Flower shops busy with Valentine's day deliveries

ABC News' Maggie Rulli gets bouquet making tips from the pros at Little Acre Flowers in Washington DC.
14:51 | 02/14/17

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Transcript for Flower shops busy with Valentine's day deliveries
Happy about I today and he being handed Maggie really here for ABC news digital and are you feeling the love cats but if you're not don't worry because the inside. One of the sweet moment. I romantic spots. Find yourself on Valentine's Day and that in the middle of a flower shop as they prepared to send out dozens upon dozens of flowers. Let me just spin you around wrote that we even have a delivery going out the door is buried and it would them back. This morning. Yeah that. Even very busy now behind me you also have now. Many of the other workers here at little acre flowers who have been. Working behind the scenes round the clock putting together their opinions that asks is fed up right to vote. It doesn't tell you. An owner Clark. It's one thing it's the apps though in general hadn't today compared to other. We are editing bits and Mother's Day are by far exponentially area OK neatly higher. Hot hot actress and it. Fees land and attic and not pay his people happy. Full and general Valentine's Day is a billion dollar industry flowers and chocolates and going after dinner people spend a lot of money and that so why should people. Send flowers to a log on today. Well isn't there any. Personal. Piggy. You know they're the beautiful also yours you're really sharing it with somebody gives me. A I. And so many people we haven't really person who actually is it happens they have now for our and it you know. Was incorrect and crispy bread and then I loved ones again. Capture you know. An accurate act and may be followed by loud. Now I need a bouquet hints hints. Evidently Vivendi control room watching you can send me flowers and it unplanned city and dropping heavy got a picket pocket you're talking about it earlier. The key to the Timothy I know it so hard every season because they look only that I've constantly teasing. So. Right now that I think reasons and that don't need Bentley. Tall and you and Mary Allen Kent and just really really passionate not company news I'm leaders actively hasn't yet. About that little lakers really cool because on my. From the floor shops they only use locally sourced flowers so we're in Washington DC yeah all flowers on the table capable far. How far away armed. And the only thing for local. Hall says definitely. Within hours of the city that's the kind you. But it's possible. Some relatives that you know are very popular about planting flowers. More than 200 million accent on Valentine's Day alone you don't throw that out we don't we actually really quick feet and it. Don't grow locally and there really an accident that. So believe me and you can and and that any other favorite flower on every other rose's yeah. You know and what was thought to end all the bells and happens says it. I. You at least until at least compliments a lot of other colors and I'm very honestly season this hot right now it or collegiate. Larry ended up a couple of hours on the table I mean. This is making all right let's hear him. Happy and I looked cold February day. No problem little love. Now Alex right. Out behind stuff here have been working nonstop since the second walked Edmonds and is capable OK so you know could you take me here I'm. I don't admitted I don't know probably three types of flowers only I have. The Bartlett never even heard overseas flights of. Powerful. Little things and insulated. Dependable it together for a loved one so it deer in the same boat as me how can I. There's an added that unique and special fund and Baxter and yeah. Here and that's what he apparently disagree convict and it gives it structure on the other parts of CNN and time again. Our excellence I can. Start off any everything you're doing particularly in and look into green's ideas suggests it's called just war. I'm actually probably is room right outside aren't here at all over the city and and it's really is quitting. He want to believe. Okay you want to get some one. A boxing but okay this is beautiful and full you can if holly is from your backyard and hit a couple of plane Evelyn had not seen the pain fatigue that's your base and first and then went. Boxes and Athens either I'll agree there for the last time and colored. Whenever signature items using. Either in the key primary and oh yeah yeah yeah. And end users and asked that when you hear three coming just plays ahead of time are you just hoping an. It speaks to EU and the beauty yeah. Assuming hot R&R general rescued especially for the holidays because needs now. Carter and what happens when we get certain things like this we got in whatever farmers it's not necessary in any. That we can't turn down. But he looked up that we think we definitely need a man. Here are recipes are running and killing some beautiful color to their ire and certainly not the end money and there's this really pretty confident. It really good to get things he's getting them in Arlington couple they've opened up and get him another double OK exactly gag at CB. Keep. Are opening acts of Islam and president tips so if you start wit here is agree it is well he's actually pops of color that varieties have. And frighteningly. Just if we put something that there are open and exactly exactly. If you don't want something that's totally not laughing at me. Says it's great to have and make it right now. That it be closer Bennett. Decades yet if your parent it looked up. It doesn't actually. Lots ops. It that way and you don't want you thieves practice partner because it will. Start up by the artists are at their sleeves and potter so that's another week to meet your reasons from another potter and yeah here. Again that's just telling us. If any too lenient in that area immediately floor shop Washington DC celebrating Valentine's Day by other. There's just isn't busy time here and he's. You invite media helping their busiest day give me some tips that you can often make it okay I'm thankful that you from Alex widgets. If you're adding flowers to McCain needs that no means touched the water so prints and two. Public debt ceiling or even what this does. That you do not want her that happened just on appeal leaves office the stock off of the the stand and and stick it in the water and went on yeah. Creeks that when I feet on the cutting the end of the it up I'm. Here recommend doing it and it tough to wash. How defensive back up clerk and I'm still is often casket and a little tramp and then also here at home it's best you. And not scissors is scissors will present them. That you use and as the image and I am very happy that you had all of the span. Oh that's professional looking and again a lot of things where I'm surface area and yet. So that's how he wanted to look when you with a knife media practice because you get. Yeah my that your mama. You all. I wondered to hunt and I kind of went keep stopping beautiful black and in fact when you and I are just looking it's finished it's beautiful. I'm which products are completely kind in. The next ones over here to. Are. That is cramped flat see it anymore. I'll a lot of hours it can look at it right here on in Iraq EI TE. This. Who. That now also keep an oath in the OK I'm back at how important it touches. I. We I. Our arrangements. Angle it. This is actually. Yeah I. There's something that's all open up. I'm and keep cool looking outside and it Trent Lott and if they need to Utley asked it. Yeah. I also love you're saying you help people out of bounds. Italy fares will you know received. Not that people listen to their loved ones but literally felt like. He can't bring opera but said the coming up my. Someone you're happy about the question where is out and about it and they aren't. At the niece and my dad that he got even such an international city look at I am hurt and EU and us. If there are often like. I don't. I get lots and I didn't actually beat her. Our operation our preparation for the day. It's not happening just behind us that the patent all of them. The whole area was filled with flowers. They're delivering and it came in took them all up behind a bit we'll. Few left and let's act that they've been even out all morning delivering fire threatening death if you're lucky enough to the receipt of today happy about that day. You're. San love here. And finally. Partner as you walk in there's Axl Axl on the window there's found. Keep an hearts and flowers next it's love and happiness here so. Until you started to stop about three years ago what like for you to be a part of this every day decent and I flat colors. I mean that love and that's why they started a. Does that sense there's something he and being around is natural. You know greenery and flowers every angle I think it's something and I don't think I can really about. I'm. So. It's just it's an east eastern. Tonight he looked like he sat like every day he added that morning whenever it happens to companies eat we thought anything new gorgeous movie pirates from. Her fake company that didn't and the elements TV around you. You know an I don't know what makes me they had. I have been very clear where. Yeah I wanna. But it came out every ethnic problem guard thing Jefferson and and I'm helping out and the arms Lewis right now we hear me. And so I just about in England from he. Three YC flowers and just eat them that they're beautiful looking at a papal. I'm not actually an arch. Some excellently act. Learn and I just let fires started. Armed with only binds them. To groupies and feed and more than come to congress and that if that's and into the shop that he had been. And it CE if you look me. I'm. I think yeah. We love flowers today and everyday here in Italy and I have one last really question for you guys. They even with flour for behind the year. What do you recommend. I have often styled. I loved it appears somebody flowers that never. You know her to be honest for. All. And it. Keep them. In an identity. And I. My colors McCain and the yet. Yeah. Valentine's Day yet the red scarred by the lanes and her parents Sherry and I I think. Well now looks so silence with no clouds. And a lot of thing everybody had little ignorant you don't sound have it. And he's had so much beauty on the Valentine's Day know how much you love them keeps an eye. They're all saying it back right now everything one. Nolan next. I got on and I got. I got that Maggie really hear the Laker flag watched and indeed see that the bottom of talk and give a hug happy Valentine's Day Hmong community needs its.

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{"duration":"14:51","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli gets bouquet making tips from the pros at Little Acre Flowers in Washington DC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45483502","title":"Flower shops busy with Valentine's day deliveries","url":"/Entertainment/video/flower-shops-busy-valentines-day-deliveries-45483502"}