'Fuller House' Reunion Live on 'The View'

The cast of "Fuller House" join the co-hosts in a game of classic "Full House" trivia.
6:54 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for 'Fuller House' Reunion Live on 'The View'
And then Craig Matt and thrilled and and then this is finally arrived folk art house premier attempt. I grew up at the cast of full house and air Trulia family make me can't go home again but I beg to differ. Me I cleared my schedule and then moving in with my sister. Perfectly capable of you are entirely too stubborn ask anyone for help. Used everything for everyone else. Do you break. And you meet me. Feel I'm moving into. Can you do not to do this yes I agree with DJ you do not. They do. Each you've been after me my whole life. I was the kid no one wanted to hang out. For reasons I'll never understand. We understand. Okay. His history I mean this is amazing first of all things you guys so much for. Doing this again fer the entire world I'm sure everybody of full house is going to. You know have a problem in the bathroom at her and yeah. What was it like coming together after so long I mean you guys grow up together and I hear back in your adult years what was that like. I mean it was an incredible experience for us and we've remained really close all of these years but come back and to. Do an entirely new show that is so loved and in so exciting for us do it and get to come back really play it how fighting was. It was a gift and in a huge huge gift for us that really I think that you know was powered by the fans. We're closer now than we where even thirty years ago if that's possible yes I now we surely have the best time we are sisters at heart. We've been friends grabbed her and to get to go to work with really are best friends or your sisters is just an amazing opportunity we'll get to do that I. It's so apparent that something you can't fake the authenticity that loved everybody and you know that. Any five full house wrapped and you who you went to colleagues you started working in higher education and you also had kids. What. In your mind said you know what I'm gonna come back to TV and especially working back with my sisters like got a phone call from Jeff Franklin out of the blue a couple of years ago Alan. I didn't hesitate to say yes even I had left the business twenty years ago and I never had plans to return. I jumped at the opportunity to work with with mind. My sisters again and now I am I yeah just Eileen how. Stevie get at you but you know Ed Ed the original albums he's an original series. You're so tall and everybody else and now thinks this little sister it's really. Out. I don't know yet they -- are you know Mike are malware like these deals to let them and that Nauman thought. Today eat here where he'll hang out we have tonight to scrap the you know negotiate the Gil I'd I'd be able attention guises knowledge off the original full house when a pregame really fast hasn't let down my back. Okay. And you look at. And Andrea you will start with your hands behind your backs are okay yes both of them no cheating OK it impala and I ask you a few questions. The first person at the buzzer dips and sir. You guys ready if you check correctly you'll hear it mixed. You go home yeah. If you get wrong. He'll get its Nash. I wouldn't read read read our first question is an up. What was the last line of the last Steen of the last episode. A full house and. I love has seen the last line and let you want. And do yeah. Any haven't or won't let me read it the last you can Blanton each visit here. Italian. Don't know it's lewd. Is that rob right now that's Ronnie it's just click others. And Mickey you would you on here than Bradley in to have mercy okay okay the next question hunt episode the full house were actually taped in San Francisco. You go home he yeah. What's the name of the junior high school that Kinney in DJ. And that as yak you won't cool. Know I'm right. How many times uncle Jesse bed married. Lots well as Life Partners. Who likes to hang its Weiss act. Agree yet on T America's Greig girlfriend by walking around the kitchen Taylor. Yeah it's okay. An acquittal. Until May sixteenth bird they DJ may barricade at. Round I yeah world. And yeah yeah. Actually sounds really tasty okay next question what was the name of the summer camp the tanner girls attended. Color that you home screen. These signature catch phrase and can't you'll be. Yeah. I'm next quest didn't girls Wear Rowland Michelle lot of donkey using the profits from her lemonade stand what did she named that don't he. Real. Of Islamic. I have to say the view wins because and is witness. Did you don't let me peaceful crowds basket look at best. OK yeah. Okay.

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{"id":37226260,"title":"'Fuller House' Reunion Live on 'The View'","duration":"6:54","description":"The cast of \"Fuller House\" join the co-hosts in a game of classic \"Full House\" trivia. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/fuller-house-reunion-live-view-37226260","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}