir she starred as herself in a lifetime movie and even -- Broadway and now. Fantasia is back with her fourth release side effects of view it is already getting some rave reviews. Here's a look now at lose to win. Powerful voice and we managed to snag her a whirlwind kind of scheduled to stop and -- -- -- welcome fantasia thanking them so how would you describe this album it's -- be great to back on the fourth now. Yes I think and some who led sexy a lot of things that I -- -- rocks home. You know at Abu of the musical -- drag on and musical baby who grew up on so many different types of music so this album it was like I was standing flag. It has to beat that music then passionate about it has to be rock soul. As an artist do you sometimes get concerned that your own desire for the type of music the type of genre is gonna get in the way of what is going to be popular with fans eloquence and a lot of artists deal with that situation. An Alley and say -- fans because. When it comes to those -- -- -- lab shows they get to experience so much of the writings that happened I was able to do they have music as well as music that they grew up on. They can do and they want to do in those people not that I think they want to actually kidnapped in the album. That and I feel they want to hear that and album of the completed in the car hasn't been in their -- -- home I think they really want him at times. With that enables and things like that what's hot right now I think they can kind of caught up in that situation the radio stations all of this is what's hot so. This is what we want -- -- people actually want. To hear good music lyrically and musically it sounds like this is music that is really coming from you that you obviously have been wanting to put and you've been thinking about and really kind of understands this is is the strength of your voice as well. As -- best sort of a journey to a truth to who the real fantasia is coming out with a memoir working on Broadway and now your fourth. -- -- And the I think seven and I just me as I gave in but growing and items down his comments continue. Day I learn something go to something in. And I Shandong -- -- -- you know on this album from from -- -- that first album that was an amazing album it was all me sweet self. Other conditions that -- -- I'd be listened to my -- -- -- And the story is that -- and they put all of that and the album. So getting this you know getting to this point there's been a lot of things at -- in a lot of things and -- ups and downs. And we have an album that I lyrically put all of that home. What how have you gotten through the downs because in 2010 -- overdosed and at the time you had said. That you were tired of people doing you wrong constantly again over and over again collect change from 2010 -- now. I'm not -- and -- -- place. I don't want credible threat facing more sad to sit back and realize what got me man and think it was me trying to make everybody happy. He trying to please and I take care of everybody listening to the negative things and saying to myself well well since this -- that an eagle back and try to fix it. That pain is gone this is my life I have two beautiful kids as an artist I want to share my emotions on stage and come off to -- -- I don't give you my emotions anymore he belongs to me. It's sounds like you've become a stronger personal because of yeah. -- -- before we go. One quick fun thing because obviously we're we're incredibly happy with success that you've been having but it's always fun to find out. The -- state secrets to really what makes fantasia after he got thirty seconds and I want to answer these things. Fantasia. Fun facts at hand that we don't know about ready never want right before you go on stage you me. -- -- Same -- something different every time a woman from summit in every time part. Diva demands and don't you are not -- -- are saying you have no idea demand. That Christina. We'll break and has landed on the condition has to be -- has out of the -- leanings and. Okay did the demands -- -- just obviously UP protecting your your particular instrument yeah all right house -- for something like for rugs all enough places. -- -- The riders may be -- -- -- last when celebrity crush told clients. Come and anti. Oh yeah okay. Good choice your choice for secretary of bad Asia continued success and in making so much for stopping -- -- films that he.

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{"id":19044470,"title":"Fantasia Is Back With a Fresh New Sound ","duration":"4:59","description":"\"American Idol\" alum reveals the personal meaning behind her new album, \"The Side Effects of You.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasia-back-fresh-sound-19044470","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}