Felicity Jones, Diego Luna Talk 'Rogue One'

Jones, Luna and Jiang Wen reveal who's the biggest "Star Wars" fan on set.
14:18 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Felicity Jones, Diego Luna Talk 'Rogue One'
Who did. Happens definite no one like actors make. Yeah you to boot you can consult any time they have about what is that one he knows everything. The. I think we will really fond me and you can't help from. From march saying you. EU. For a loved things Carrington if anything I think we'll have. Unity Paris. Like the you. I. Here's. The problem. The the U. Yeah. It was a it was a big surprise. I was very impressed that she had a remains what Jeff Kent. It's particularly I think from from from. He's really is hope to heat have it's so impressed. Each point three its payments have to say. Never before that was that's a few days ago was to come. And a ten ways it. That is the way. That's how little. Can't. Karen thrashed that are. Are being here. What price we'll. If it's wrong you care. She. She's incredibly need to time and she's. Absentees Sabina. And she is threatening situation that that she isn't expecting anyway and it's a situation to moms. Great courage from a parents at the same time she has moments of great vulnerability and in some. And this is is not politics is on a puppet human beings she isn't complex. Fascinating part today. He. It's. What do you Wear in the evening more tree care. Free. Well. In Tom's of. Difference from ray. Is the main difference would be that ray. Is peace is such things saying she doesn't have found neon and such and who she is in many ways that when we meet in in the beginning of the film. She knows his questions for home and that's that's of a point it's very important for that for for penning the story is that this this woman has hasn't it and she's she's had experience. So hop hop is very much finding out what hypothesis and and what drives. We the horror. He started BP had been spectacular. This role. You really take very different. You're. It was Everest since it was an Oxley gift admiral to read. I mean that doesn't happen very often in your life that you. Read something and immediate me you respond to anyone today it hasn't as of. Very special in. It's us. In this case he was I can believe in first thing today met with Garrett and that. And he told me he he he would like to work with me but it sounded like half. You know one of those dreams that was never gonna happen you know he was. Talking about it says something almost unreachable. And I went home thing how skinny I. Cash Huntsman added. Mexicans I was you know there's an exit as one Y how column. And then pay me. When on with my word and I remember I was in Budapest. Working on a project there. One night I was asleep it was like. Who Ian I think unlike bomb rack and they was that you paying them. And I have family in the case silent night on cots threw him. AC. Can we. Know now and the phone you know with it let's and ringing anymore and I would like that who wanted an act. I had illnesses. That was very risky indeed secrecy world that was cemented in mindful that says. Coleman it's an agent that he was in. Called him first thing in the morning. I had the east lake. Emotion no like only break down happy news years. Was very Ashe. Everything was going and you know I mean everything was this was we it and and unique because. Eats a project that connects me with. We the first film my soul it's you know length that might have put them away the film. So it was as I have a spectacular evening and and he says lines. Silence and the next thing is that it's. He can tell anyone. I like. This is that a bad joke you know it's like you go out with the most gorgeous woman but then you cannot tell your friends there is an important. You know you have to go back and state ice cream from you and what does happen from. So I'm so glad that was an invasion happened because when Coleman friends. Tell them everything it means you know keeping them what you. There are eighties are. Review. And all. You know. That's different. From him because us. Idea. And avarice all felt was for so this. This is a very few film. And to. Keep secret. Don't don't tell them. Before you decide. Ohio communities. Thirst no secret there's knows scrapes and I don't know. What film. My slot. My son's. As a big fondness. Books. Excellence LAPD go up go for us. So. This. Day. Very happy and excite. And when Erica script read. And say you look this hero uses. Humorists Euro so here. Some time heat here miss it saying. Learn. Day yeah. I would pass the viewing and New York in the team that pizza. And then suddenly. It hit team. Needs to homeless when your acting with. Giants monkeys who she TE. En masse to be one in the ninth a news that's pretty or some experience they. Yeah it. Hate to me was it was one of the first days. 22. Longman. And I was ask to go to the studio invasive god wants to meet cute puppy you and welcome U he's doing a test. One of the stages so you have to go there I went there I arrived them you don't smell like dangerous and you know he was like these imperial. She and I arrived in guide says I'm sorry I couldn't see you before that we testing account some of that testing cat can't. And I started hearing. All. Because ten. They weren't testing would act remain there under the EU is doesn't behind me and I was like lake Qaeda couldn't tell an island like. He's big he's thinking. I think guys did it Meehan says that yet I know I never really could come through giving it and you know about came just last. At ridiculous piston action I come from the right got a big but you will not remain very in it was like two days of home. Cement him. Let them the next scene but. With special that I spew a few. Feel something in the coming he has come troop. When. It. Up. For the fifth. In its neon holiday and I what caused a fancy dress shop and a storm can print when it. And I only treat net tout my skin and jumps T paces back. Just from an spending says it all behind Q don't you could. I'm well here. Very. Former acting right. Rigidity or. Religious oh. She told wall movement of primrose. Bunker built wounds and you name congress. But here. All all the time because you know. I had my partisan a small part is no longer than them there's this to. So their retirement ghosts. If it goes through through everything it's. Certain. Yeah and getting into one. I landlady had lag. Please read all sending him. What's. Lacked emotion and the and. So it looked like it. Period film. Backpack. Who. Let let film. That time. Did anybody. Away. Students. You know her honor bat. Karen. Working visit me. Eaton. Me. Well we real count. Always thoughts nine expand on that and as in Rio in Israel support for each of us. Which is Maine's going to luck. Enjoyable. But it it would fit into cardiac tinkering to Jamaica in me they think that in the day period when you Alan had teed it has made eighteen. You. Constantly gaze of scripts and improvising is an happen in ASCII stitches. When we're not ready for it to be nothing but you trying to hold and the new positive shaking it off to accurately that we coming out season long lines that just to think. Completely married. Say he's he's been looking very much. Prevent that realignment in in in keeps it light. Yes he's great thing like knowing. You know he's work wasn't finalized in the US and actor you know whatever you do we get some in. Gets married Allen but that. And is going to be there forever these guy had feeding like I'm gonna come back to these. He would changes all the time and also he would dress and. Like hang these huge pajamas with. Points on over and that and wouldn't wouldn't get two runners though he had a back we that we that. And head here is that the face of Kate to it so he looks old TV not until we be losing these fantastic world anyway shape and senate three. Here's a ninth and can. Tenants he'll pitch he's Cheney told Fallon collins' best with night vision in the U. Brightly colored joke. Davis is keeping them don't man. Are. I have improved thanks eaten today. I went runways and was doing like. It. Face time with my son. And then I see this thing going Wright took. I don't know and he took a picture. Being half of them highlight. When I got I. Our hope I have made his mom goalie raises like we weren't right with a gun and heads the at least it and it's been that way. We couldn't hit anything in my son. Took like six months to get the name of my kayak. You have to be. It was pretty hot and yet a few friends and partying Satan redeeming thing to me. Say done. Vermont's economy took my granny panties at night Mountain View thing nice I mean that every agency and you would open locking.

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{"duration":"14:18","description":"Jones, Luna and Jiang Wen reveal who's the biggest \"Star Wars\" fan on set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40657164","title":"Felicity Jones, Diego Luna Talk 'Rogue One'","url":"/Entertainment/video/felicity-jones-diego-luna-talk-rogue-40657164"}