Fantasy Forecast with Meteorologist Mel: Week 5

ABC News' Melissa Griffin and Michael Huberman talk Hurricane Matthew and fantasy football lineups in week five of the NFL season.
10:13 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Fantasy Forecast with Meteorologist Mel: Week 5
I'm meteorologist now welcome icy forecast Y I you have here Whitney nights you could see you us all underlining. And doing today. So when we talk about actually got to start her name is Gloria and the football fantasy football we've got a partner that's the story that's happening now an aunt and national story that's. In the news everywhere are you sure you've heard about it. That's really what we're tracking very close all of your I'll just cross country especially in southeast Florida up North Carolina. That's where they're really hunkering down and getting ready to hurt you right now that category a strong category three storm and it's also strengthening bones that looks you right off the coast of Central Florida that's category four as a warrior for whom that is where I'm rob I'm from satellite beach Florida mandatory evacuations right now no one is there the beach towns and barrier islands of east Central Florida are completely empty everyone has. As lap. You aren't allowed apple islands on the anywhere east Central Florida that's witnessed in the worst conditions next Friday morning. So it's scary out there is can be over 130 miles an hour. Storm surge we're talking up to a foot of rain flooding coastal flooding rains up to twenty eat this is all on the East Coast of Florida greatly to pay your Friday morning so everyone is really. You know as her eyes on insurance it's very scary situation. And it's going to be actually moving up the coast. Up there Florida on Friday up into George at an aide to Charleston, South Carolina Saturday art. Little weakening. At least you know not gonna get a Brennan at Ford is at the front room and I mean it's coming it's it's actually the strongest her. She lately and all if it does. That's well and 2000. So now we're talking over a decade since that experience of space. If everybody out there and it sounds like it's really going to be. Battered and interesting about it actually don't look around. At it it's not coming up the coast here like all the way up here is not coming up here at its outlook back it's gonna look around. Possibly know. To sell. It back to Florida as hurricane after a just let last tropical riddler. Aaron exactly sell after they get hit by this hurricane. Tropical rain in the forecast as we head into next. Next week at dolphins game is at home Sunday well I'll get rain front still remnants of hurricane. As an exciting it's crazy sounds everyone. In and take this yeah. Now but there is something very exciting I you're excited and ask of the rating along so why don't you tell. Yes so this week and 1 o'clock in Cleveland Tom Brady makes his triumphant return to England patriots we're very excited. Three and one without him with generator upload can be percent of quarterback. And he asked most patriots fans before this happened. Would you take three and one oh yes. Or in fact a good position. Certain other teams in division. Haven't exactly when an old fighter so we're still in first place. And exactly what this week but has yet to win and so that they'll play in if you can return we'll also be with a victory and I was so we're very excited. I've missed having Tom Graham field is not allowed facilities serving ghost it's great to have him back. Wait things happen now adult and excited about how to spend. What that is a commitment to perspective mean Gerlach has been based ultimately catch. Adult men he would have had a likening the yard reception was called back he really isn't much as eons onion. She got to think that would Brady back pedal and Wendell wrong all become really valuable fantasy plays Martellus Bennett grade he's been at odds are. They'll be really inched in to see. How they divides for the captives from the type and position reports I think raucous. So the question is how long's it taken to beat them. Right now they have agreed terms and. Rocket that's acting out. Healthy and accurately. On that would block exactly on and tells he rates now has been re ally. Has asked. You roll April you know without. He's agree. Absolutely. I. The hardly. Eaten. So where he is for. Weeks now. How email. What position aren't you doing or better. While before we get into when you say how are we doing. Updates all the fans out there have been wondering how is when it seems to. Yeah everyone out there so four teams or leagues and the combined to enforce. So I'm really like the world on fire. Hoping to get the 500 at the release of what league. But so far it's been an abject disaster. Teams have been terrible I really am not enjoyed this but I'm hoping. Organs maybe it's we're in to turn things. Or tips yeah absolutely but it can't happen. I. I mean it's their interest if you look through four games sort of smallish samples. If you look at the ratings for fears that there's a lot of new names there are news maybe when it is expected to operate so. For quarterbacks in of their car and of course Rhine. Have been great. Coming to this isn't me Matt Ryan was a guy that most people probably drafted if they did back and now he's the top. They got a combined nearly and yes last I mean is a it ain't me out last year. Last year and this is artful light like. I mean. Son Alex and Brett each week this year's now. He's been great and you know what to running backs in thing. When Gordon guidance score once last year's he's got at least five or six touchdown race. I was there every game every. Also. All. Here. My. Well yeah it's at the. Because that he didn't get in the hands of these games he really hasn't don't realize average. For parents care exactly how many are yes he's. So I I you know as as the owner of outward I think I probably. Sell high candidate because they're knocking Indians game with injuries piling up exactly at some point you're gonna you know callers just. Fifty yards of new residents and. Does that I mean moment or it's. Not often it's not to mark. Ring he's an audited. So I was likes skeptical and went to Eric I was one of my earlier. As skeptical but and I just kept playing out like business he's been asked you want on yeah. So it's just keep getting consistently has yet you know doing so it's it's another one that. Some I think would be asked high I don't shirt at this as he so that's. It was to rewrite the when you draft into the mid rounds they merely draft night. Atlanta life and many is that being leader stuck. But tech com and 83 this is headed monster almighty god I did not so I got it treatment of anxiety about picking up and I think that's haven't pulled it would be not a great player as well in you know in. So it's. People have been grateful and there it would just aren't that there or are on and this is on fire and why aren't in the falcons and Steelers ball knows. Charges I mean it doesn't. And. Especially now with lady on back I mean there so many ways the Steelers can beat you and that it really you know. Those two teams like this literally if you have guys it was rosters most weeks once it's a terrible weather at a rally. Syrian leaders see some good returns. Exactly and Enid and situation and I went I Avery is Kyle yes I picked him up on after the fact and it isn't to Fort Lee and Matt he's just I mean I'm at this point he's been one of my favorite tight ends hunger so it's it's it's also an injury ordinaries just talk about forecast as me and passed it. Another great play and finger and his batting and is now that is also he was awesome he is great and asked me as well nibbles and yes it's partly. An -- is subject and I don't I don't like to and but I'm sort of accident at cornerback and repeat guests watch that and Lance. Let me tell you I guess a rarity that played again even Jacoby breasted percent. Paxson which got him frequently not Sammy got hurt. Your point Wentz and cut they've also classes and you know right now both pressed Scott and Wentz are really viable start. You have them here what you're doing okay. The question I would have is there for weeks we see this again on defense and start to get more Maria don't learn there's more tape you can study more film on them. I wonder if there's going to be a little bit regression. Especially not as were seeing you know. Two years ago we had. James Woods and mark experience as the Olympics and number one and and last year they both agree but this year before games they had mortars and yet it last. So it's. It's it's a kind of like is this what happens with just those who is this what's gonna happen to these guys were rookies now he's sort of tough to tell but in the meantime you -- Ottawa. Right in doing great urban tactics yet scene and I mean we'll see it act passed that takes its own. I think it really did put in Howard Kenyon and keep an eye out because he is. It's very exciting out there exciting isn't it less easy or that I as well your Oz is now. Only through in my. On.

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{"duration":"10:13","description":"ABC News' Melissa Griffin and Michael Huberman talk Hurricane Matthew and fantasy football lineups in week five of the NFL season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42618046","title":"Fantasy Forecast with Meteorologist Mel: Week 5","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasy-forecast-meteorologist-mel-week-42618046"}