And the Flower Goes To...

ABC News' Lesley Messer meets the florists behind the glamorous Oscars Governors Ball.
8:40 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for And the Flower Goes To...
Today. Monarch life arrangement would lose his great news. We like to use a lot of texture. Losses. Talks word rage. And rage. Other branches and make it. Those of you are just kidding and Murat mark curtain in Sherman Oaks house. Mark felt has been a flirt contracted the flowers for many years he's getting started on with your. And the record. An urgent threat yeah. These efforts. Especially the highest. Green. Easily I don't. Should think and he's Carol for a for other Austin. You know there is the Oscars. Then there are a million other parties. So. Were those partners. Well today. A wow even though the Oscars. All the way this year I have an all purple. It's like everything in the news the monochromatic in the name of the game and see act you know it's. It's fair a few months. I'm gonna focus on you again. Really now. What exactly. Went on in years past years that sort of popped reviewing terms my hours the really loved her arrangements evening. Really hasn't felt. You know we get so wrapped up there now what we're doing this year. Yeah. And things we. A look at the rooms things are different I remember when the air lifted the very first time. And there is it was like this over the top like be. Hall of Mears of premieres on all the walls very golden powder blue and all the flowers big arrangements on gold candelabra isn't a problem. Of that year especially because. Some of them rose did not come in and it was like a mini nightmare we're going down the airport going through boxes and boxes. Flowers trying to find more butter colored roses we did fine we did and we got to but that was. After I narrative today. I there was enough that you were we did chandeliers and hall. White orchids. You know latter's. Also. This illusory kinda mad but that was I agree with you please be enormous we have been friends made just. Tons and mixed kinds of white orchids it was. We've done things could die. Oil separating. Different colors of water floating flowers. He's done all red. Years so I mean we've done everything we've done we've done a lot how I didn't answer you have to. With a planning really starts immediately. Year's ball so people will start thinking about the new direction next here in the they usually bring us. Start discussing that I was about six months before a panel so. And that's again and we will deal with the drawing board and we colors fabrics we'll let him put yourself. Together and working out. So is there anything this year that he was a last minute ad that you hadn't thought initially that you wanted to put it that will be. Things that we just the last minute was guardians this year. Because we. So we thought okay we're gonna do if we can get them it's not her news season we are gonna have an even. Within Apple's Cardenas which you don't have fragrances are incredible. So I think they'll enhance the experience. When you walk into the room because it's visual but wanted to be a little bit of everything one fragrance to be there. Something sees something you smell. Wolf and we'll have as a means it tastes. I think all the census house weird she sprained her genius. Well actually no best interest and that's the one flower Hughes who is here today is grown in California. And so. They're out a season but there they're going to be hot house. We're getting. He's tell us where other places. Where you soar some of the other fires this here. Well a lot of flowers. Football flowers come from Holland. We have the blossoms from Oregon. Parking is from. California here. Something ranges from South America. But almost all the flowers here and also we had Japan this year which is the first news towards is creating. White. They're actually rather new for us here know. Amazingly none of us from Japan who knew. How hard against you have to treat these orders with people from all the way across the world. Place them a little bit in advance but honestly we wish. Two a lot of events a lot of news and reviews should we have a great. Support team. Supplies from flowers and knows. Because we never know exactly what he's so there we have great people. Right now work. We don't disappoint us how they they must be overnight adding in a guess if you're bringing in flowers you can't put them on three game. Track exactly everything has flown in. A lot comes through my Ambien and comes here to us and just amazing. How that all works and people think that you have to actually. Cut flower like an hour before it is bad enough true I was passionately. They can be loom that stirs more than others but. The growers and shippers know how to handle that you know when. And and to get them. Through it for those people at home who see the Oscars on Sunday and loved Lauren arrangements you have any test more. Then on how they can make their homes more beautiful with bars. Well just having flowers in your home. I think is a necessity I mean in Europe everybody has flowers and home and more and more in the United States people are. See if they want the flowers they want. Especially. I we see people buying. Flowers in New York you know pretty him their homes because they don't. Especially in regards that we have here in Los Angeles real horse face. So I think it makes people happy. To help those flowers and then there's you know. I think and can you tell us what's next tree I know that this is a huge weekend or you can take some time. His take Connecticut a couple of days off but I have a very big weekend next. I can't look very large. Listen I'm on right now. You deserve an act of area exit here thinking I'm gonna put the camera again. So again my name is Leslie mastering here at mark's garden in Sherman oaks California with mark house he's doing all the flowers for the Oscars on Sunday. The hospice by the way we'll air I'm. ABC. This Sunday night stay tuned for all of the details about back after parties thank you so much for being with me at a Houston.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer meets the florists behind the glamorous Oscars Governors Ball.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"37169323","title":"And the Flower Goes To...","url":"/Entertainment/video/flower--37169323"}