Fitz and the Tantrums Interview: New Album, Bruno Mars Tour

Band members Noelle and Fitz on the making of "More Than Just a Dream" and their summer tour.
4:41 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fitz and the Tantrums Interview: New Album, Bruno Mars Tour
-- I am picks and I know well from the truth -- truth. We've been playing together for about four years now -- -- the same unit since the beginning. And I this kind of melded together really well. We just kind of -- songs -- -- just hit the road and it's playing -- -- just trying to win -- friends of friends 510130. At a time playing live show. That's actually the path that got us to get me record it. -- I loved the first record but as you know he had a lot of ship something from -- when he. -- -- -- Really wanted to -- back down. It came alive -- the recording made it kind of seamless because we've spent so much time. And with our audience playing fields we could sort of C all right let's read this course knowing we're gonna get the crowds with similar happened really informed actually the way we approach someone. I'm -- that was very with the communities in the first. The story about life on the road and -- -- of the excitement that we have on stage every night with a hand. The story of love and heartbreak -- you know you have all of these different. You know connections with in the record yeah. One of the songs that we have light blue road -- alive. Was a song we've been on the six. No we just can't tell the people moon for -- it's so new that that's some definite need to be. -- -- -- -- -- Crazy you know I mean obviously didn't know storyline coming out of money into the first seeing the record and and on the record more than just a dream and not just. Has so many different communities for us and managed just sort of said. Emotion is sort of creative flow of ideas and we cannot that this idea like -- just do this we're sort of dream therapy session were looking sort of we used -- bits of the song and were able to sort of capture those sort of idea of what some of these songs. -- kind of strange places. Just -- Conway president to talk about. Well I'm in my car right my 87 and favorite car -- favorite purple hat might catch on those giant clips on the radio as The Doobie Brothers -- -- -- And then and was beaten through and the secret continental is still the water out of the cooler the cargoes wings were flying into the -- and everything's great in -- alarm. -- -- in the whole world shouted senator -- Look at the pocket sixes. -- -- -- on Mars is actually going to be I think a really really good. Time impressively we've already gotten the opportunity to play with him and he's so much fun to watch. And -- you know one of the things that we really have. Become popular for is our -- show and actually watch this guy on stage and his entire band it was literally like a mirror so it really cool to kind of be surrounded by people that are loving what they're doing and they have such an amazing time on stage and it's infectious. It's going to be -- dance party. -- moved through from start to finish that's for sure. Social interaction with -- friends is. As such key -- you know and it's not for us since there's not like some. Manager of some assistant doing -- social media it's literally -- -- -- When we does when for the postal from FaceBook. It's us having that interaction -- us. And I think fans nowadays they love being a part of the every day.

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{"id":19704764,"title":"Fitz and the Tantrums Interview: New Album, Bruno Mars Tour","duration":"4:41","description":"Band members Noelle and Fitz on the making of \"More Than Just a Dream\" and their summer tour.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fitz-tantrums-interview-2013-album-dream-bruno-mars-19704764","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}