'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' authors talk sequel, crowd-funding first book

ABC News' Stacy Chen interviews the authors of "Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls" about the upcoming sequel and breaking a Kickstarter fundraising record.
18:25 | 06/30/17

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Transcript for 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' authors talk sequel, crowd-funding first book
Qaeda and Stacy Taylor ABC news' Jim live at Venice California. And joined by Elena pavilion Francesca Kamal hope. They're the founders of the media company Timbuktu labs and they're also the creators of the hugely successful children's book. Goodnight Soares the rebel girls in this popular book series is actually here to talk about today so think you're so much for joining us. So let's sir don't buy it just introducing ourselves and telling us about your journey to Mars. Yes of course. So well in that. Eight Peterson going on why we were stable of fighting I was studying to become a journalist and Francesca was studying to become my theater director. And we had to say India starting to experiment with the iPad there was just about to come out at the time. And and we decided to Wear to gather for a for an iPad magazine for children. That we decided to cold Timbuktu magazine so that was the first project that we worked on together and we were stealing need to be at the time. And then in 2012. We decided to move to California and actually we moved to. San Francisco first. And to try to take the company after ground and tried to deal with our own media companies so the we actually moved to Silicon Valley where we've raised we're first round of funding from. And American investors and into the company was basically born in the US. Grit and one of your latest project which is the book king has tell us about a little map out organized source for a little girls and how the idea of creating a children's book come out. Sure what we believe we've always been very passionate about children's media we aren't the collectors solve illustrated books. A beats you to the M Frans of a very strong tradition. So and and that is part of the reason why we Wear initially interested in exploring with digital media because we want to bring the same. Use station quality that we knew. Was possible in prince. On the ipad's. But then after a while after creating these apps wean. We want to kind of go back dweller first loss. And we we want to create a book. And our experience as demon into partners even in the context as foot two Reese speak as you can mention. See somebody was that we came about a lot of things that have nothing to do with the future from our perspective like you know. Sex is manned gender bias is. Which a lot of off few minutes of our side encounter Wendy's seek funding aware even just who to grow the Deere company. So we were like what we we are in this phase of children with children's media what can we do to make sure. That the next generations of parents we're not faced the same problems that we are facing. And so the idea of a new selectors came about and though we decided to call it he would get nice or is parameters. So the title was the first scene that we thought about. And we saw that people were so engaged read these newsletter which. Used to feature one great story of a female role model that you can did that that that parents get talk about that the Dina table with their kids. And they laughed at so much that we decided to launch a book and at that point we already had reader's interest it. So we said wide angle twit Bob this year let's try to present these eighty app on teach starter. And that's what we did you not act in 2016. When we decided to launched the and I worked crop planting campaign for the first. Volume of goodnight stories from predators. We launched a campaign with their funding goal a 40000 dollars two. Brings the first thousand copies of the book. And accompanying. Blew up. It good messrs. forever Anders became the most proud fronted books in history raising one point two million dollars. So basically eat pre sold. Almost 30000 copies. Before they before being printed its. Which is totally unprecedented. And so we found that. When the book. A cape not. It kind of resonated with a lot of people indeed became almost a symbol. Resistance in a way of freedom and it kind of and capitalized the hope that many parents have for Dick kids at which was the same hope that we had. That the next generations signal. That eighties possible to find defied gender stereotypes that many women have done it in the past. And that's the old model a theory tales that usually steal present agreement in several off you know princes sees that. Seat around the Ledee brushing their hair and waiting for a priest who saved them. We're idea we didn't asterisk for editors was to replace those daily deals with real we men who took their destiny in their hands. And change the world. Right and your titles and its troubled girls so is it just for girls as it's to I know it's turning no one and diet as incendiary as men as the either as the book meant towards us. Now it's not meant for just yours it was important for us to convey. From the title the message that it's you know these is really dedicated and and thought with. Jurors in mine. From the start but because it's so rare that children's media and children's books as well. Previewed its gears. Rather than boys it's more it's way more common to have. Boxer or movies with leading. Main characters right instead of human characters so far as it was also. It was an important statement to make that these is these (%expletive) but it doesn't mean. That boys cannot read it because of course we need to pass this message that boys. Should be used to reading. Old so things that are labeled as well as for gears it's not diminishing for them because you know we grew up reading. Gallagher and Pino Q and if inspector gadget and and you know. All of these amazing stories who had amazing main characters and nobody. Ever questions like whether we were supposed to read them or not and so it was important. For us to. Yeah two to use these title as as a statement. Forward for our nation. I think a lot of people forget we're trying to spread this message and trying to empower young girls the we need you know men and boys sites you know. So it's actually for both and ideas are released and I releasing the ball into no sequel to those aren't just on Friday. Yes so you guys you guys. Luck than a week and now. That your goal was a 100000 dollars and you guys broke the record for fastest crown Annette. Publishing project Afro what does. Crazy amazing again and it and you has raised over 400000 dollars with house. We have twenty days left and so yes Munis 400000 in one week and what do you think contributed to this success at the sparks. Yeah well of course that the volume one being so successful and the community that we we created a round volume one. Woods in the main thing that meet he's seven volumes of successful when we nonstick and pain we unity. We already had. Re a global community because of the first book has been trying needed now in over thirteen languages. So we had. In our global community of rebel leaders treated like a hall that way. And so do it Maggie to you asking for more stories for news stories anywhere. Read it waiting for days to happen again. Excellent and we not to contain it was ready to to pre ordered to books so I would say in general that they mean. Reason why these these. The both these campaigns have become so successful is to community that we managed. At 22 BOT it's and it's that. The most important. We how. At that we've had cheated and send us V does lead actors. From South Africa prompted him wrong. Australia from New Zealand men of course many years from the United States we. It's all excited. These stories and excited. I don't want that he is busy with these all eyes and the ears from review courtroom you know. And it was an exciting because she was. Each house may even. It's always. Did he inspire me to see what aspects of the line of these women are not become. It weakens our children's education and that is why I think of the main compounds that successive sorts Rutgers because the on the hook up biographies. Probably. Visas who we're when he took the life of bees we had and we. Created affinity with stories at all. Some assets of their life that we found it. Speak to the imagination of of child and and decedent is actually happening in the real world east. Hendry has the word yeah maintenance and any inspiration. State went on as. Nice and young girls and boys and both born you don't like it. I think that the biggest that we can do it is an indication that we have in the book which it's you know little about others out there who heard. TV you're a high end fine art. And when not remember that you are right. I. Sneak peek yeah. Yeah. We'll. A volume one acts yeah every luggage. Yeah. And working Yates than we. Worth. Eight. There. Oh. Yes. Three. You know act of Britain. Z yeah. To take a look at Yahoo!. Where. So doc portraits in the book are created by sixty female artists from all over the world. These YE known knee or. We wanted to. Then we express the diversity of the women not just in terms of their stories but also in terms of their books because that's one of the you know most challenging aspects of the representation of women in media. We wanted them to be oval races Sobel sizes oval. Owners and we are more. Sure yeah. Yeah I didn't want that are actually come to that I now so he's. No Rollins yeah. If you work in progress yeah. Okay eriksson's in on the a beyoncé. So what you mentioned before it got one artist it will express themselves he got it never been any and these are. All secretive. Obviously it's it's day. Any stretch. So we haven restrictions enters compositions. Each sport so they're all either. That's. It's. That's exactly why but I jester. I. So in this specific case yet Z almost who bought last yes me me he'd been actions internal kind of just ahead the composition of the images that we're sales of the company's. It's it's what keeps them. So there's thought. He we want. We want to be different and would be of course we want each two. Yeah he. But I think 10. Eight. It's best that we least expect it. Yes. And colorful. And out all these stories yes and yeah it. All the I yeah. You either a new book and poor. So evil look what might well we we are Italian and while my favorite stories is story available body. With and you know Qaeda its formula. Well then she. A moment was at first quarter points you know 41 race. And parents how to drive. By that he seeks whip and some company with better father's truck. On that yeah. Favorite stories. Many of these stories show that these women accomplished your dream body and even ways that are. The you know did their best yes absolutely bass also they need the best of the sequence is that they didn't and eighty. They went to work to pull you to create even if they where you just not get shocked even in east for. A well aren't a lot increasingly then there is. I think. Passenger loads of passengers is a news ski. To fight there would. The freedom and it changed its. You know what what. Eight terror terror to BE. Anything today an act. All. Hot. So. I. Well yeah well BC news. Mobile in. Art movement and also actor Ian France. Well to do its. Multiple types where we can compete. And where we get me Alex or even more accessible through this agency. Every now and it's why. Eight and weighing two. Six weeks. Science. And too few hours. Ears and all the teams that. 25. 22 leader. Pulls its and and so. We EU UI his pocket it's. She looked as. Says it's weird. And it is there is already well. On instantly and not. All are a lot. I was actually. Both. There. I really. It. Did it obese. And he. These. It's an Athens. And legacy more. The excellent partners. Way me. So. 12. Recently he. Eight. Breath. Actions. Books at least he is the beauty. It's. Then. Walks. Yours. I. Well known and we thought. Where he the title. But I guess so yeah. Howard's our bloggers especially. You know we're this year that and we but we've seen it's not that many house in the US dues to. To set their rights that this will be decided to see it and not at least you know in the but I both volumes ends it is. Process. Option order breaking rules and where. And are now saying let challenging people's expectations. And you are feed. Because. Let's see if that. What you're talking about through Egypt where the company. Usually earn and yet there each race neither woman here. So we kind of yeah we we we act and its union sent me we stop Ortiz and making. I think. Many of the backers. Says that is being close relationship between. This move and how will it be winners you know me grow ends how we are how we are well we're. It's. An important. Thing. I guess it was lost casting. Scenes.

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{"id":48380486,"title":"'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' authors talk sequel, crowd-funding first book","duration":"18:25","description":"ABC News' Stacy Chen interviews the authors of \"Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls\" about the upcoming sequel and breaking a Kickstarter fundraising record.","url":"/Entertainment/video/good-night-stories-rebel-girls-authors-talk-sequel-48380486","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}