Your Fantasy Forecast as the NFL Heads Into Playoffs

ABC News' Mel Griffiths and Michael Huberman talk fantasy football MVPs in the last week of the NFL's regular season.
11:41 | 12/29/16

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Transcript for Your Fantasy Forecast as the NFL Heads Into Playoffs
I'm meteorologist now luckily it anti forecast I have here with me hate. AKA my expert. He's gonna talk like out all all hole in parent. Baton and he's at the seller makes a hat act and Whitney. I don't it leaks seventeen is his last regular season meat of this and I don't start next week we believe that. It's article is an actor if finally if you you know and it really does Philly yesterday we're here talking about our predictions for the troops is okay. Here we are talk prediction about playoffs and super ball that. Finally succeed we know much so quickly agent agents Lou. I mean so many people are out art blue lilac and Patton and really like it at night in a patent hunt now where their extension of gonna gonna happen. And on the ballot and it's the I knew I had gotten I think have won the glass that is finishing up recognition this week but I'm be ugly act security and did people have wine at champions out there. But some people are still playing this eaten and that things are important it's is an important me. Yeah I mean you set a most most league's most players are out now I but there are those leagues ago and the regular season which is I'm not a fan of just because. The final week. Can be really wacky because some games like Green Day in rent so that's a game where both teams have. All of their players and they need to win to get into the post season and you know you can respectfully maximum type you know. Production hopefully from your players. Their other games and others you know the Steelers analysts. Robert Byrd playing rounds and played a leading players or else they say they want as a picture right based smartly terrorists and their top players and suspicion of season. And what you have is all these backups plants here if you someone that's you know relied on Steelers players to the parishioners isn't near a tight spot. So it as a is that not a fan of how you know that last week sort of final can really impact or. I really tricky because the area principle that has summoned and that's players threats and that's an innocent people letter that you should independent. Director that we when he needs it. That you have to kind of cutting debt ninety into what you can do you can picture that you wing you are planning. And Sal. A couple of players and I was looking at this you know we were talking about. Games that really matter red Texans. Clinched the it is if he's out so they're you know they're gonna rest they're start planting their names are having seen in some color red you know I don't see I don't think Hopkins playing ball uninsured will play certainly not apple speed Kong and learn about last week with injuries now. I can't imagine that he's been playing it at all to be resting injury and is ready for the season so that's why I'm thinking operable it could have a good. I'm really is streaming option as weak and it's gonna rain forecast there in Nashville an easy it is for on Sunday so out you know there. I want a late stage. Keep the all the ground give it out and win he had. And then you have the Texas defense hasn't really been matched exactly Matt Cassel. Is accused different exits at times exactly sad and very at least a season interceptions rate is as it with the rain and doing these sloppy weather and receptions Texans deep and another and play this week. Reporter acts we have some injuries last week that yeah. Other injuries though authorities aren't as Marion and Eric Carr and mean. Specially prepared car for going into the policies and greater than mean there. Suitable intent is and it without having Paris starting quarterback is it's off the and for the people that have you know such as you where exactly inside I was. I had Podcastalley. Now I just. Lost last week's on out of the championship game on it's still going on this eat for eight. Well let me what I I didn't wouldn't even know who to pick up beside her it's in you know it's art or weeks and it yeah. You know I think antigens I think he does have some good upside yeah. Is that there's really not much in terms of service and unfortunately there for both. Titans and the raiders losing those guys both quarterbacks taken interest are here in really is terrible for both those teams and advance. You'd want to stay away from counselors sat he also wants from Goldman. You know for him obviously for re sixty person team but also for the play. I think John's music you know he started before he split before he put up some analysts don't need others are spectacular but decent. In EJ Manuel knew months away from there's really sort of this this again this week seventeen recess the starters sit and their backups play. You know that the air thought it hits very. On Saturday that the dream is that you get like an arm into that situation you're back with green Avery had that incredible gain we've seventeen. That is a major Al liar here and accuracy from on his back cuts you're gonna see. You're gonna see reasons why. They are censored quarterback so. You'll have to pick somebody you know injured jones' it is a good place to start but otherwise you. Yes tough week with court acts if you don't have people like it's hot air Roger mr. Perry is an honest you know you have van. Already outlined aren't Mac and Isaac got married and he should be sure fire hit it out yet there is another on team I want to talk about it breaking is this week but Martan. Are now suspended four games going to recapture it was for drugs he got suspended and is announcing out. I think that is to quiz Rodgers really opens the door for him he didn't think it went up Martins has it apps I think you know an addict it's an interesting situation S consulate and other district. Day and he is and has produced its enemies had some big gains in Martin's absence. You know he's someone that. If you again if you have to play your probably gonna get a pretty good game so he's someone it to definitely kind of pick up you have all right. I think that's leading to mr. actors and picked up and won more grand. We're talking out of them ravens and Bengals and other place where there is an impact could be some rain not paying us any gong to. Melanie directing it and you don't exactly that thickens AG AJ green IR I mean with that gone. Well yeah and you know there's boomer boss there. This huge long touchdown pass last millions Houston it. You know if he's getting targets something could happen on board navy veteran from Pittsburgh mobile war but then sorts them from the confidence I think. Georgia brand digital photos is that he he's wanted to sell some options for straightening if you need them obviously if you're in a championship round you're trying as far as I can't read all things now. Although average wished everyone good luck we turn now isn't the season is coming and yeah is yes and me T insanity but aren't. So not not the actual game that can. Absolute. For me you know offer for at cornerback position. For touchdown senator sessions coming back bad year last year. He's been fantastic office has been great if it that would benefit from a softer schedule. But he has put up really big numbers you know throughout the rain season and he's been very consistent which is that what you want. This in with with receivers and backs there's highs and there's loads. With quarterback you really come want some instances. Has been consistent. That's exactly agree why I had channel the mark primary I cannot consistency. Efforts are landing old Andretti is in double digit points I mean there's a candle that double digit digit anti white isn't what you eat everything a week. It got the first eleven weeks Tennessee's and I want not a Gordon. Touchdown machine multiple gains with two touchdowns I mean he added. And tell later in the season or in you know in their injuries sell its Arctic high and it will if he later in the season but. For the first. Three quarters of the regular season hinges and. And that's act now we talked about him moments of the forces and the safety is it. If you drafted Melvin Gordon probably gotten. Fifth and seventh round this is sort of a top an act and you're getting top pick. Prince option. From a guy you gotten. You know later rounds I would I would feel comfortable saying a lot of teams have known Gordon probably pretty well that's. Pressure is as Andy keys for this year and I think that Al Gore are a merry a lot of on March after it's out now and Ian you're pitching that's my parents out of all I'm over and out. Yes so you really can't players Hampshire if your image. Out of my house summit. Team that so let's talk about this. The early predictions were placed. Meehan expert to me that his prediction. And he's Italian his prediction app. A and now. Us. And future. I you know we got back tonight. I don't want to get Adam myself. Anything. Also hope the reality is this. He I went to the biggest threats to the patriots. Getting back miserable for the Steelers. Who you know or various serve. At times are unstoppable. And the raiders right now you've seen the raiders lose their car map going is not going into Foxborough. Game are. Steelers could do that I think the chiefs could do. Also I think that. Path for the patriots. Is there. They just after football. And others. In the NFC April it operator has not yet and like the Packers. You know. Aaron Rodgers now has a track record where and that seems like any day earning and he says something out relax. In the next six. Those things out so they have to beat Detroit this treatment is no small thing it's right but it. It's going to be huge game I think it's winner and if Green Bay gets and I think that they have what it takes it to Houston. I way it is. That's on hot streak and it really is not ready he's an incredible corps yet he. So I'm completely at an Al my cat before it Eric Carr in city as readers how can I found out I was and I got but now that Eric are. Like Terry. Have to say. Patriots beat. Me at the terror that it's you that's teens Nancy and in the end and taxis now I mean ass. It's gonna be gonna watch we're gonna happen probably an argument to number one season exactly in play out is always fun watching always and it surprised us is an eight it's now it's while watching play out this. Sounds. We're looking looking powered to and we hope that you guys into arts season finale. A back seat forecast coming up this week's at and T and it is rising 83 of the great season and Abby. Having me every parent wants is.

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{"duration":"11:41","description":"ABC News' Mel Griffiths and Michael Huberman talk fantasy football MVPs in the last week of the NFL's regular season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44451936","title":"Your Fantasy Forecast as the NFL Heads Into Playoffs","url":"/Entertainment/video/fantasy-forecast-nfl-heads-playoffs-44451936"}