'Going Deep': Cris Carter on the New Breed of Wide Receiver

Football star will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday, Aug. 3.
11:04 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for 'Going Deep': Cris Carter on the New Breed of Wide Receiver
He played in eight. Robles is a member of the NFL's 1990s all decade team over 234 NFL games he caught 130 touchdown passes. And on Saturday Chris Carter. Will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame and Kenton Ohio but before that he is here with us today. Chris thanks for stopping by to thank you congratulations. You -- particular wrote I cut into sales pitcher like that you nervous to get the speech are ready to go. The speech is not really. That's the only thing I'm really nervous about I just that -- made it. My mind -- -- don't take it step by step up and enjoy the whole thing that's probably the best thing that -- -- best formula you could have for success against the people work inform me to get there isn't organized for the -- -- missiles to be my clothes. All of a step by step picked out so I don't -- the hard part. Actually getting into the -- thing that's already been done. He didn't -- that yet but if you -- -- contribution that. What talk a little bit about your new book going the -- he -- but the transformation of the position wide receiver. Obviously the attention always gets put on -- quarterback but wide receiver that position has really become the most compelling position. In his reports. It really hasn't one of the reasons why is people talk about the quarterback but they don't talk about them hand and all -- -- every team that runs the ball all the -- say why -- they throw -- -- the reason why because the wide receivers like their more involved in the game. They're more involved as far as ecstatically in the game for fans to make the game more pleasing because. Fans don't wanna go to a 1714. Football game right in the NFL with the rule changes that's reason. Why it's led to -- receivers being. When we were younger one to be running backs right and a lot of key is trying to be the quarterback we -- only be a few of them. So now when you go to camps he talked to keep its kids wanna be white receivers. He's talking -- book about the fact that you actually were on the path to be quarterback that was your aspiration and high school -- And then you talk about the fact that in a veiled way. Your high school was not gonna have a black quarterback know they -- and I had to make -- position changed now before. Com. I was able I never played. Wide receiver until I gotten the temporary right you know I -- the ninth grade ahead let our teams to championships. -- a prominent player and was very very athletic and was Omar -- to be -- but it was well known -- that was not going to happen so I switched. To -- receiver and -- also very good basketball where the time to so it didn't seem like it was going to be a -- it would would stop me. From be in the division one athletes are still had that option but. Ultimately we got a new high school coats and I stated my -- my best friend in the playing quarterback. He was African American he went on the play -- vendor real I was on the view -- it was -- -- -- state so it was very fitting and that's how -- in the. Yeah things are well -- Susie went on -- -- Ohio State talking a little about the decision that you made. For that because obviously got a ton of options going up in the midwest get a lot of lot of guys that you were looking up to a lot of big school. Bow down -- as far as football Michigan Ohio State Brett Pittsburgh. And Notre Dame and down one -- -- just came home and asked my mom just and composting or where she -- ago. And she -- -- during the one of her sons playing for our state and -- of the youngest boy -- all my other Brothers are going on to other schools plan basketball to do so. A made up my mind sold and in the in the long run listen to your mom. It -- ago -- he's a -- mom ran right I went to Ohio State and that gets to the sisters. Yeah Iowa. There there's a lot of and -- a lot of history in the look at you talk about everything it's a Gregory -- -- -- -- sorry your time in the NFL with the Eagles had some ups and downs with them. And then a turning point as you write in the book I want to bring up one of the quotes you say the 1989 season with a huge turning point in my career not only. Because of my success on the field. It was the first time I ever feel the substance abuse test in the NFL but I wasn't out of control I never showed up late for work I didn't blow assignments during games are thought it was a simple mistake. On my part. So what changed. What. -- honest look at myself. And I just stopped. Use. I mean. You have people always say they want to make improvements but they don't want making changes in you have to take a hard look at yourself and when are you doing the things they're going to help you so. -- pretty frank in the book you know at at that time. Clinically diagnosed alcoholic and also -- strung out on crack cocaine. So I had to make honest look at myself and -- -- really wanna be a pro athlete them are really getting the best -- also. You know so I stopped us problem Buddy Ryan release mean I had already stopped a little bit before that but that was the overall that was the that was the definitely the fork in the road. -- would you have -- support system for that because I mean. You know the the pressure that professional athletes anyone in the public -- He's under can oftentimes insulate themselves by group of people that might encourage that kind of behavior. -- -- What stopped me -- first you gotta make up your mind yourself. No one's gonna stop you from using you know except yourself. But you do have to have a support system and no one's doing it by themselves. And the -- one person that I had. Was Betty trilogy you know she was the a ploy assistant director at the Minnesota Vikings -- a matter my first -- and they made it mandatory for me to meet with her -- And -- her and became very very close friends and she challenged me in the third week in September 1990. She challenged me. To not have a drink for one week. And since September 19 1990. Haven't had a drink at -- stop using cocaine at that time so she was -- -- gotten in on the on the road to today being my day today. Being in July 31 trying to make it through the end the day. It's amazing and congratulations on that because it rain is no small feat whatsoever I mean obviously professionally you've accomplished a lot personally has the same time as well we'll thank you I think I want to learn about you know -- the -- itself which you talk a lot about the book Michael Irvin. Jerry Rice obviously -- I mean. Big guys in your eyes. I mean they were they word that most accomplished -- receivers in the last twenty years but they also guys who. I really idolize how they worked at how they work -- their profession how they got better how they took their weaknesses and in -- to destroy him. And also there there personalities and why kids played the position a lot because of them. And -- how they popularize the position also with the rule changes how they help them be successful. You know also these are guys that -- want to play wide receiver. You know they have things that you need to having your game if you're going to be successful when you point a couple of players as well and kind of their their -- in their swagger that they developed over the years. What -- the big standouts for yeah. Well if you look at -- receiver. You know TO. -- -- -- how he played the position how he took advantage of Chad Ochocinco. On how these guys were able to market them so they became more than just football players they became a boring it. Not necessarily the way I would do live but kids have seen it and seen them do it successfully so they've taken their profession and taken to a whole another level. Now who and sometimes -- would say it loud to the wound -- -- within the got a strong presence. What -- the guys that you've had a relationship with is Randy Moss and you -- you talk about the -- the relationship and how it's sort of change in the beginning of the book. -- of that now and in. -- give us a bit of a tease out much and it give everything away the book because it is a fascinating really. I would say Randy and I are still friends and -- In -- he's not the kind of -- the whole once a close friends but I got a lot of respect foreign. Lot of respect for his overall ability -- He's never disrespected me mean you know also is always had a great deal of respect from me and we we accomplished a lot together. You know and I have a lot of respect for that what we did together if a mean you you -- you were critical somewhat. To his playing ability. And that was what really kind of -- not critical of his playing ability. He was a fabulous player he's going to be a hall of Famer -- but I believe he had the type of talent. That he -- rival Jerry Rice Jerry Rice is the best receiver ever some -- call may be the best football player ever. -- -- critical because he had that type of ability -- came up short of that even though he was a grateful it. It's it's. Is that it's it's an amazing read and it's it's great to see. Now -- transformation of the position but obviously the transformation of your career as well. Obviously you're ESPN analyst who ABC -- -- Disney guys -- just to get the disclaimer out there but I want to get your opinion of some of the biggest -- that are coming up right now and it just you know a couple of thoughts all the topping your -- -- a person names out there Oprah Larry FitzGerald. Very consistent great ball skills -- hands and enough -- what about AJ green. AJ green unique football player really special. Com one day could be the best receiver in -- and really. Quiet hard worker I mean he's introvert via the best receivers in the NFL now are all in -- -- about mega trying Calvin Johnson. Mania once every. 34 year type players unbelievable size the company's very very disappointed. -- Johnson. Very consistent. Pros -- -- fighting the battle I want a moment. And Reggie Wayne. Another another all route rioting seen down -- really develop. And ease you know. He's -- receiver which is -- to -- he's. Came out of college with the a lot of height but he turned himself into a great pro receiver under Marvin Harrison said there was still Peyton Manning. Great route runner knows more about football than most receivers -- lot of respect originally stood here if you take that guy to you take another as a collection that. -- that generation different than than your generation. Well justice right now they have less extrovert playing -- receiver as far as the prominent and you look at the best receivers in the league now. -- saying let's go Calvin Johnson he's the best you know. -- degrees in the top five Larry FitzGerald. Julio Jones. You know all these guys. -- introvert round Brennan Marshall he was extrovert but now so it medically you know now he's -- elected introvert he's is situations been resolved somewhat so the best guys now are really quiet. The best guys now are the -- workers on the team they're not the lightning proper conversation so it has changed now. Let's its change in U document a great deal of -- change in going deep Cris Carter thanks so much and -- combined and continued success and huge congratulations thanks Epperson.

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