Finals Underway for Annual Spelling Bee Competition

ESPN's Kevin Negandhi and Paul Loeffler report from the 89th National Spelling Bee.
7:11 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Finals Underway for Annual Spelling Bee Competition
We have our colleagues' ideas PM ready to go down weird and I am so excited about this video that been talking about this. All morning. If the and Kevin nick on the and spelling bee analysts which I did not know with the job but an awesome and I'm Paul off her join us now. From this site at the national spelling bee guys thanks for being with us. I'm a sunny thank you so much you know I I'm just cripples my first experience hosting the Scripps national spelling bee to have Paul. Who's the expert he's part of this you know back in 1990 finished thirteenth as part of the B and you've seen you know last fourteen years we've had. People that have come back. And one to be right now though we may have somebody an eleven year old. A fifth grader who could surprise all of us that's it prior experience has always been the key factors I mean that's been the winner like you said fourteen years in a row. But knee charging has taken this competition by storm. We've been column the machine because that's what he looks like on the scene it's very robotics and flawless. Cat is all you guys have been watching all the drama unfold of course the preliminaries where yesterday right were in part one of the finals today part two of the finals tomorrow. The art kids competing in a very intense situation you suspect that what it's like there. To watch sort of competitor by competitor. And and just for programming note the conclusion the finals is tonight on ESPN at eighty surge so we saw. V the finals begin today with 45. And now we're down to ten. And I got to tell you in the beginning it is against my first broadcast your to do this the first three. Speller is leave Fred I'm like well I hope I didn't bring the bad juju because it could feel that it cut it set the tone in the first round here. Of today with the finals and then things started to settle in. In rounds 56 and seven. And it away it sounds crazy but into kind of feel the momentum in the room total and one kid misses it seems like the next one does that we saw a string of 1112 and a row they got right. That is a factor in this spelling bee but. Each kid is different to they handled attention in different ways its trying to get it's a city's kids personalities what makes him tick and what makes him so successful that Andy give you an idea on the on Sunday at you know so we we talked about experience playing a role. We started this with over eleven million speller is 284. To order 48 to start the week and then we go down to ten here and we felt like it was a wide open field. And now different thoughts who who is aside from the eleven year old you're going with experience. Well yet it is still wide open you have to speller who were here in this state of the competition last year but he also have a first timer like jango we talked about. And they're from all over the country from California to here on the East Coast it's a pretty good cross section of America. And it's just gonna make it that much more exciting to watch and see who does ballot in the fascinating thing to with the experience we have 15 grader won six greater 37 graders and 58 graders now stepping up. On the big stage tonight in prime time on ESPN at eighty Easter. Are you mentioned that you have a field of ten he started out with many many more at the top fifty. Make the finals and you've seen some standouts now that they have a lot that they can win right this was launched in 1925 to tell us up a bit about what the winner gets out of this. While 40000 dollars in cash is a nice start and they're so much more on top of that as we've seen a lot more recent years. Kevin's gotten a case that it's I think this week. Those winners from the past comeback are absolute rock stars here's a satellite launched celebrities celebrities us. And experts the whole week I mean everywhere they go they're getting pictures we just walked out. Outside and before stopping them at eight so deserving for these kids today because. When we talk about the pressure there are geniuses regardless of where they finish when they enter the stage of law on that stage. There are genius and we end and their knowledge that way here when they walk around the ball. And what's fascinating with the advent of spell check you would think that these kids wouldn't be as good at as spelt you know Alley cats I worry about that was my children. But the youngest confessed then. If I do Larry the youngest contestant this year is six years old Holmes school first grader he's been competing in spelling bees. Since he was true years all. That's incredible. You did you talk about a celebrity Akashi is a celebrity everywhere goats Italy is quite the ham but what a personality on that young men and he's probably get a all in this fan base until he's graduated from eighth grade giving my guess they had them on stage earlier today Eddie thanks Steve Harvey personally for making him a star or proper lie. As he was on the Steve Harvey show talking about his experiences. He has such a bubbling personality he walks into a room and you all feel it he's not shy. And I saw one of the cool things when he was eliminated. He got a standing ovation from the crowd and high fives from L all the contestants because they're fully aware of how he carries himself. That's so great at pop report it to go I you have to ask you as Kevin mentioned of course you competed back in 1990. Do you remember the word. That was the one that got you out. The question. How. That it haunts me without argument. What was telling them. Where that got about yes of course I can't the question is can you were talking prominently. It's sugar derived from the Chinese art it's. Oh wow and as I know I know we would that let you go but the last two years the contest ended in a tie. Pray and so to avoid that organizers this year have upped the ante adding more and more difficult words to the list so there may be then. A more typical work. Then stack yes. Well here's the thing you know what I notice that the wrapping this up soon because I think on the islands that are going to their spell check phones the books that you apparently that's. I have to spell the word here with us we'll find out I was actually in their somebody's words you're not gonna find their did you get it yet. Oh we're not even I'm gonna try and try and get it in the area might I was gonna try I thought it was. Also on Twitter once it's as though I'm thinking it's S. Scene today. CH. I O. At us. With that what are floats up you. What Heidi the first five letters right but that it's today it's ST AC HY. Hello Nancy. Yes that's better than mine in 1990. It's about that ward at. I think you so much for being with and my aunt court where can lot that I am mindful and. Got ten finalists remain Ted Knight on ESPN at eight. If we have to keep our ongoing they will keep on spelling with those new rules.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"ESPN's Kevin Negandhi and Paul Loeffler report from the 89th National Spelling Bee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39405194","title":"Finals Underway for Annual Spelling Bee Competition ","url":"/Entertainment/video/finals-underway-annual-spelling-bee-competition-39405194"}