What a Find!

The amazing story of Sue the dinosaur.
6:58 | 08/05/14

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Uncovering. This. Speaking right out of us. We want to. It's wonderful. And it is reality not science fiction and it is said to be one of the world's greatest discoveries the largest. Most complete write a source Rex ever found. And it is the subject. Of a new critically acclaimed documentary. Dinosaur thirteen and with us in the studio today Peter Larson a paleontologist whose team made that discovery and the producer director Todd Douglas Miller who is. Bringing the story to the big screen Peter topic you got so much for stopping by. I saw this. This is not just to film about a dinosaur this -- a film about. Passion this is a film about personal freedom about the scientific exploration. I think every I'd never even knew this story existed for first up in a little bit of back story. T Rex named sue -- it named sales for the discovers Susan Hendricks and she's Warner -- those first two pieces of bone. Sochi she found that I answer so she goes down in history and when and where where's the Scott where was that that the skeleton found. On your face South Dakota so -- north central South Korea okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very eye opening to understand the whole world of paleontology. About land rights. Eaton -- it hits on so many levels of the so when you first discovered -- -- What was going through your mind because at the time nothing like -- had ever been found. Com it was. -- one of the most wonderful times in my life -- this. Fantastic dinosaur and and from the moment that I saw those three vertebrae up in the -- -- hell after looking at the peace at the bottom milk and and crawling up the hill and his new. The she was going to be all there. And and I was right I -- -- -- 80% of that dinosaur was there. 80% of the death. -- source Trex which is really we think about dinosaurs in that is always the -- to that is always the imagination that wouldn't weather your three years old or you're thirty years old it's good that that we -- put a face on a dinosaur that is the first when that -- when you come across the discovery like this. You spend your entire life on this your mind this must be -- so aptly blown. Eight you know most kids' favorite dancer fiasco was transfer -- read his mind when I was little too. And I never imagined that we'd actually find one and be able to dig -- up and it turns out to be. The best one of -- -- So and again not to give away too much of this it's not just -- simple as finding a dinosaur. And sunny today get an excavate. It becomes a lot of issues of ownership of of land rights. The actual definition of what a fossil is from him. Todd -- jump into this when did you hear about this story I mean I heard bits and piece. Is over the years I think like everyone else but you know the dinosaur was discovered in 1990. And they got -- back to the institute. We're doing all -- -- work on it and in 1992. It was seized by federal government's oh the FBI led the raid along with the National Guard and various other government agencies. And that led to a cuts the dispute that you know -- took some years. A criminal trial which was the largest criminal trials south -- history and we won't give away you know -- after that but. So it'd all happened over really about a ten year period so there have been some media about it there have been some. -- news clippings and that sort of thing so. I was somewhat familiar back then but you know I was I was a kid when -- -- the dinosaurs and then. I just happen to read his book -- appeal. Four years ago and I was -- blown away and I -- Hollywood have been trying to make it you know it's turned -- in. We just pitched -- a different you know way to do it which is what you know we have today publicly said yes. It got -- could -- national headlines back in the ninety's because it was such a unique case. Do you think then -- again not to give away too much of this but do you think though that the discussion has maybe been advanced is far is ownership as far as the whole process of exploration. And paleontology. It has things -- been a lot of issues that have been settled since that time. And so having clear. Rules -- is a good thing Tom. We know we may not necessarily always agree with the rules but that the rules are there and so you know how to behave and so this is. Was a very much a landmark. Landmark case. I have to say that as -- -- watching this -- what's great about this document areas that you have actual footage often times to can be a re creation or some kind of isn't an individual interpretation but you have a lot of the clippings and a lot of the first hand. Video home video that was taken. From various points from protests very emotional very very private moments that were shared in this and I know that. It seems almost kind of outlandish how -- the discovery of a dinosaur skeleton. Elicit this much of emotional bond but he. Really does not just for you personally. Of the entire town the entire town was. Just awesome just awesome and and it was. You know -- that's the status or was taken from this small South Dakota town and it hit everybody. Believed in the you know the ownership of that banks are they all own this dinosaur and sort -- it's a it's a story about this town. But that footage is also a testament -- and has institute and the people that work there we have when we initially when you -- we we're gonna do. More of a dock you drama and recreate some things because that's -- when I was reading a book. That's what I -- was very visual book. But it edited and it was I didn't even know the footage existed so once we started and in the project started handing over. You know all these hundreds of hours of archival stuff that's what they do with science -- is document everything and it was all one beautiful 35 millimeter you know stills. You know those big -- can VHS Medicare respect it which were stating your back and -- So boxes and boxes of stuff so. That became kind of our mission was to rifle through all that stuff organize and you know present. And in the -- He read it read it its eye opening it is incredibly fascinating in like I said I was very honest in this I had a tear as I was watch this because it and it really is a captivating story. I think a lot of -- gonna get something. To take away from this -- -- that's worth thirteen. -- Todd thank you got so much congratulations. And thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"The amazing story of Sue the dinosaur.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24850113","title":"What a Find!","url":"/Entertainment/video/find--24850113"}