Golden Globe winner Regina King on her role in 'If Beale Street Could Talk'

King appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about the making of the film, "If Beale Street Could Talk."
19:26 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Golden Globe winner Regina King on her role in 'If Beale Street Could Talk'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called the deal street could talk which is one of the best movies you'll see this year. And one of the reasons it is is my guest today with Jean king and it's so great to have you good thing they care they've got three Emmys already. And I'm in the people that do what I do you think you're gonna have an Oscar could go. Would this. Wonderful move. Is it is something. So tell everybody what. You flat. Please Sharon rivers who is the momma bear. And she is. That's. She's made to you think that this his family the rivers family use. One of those families that I feel it when people see this movie you want to be part of this family there is no shame in this thing Moline. You see this mom help. Her youngest daughters navigate this heavy time. He's in love in love of life is in prison for something that he didn't do. And she's pregnant it's just his love story between. These young couple. Between a mother and her daughter is between a father and his daughter between two and best friends between two. Old their best friends it's isn't the different families in how they love differently you know our. Or show there emotions differently. I haven't seen. Movies that have hands. Black low. Especially with the young couple. Done soul. Elegantly. And and and I know that I'm in the film and it has been met thing you really mean mean well it really down. But now it says there I mean what were people with the Wii when we saw I am. Act in Toronto it was myself my son and Brian Tyree Henry who's in the movie. And all three of us cry cry at a different time there's a lot of crime. The there really was because I think that there are moments in this movie no matter who you are. You feel like it's reaching I'm giving you a he known. Even though these terror wearing just to go back it's James Baldwin that wrote this book acts and it set. When in the 1970s. Yeah right. And yet what we're seeing. Sad. Still happen now we ask you this. Bonnie is being railroad. Why white cop who was having his vengeance on him for whatever whatever no reason there. And so yes Barry Jenkins. Of course won his best picture Oscar for moonlight. Is it creates. Mood in the family. And in the of storm. That's so romantic. So wonderful and then along comes this Rea in the air. Which is life. Well exactly seventies but it could be 22. It really could be and I think what's. So fantastic about what Barry's done is if you read the book. I think it didn't there's more. And of anger is the right word but very softens the blow. That things that are happening. In a wave that reminds is that. The way we haven't gotten them things aren't coming together and Andrew low but not through hate. Any any does it in a way that. You don't feel like you're being. Forced to and know that the more force to it. Get the message there is telling the story. And just creates these visual symphonies from Baldwin's words. I feel like I wish when I was 171819. Years old that. This film existed for me as a young girl is a young woman to seat that you can be loved like that and you know. Would have been a beautiful thing the city would you repeat when he started in this was yeah. I don't think it's what could begin sometime that's feel like it could ask is it south clarity and Rick. We did but. What were your parents thinking of you doing what they all for it. Yeah my mother was always just supportive of what ever my sister and I wanted to do you know I was lucky that my foundation was. One that he. Chris just to dream beyond the sky like there's no such thing. Thinking small you know you're you're years smiled as your thoughts so when you have that. As your foundation. You you kinda navigate. Through things. Naturally. Not. Thinking that you can. Fail because it's not that. Bids at unity here that same failure isn't an option I think it just was more in my experience this was never discussion. It's okay. In Iowa if your area you it's going to be all right you know I think it's great that. You and your sister are both Regina and rain rain it's and arm are clean color for queens. To your queen. Double that's kind of via fabulous. You have my father around. He saved me there my mother was commending Thomas seen. All. Rule written. DA appreciate it propriety. Yeah would the take got queen of it and no disrespect to the Thomas eat out there there are sound. Happy. Regina came and take on my sister can in the line. The key he can't be the only queen. Again. We should stop there I don't know how many other languages hand and I suppose there's any idea but would they would they low as well as Regina. If if it earth that. Thing to do that. But I remember seeing you for the first time in Boyce. That's like. Hello. Ages ago and and so different from Brenda on T 27. Yeah imagine the ladies admire I'm of this church. When they saw. What had happened yeah that would Hazmat. He's got a meltdown if you get. Will you do. If I should've brought with them when you one year and this time you it was seemingly huge shock the like what what. The I've not scared and if it I want a curse man. That was it she wanted to say do we hear how and how can I think that you oh yeah we should hear. This is an amazing acts. I mean kids that love and energy that I was feeling it was says. And some time. Nothing holds the emotion like the word. It just as jazz had that. You know it is it can be used so good this so bad. And that was so. The well we all felt that that's what's important. Because. Is seven seconds. Is this show again that goes to with theme that we see again and again in this world now and. I remember reading an interview if you once when you went back and talked about boys in the hood and said with after that you didn't. You always worked to never be stereotyped crying one kind of care. Yeah yeah I mean I think that's the beauty. Being giving in. The gift of acting as your art. You know that. You you. You can play anything you know in and hopefully. But the system sometimes heads to right. This is true this is true bag. Again on that trying to. Do anything more or less than listen to my heart so some times. I have to not. Think about the system. All the time you debts that you did not to go back today in any moment but that was part of the surprise I think. You know thinking about the system and my experience being the majority of the people that. I will come across on the streets it's seven seconds were black people so. Just in my hated I'd just did not think that enough. People would have had time especially with all of the content out there. To have seen or. Would have seen because there are a lot of shows with stories that are more familiar. Two. White actors. Or peers and I was mistaken and that that was it has a it was a good news it. Ward the frustrations. That you had starting. Always our career like that what did you ever feel that there was something blocking you from making the next step alone. Sure I mean I feel like you know when you brought up by not wanting to be stereotyped derby looked at is one you know but. 10 can only play one. Type of role between. 227 in boys in the united work for for a minute. And a way. Was frustrated because a lot of it has to do ways producers studios whatever it only could scenes brand. And I've really didn't get a chance to spread my Wii music. What I could do I'm so grateful for going to because it's. All that I learned scene there but adds that in get the chance show all the things that I have learned. And so when boys in the hurricane. The reason why it was so fantastic because it was 180 degrees. And I think that was the first moaning. Breaking through. Getting over her. And then from there seem like I would get a lot of IDs and sport plane currently in the you now the Hollywood yeah its popular good view and that it that would ever delegate and the and then after that they do it again. That's. Which is really fought that and you know that the first two enemies that you hat. Our war John Ridley American cropped hair like that and those two factors even though it's part of the same. Ceres but it's not endorse American values and new stories are taught. Orderly if there could not be mourned injured American Muslim and and in one of them and that's what you want champ Alia absolutely well I mean don't be afraid of much. Old sure what does scared. Good going in to seven seconds like I was does. Afraid about how afraid of two things that being in that emotional space for so long. And being aware of the importance of honoring the emotion and the pain of parents. Of slain children. And so. Scared concerned that. That would get it right. That I get it right so. I would say that ways the most recent. Yeah. Because you know I brought up the south and a little bit before but when year cop detect. The whole idea of that kind of role now. In the world because there is so much polarization. Of of what it did and yet you played her wits. This routed us you know that she was committed to. While I mean their beauty south when is we had the opportunity. To work with cops. On a daily bases a lot of are actresses. Wear either retired cops or cops that where. Not working that day. So they were always around I was a would. Have deep conversations with them and wing. Are in the presidents. A group of people. You get the opportunity. To see things from a different perspective. And realizing that just because iPad. Experience with the cot it wasn't and I can put off cops in the same name basking. In. Taking back in an appreciating. That that cops do exits. You know if they stated okay. Wednesday's going to be the day that no cop works. You know what would you do. We probably would just stay home all day and so so that you don't. Get in any situation. When we don't think about that. And and that's what makes conversation so difficult now when you talk about. Young black men that are being killed by cops like it's not all cops. So we do have police officers that are. Open in talking about yet we do have some bad apples. How do the address that communication between. Community. And in law enforcement. It's that thing we live with every day and that people wonder reduce it to something that easily digestible. Whenever it is never always all of those factors did you. Yourself growing up experience racism. A direct experience absolutely absolutely I mean. Probably not as. Often is my mother deed and much of my grandmother before her. Well for me in it being for every generation. That after me because. Does racism is not overt it's not just like out. In your face some wind those moments happening here so. It's like being punched in the sonic. Because you're going on about today and you and you just. Never. Expected that to happen so when it does it is a body you know. It is hard news. Especially with younger. People. To how an experience where there been or indeed because of their race and not want to. These will you every button you now it's it's. It did their passion. It's yes you you're being. But he's there's something about who you want our own death toll personal and in off. Yeah and that's what we have we have now we have great anchor and how do you deal with it and the lot of what. You do want screen deals with that. It totally different way way in his eyes with witches I think down why. This film in particular is important because it is dealing with it and theories managed to keep them. As constant. The goal is to to at that scene that's consistent throughout. As much as the tragedy and end they'll from beginning to and then we we see family coming together. Such a bill that when you were making that there's something special happening here. I knew it was something special because it was James Baldwin and buried. Way. Now Peter I have to tell you I mean it was in and he's sitting there and I'm kind of getting emotional just. Thinking about when I was feeling. Sitting there in Toronto. And watching this film I was bank. Oh. This is something. Cases. This is something Spanish oh this is what. To have the opportunity to be a part of it is and then. Says would be. Black. And this is one of as it says it's. Our story. Done so beautifully. He was. A woman ages axis. Had sat quietly for a bit just. But it's soaking in for a few days. After that because I was kind of thing to mice I was thinking to myself and trying to remember. Have ever have I ever seen this new film have I ever seen. A couple low like this. Young couple and how by Siemens. And I can't recall. Ever having seen. And so two witnesses. And witnesses win. With my son. And for him to say. I need to see this. Well this is the first I've been an issue you. Yet don't know we ended song. I did not know it is now I was I follow people that they'll say they are knocked him to show but it's not like you have to do a whole. I had to go looking for a little bit of assault that means something to you what it's in your hand. What did you sing to your son. So mean these things going through my hand right now do them all then. Mac and get the words as C. If I was them. I think my mother would always say. I'm that June. You. But what you don't know is that now making news me. The fifth day and we came back to mother again has the best thing we bright is he saying viking failed one it.

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{"duration":"19:26","description":"King appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about the making of the film, \"If Beale Street Could Talk.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60472017","title":"Golden Globe winner Regina King on her role in 'If Beale Street Could Talk' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/golden-globe-winner-regina-king-role-beale-street-60472017"}