Fran Drescher on 'Happily Divorced' Season 2

Actress discusses the return of her TV Land sitcom and relishing individuality.
5:00 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fran Drescher on 'Happily Divorced' Season 2
Friend -- has made a career out of well being her are so many of her most famous roles are loosely based on her own life. She was -- -- girl from flashing from -- of the ninety's and the nanny. Now a days she is happily divorced the show happily divorced -- been a big hit for TV land it's now in its second season. And -- is here to tell us what we can -- well. -- are happy to hear such a pleasure to have yeah a lot of things about happily divorced is it based on your own experiences. It is inspired by my story and I now happily divorced from a my gay ex husband. And we felt that I would be very fresh relationship on television to explore -- Two people that were once you know very in love and and and pretty happily married for many years. And then you know he comes down and tons change if things did change and of course -- -- it come to make things funny -- create more conflict. They're forced to live together -- -- unable to sell their house. And they can't afford to essentially until they do so they get a divorce for the start living his roommates and he is trying to integrate into the gay community and -- trying to. Integrate into the single world and what they really activists is being married and we've. Joan Collins starring and that as well as -- much you know wonderful cast of regulars asking for rapes and line up of yeah are calling Shannon's doing the show this year and we dish on the show with Cyndi Lauper. Is now we've got great guests hanging out with your acts on -- -- yes just as we did on the -- and how does that work out of mind. Yes -- it's better than ever because. Now if we have any kind of creative conflict -- differences we -- -- take our own space we go home to our -- place. We know -- eventually we're gonna sorted out but we don't have to like sleep together -- gas now we there was just no space for us. And I think we're very co -- anywhere and an unhealthy way and I was -- suffocated because of the timing at. Control issue isn't he wasn't Alison he didn't actually come out until after I divorced and and that was more because. You know I was I was feeling suffocated in the relationship. And now we're happier than ever and great friend definitely -- you know sometimes people. Get married there's something there there's definitely a lot of there's some reason why they think. The likely conclusion is to get married that maybe marriage wasn't the right choice and what they have is still there. It's to adventures meant to be married so it's good to -- and reinvent the relationship went on a new show. Lower your expectations of what you wanted this person today because when your friends that someone. You know you can and walk away if -- -- to annoy you I can't say you know and then -- and -- I don't guarding them thing that I go to them for this. And you know we with our expectations and we might with the -- So you know you can. Dial it back. Get to where you used to be. Before you decided to take the you know not -- of the -- not -- evidence -- that you guys having a great time creatively. It's it's this show is fantastic I mean this season. And you know gonna get engaged and there's just a wonderful arc going on we have a really great time freedom marina yeah. I guess I'm I got here she's shown as an -- and Renee Taylor Oakland mum on the -- Is back playing reed is best -- in Maryland. A stellar stellar lineup not asking you have such a great reputation for testing of an original and sent out a tweet. Written recently that said that you know you are simply irreplaceable. Is that -- your motto in life that -- would have to. Find what you can do best. Outlet -- -- a children's book out now called being Wendy -- penguin. And it really celebrates originality. Thinking outside of the box it -- -- helps. Both kids and parents and people that feel little pressure because they may be a little different to embrace. And in -- march forward in the world exactly who you -- And so I'm a big believer in man and of course you know when I was first starting out Manny means that you'll never make it -- -- voice. And I trying to. Be who I was without my natural -- five act it kind of -- and me up and I became more awkward. And so I just decided you know why I'm just kinda. Sell the whole package and hope for the gas and worked out wow what a fabulous packet. And Patrick -- -- -- the -- bedroom watches and happy -- absolutely we will all be watching again.

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{"id":17847475,"title":"Fran Drescher on 'Happily Divorced' Season 2","duration":"5:00","description":"Actress discusses the return of her TV Land sitcom and relishing individuality.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fran-drescher-happily-divorced-season-17847475","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}