GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Office

"The View" co-hosts discuss Republicans' decision not to weaken the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics.
3:31 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Office
There is an update to a hot topic we did yesterday. After widespread. Outrage the Republican congress has batten down. On their planned to gut the independent office of congressional ethics. There's a debate over a pool made it happened some claim it was the pressure from the Democrats and the president from the people and other people say it was swamps tweak to. Was probably all of that hiking and apple as a company and make people actually looked up you know the congressman's number and called it. May get a we have how are you betcha pat we just said yesterday and I I but what do people really do they called it room yeah. Stay and that made a difference but if you try that may have different. He needed was some Republicans. Did say that truck tweeting his dissatisfaction. With it also made a difference to bad so I think when the leader of your party the future president. Says why do you. Doing this instead of focusing on housing now you say it's why you believe it's like you really cared about the it was about priorities at all we ask priorities it's actually really know. Bad optics junior the first day of Republican led congress can't hate the election was won on we're gonna get rid of eat in a drain the swamp called opinion you come out and say we're gonna remove an independent committee that. Check sites like. It just looks really bad with what some sweet it was with all that congress has to work aren't they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it may pay its debts are very becomes an issue apria. Their number one active priorities like. Like the let me just one little pointedly said. I think that the fact that they were shamelessly did that showed you the hubris that they have that congress right now and that's that the American people sit up to it. Is a phenomenal thing and should be noted by Americans out death. Most of whom did not vote for Donald Trott. And and we have the power to do that over and over again because they gonna trying to take away Medicare Medicaid Social Security the gonna go into or all of the social net net. Nets that we have. And up people need to know you have power you haven't you wouldn't optimism that the Democrats don't have power. But the American people tell and they met the American people have telephone. How could not happy at our ports are the house didn't have the votes anyway and they needed to get a certain number of boats and and Republicans in the house were standing up sometimes you don't see them come forward maybe they're not front and center saint but internally. A lot of Republicans like here were saying this is not what we're about we did. Focus on issues here we you know a lot of people voted for trot because they cared about the economy because they cared about Obama care. Because they cared about issues and for that you're disappointing the people who voted for him I doing something like that so I respect the public as. And you know what they cute to trot for coming out and saying. This isn't what people will form that voted for needs floor because I think when the leader of the party makes a statement like I think it does trickled down and people say look this is going to be the next commander of chief in cheap he is in many ways setting the tone. And Republicans behind the scenes were saying if he's not gonna tolerate this and the American people are gonna tolerate this and people with our own party aren't gonna tolerate it probably get a later date yet but that was the sell well but they thought he that he had later hit back on the net and he did well thought is that inches. She got sent a lot of factors went into that idea yet what do you let's leave it I had.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Republicans' decision not to weaken the independence of the Office of Congressional Ethics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44552592","title":"GOP Reverses Course on Ethics Office","url":"/Entertainment/video/gop-reverses-ethics-office-44552592"}