GOP Urges Donald Trump to Accept Russian Influence in Election

"The View" co-hosts discuss the latest news on the intelligence community's assertion that Russia tried to influence the election in Trump's favor.
6:22 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for GOP Urges Donald Trump to Accept Russian Influence in Election
Republican senate. Are urging you know blow. To embrace intelligence agency's findings. Their findings on the Russian acting but that person is still insisting that I had no impact the outcome of the election. I want thinks should he be more concerned about one national security issue is wrapped in band and same ghost written book but well yeah I don't. Well yeah. But he also it's. Only because trump claimed on Friday that the intelligence that. Everybody knows that the Russians Haq didn't show showed quote there was actually no effect on the outcome of the election. I don't believe that the intelligence would actually have an opinion all it is is. They did this they hacked and Putin was behind it they have all of the facts. They don't then say it had an effect on the election is so he can nexus stuff happens he doesn't want him why he's cool he's been playing the point you're like no wind he's telling the truth the money why he. No one here is questioning be how. No one's saying we're trying to retroactively figure out if you really want to he denies it they're saying four in power should never be involved in. Free democracy and he's mixing that isn't well keeps biting him I think he knows exactly what we're saying you're now on that makes him a little bit nervous. Because the question would be in any other country and this happens. Americorps got what this kind of puts a little bit attempt on bass added now and it does and let it all everybody's trying to be nice is it well let's let's don't. Yeah. It's kind of a sticky. I believe in don't you I'm sure that it did influence the election I mean every time something came out. The timing of it was interesting everytime something came out about Hillary or about her in the DNC emails I remember that there was still some onions also studies and not think how do we know what the RNC has was writing we might have to sound out a lot of things about his tax returns in the we might have found out about things that he owed Russia money we don't know what was in there. That's why it. Perhaps that's why he's uncomfortable back and I think he's uncomfortable because it does in the sense call into question the legitimacy. Not only the election night but his winning the election ranks to back calls and selected and have England's and that the legitimacy you know instead of Matt maybe he wants to be loved. Yeah don't you real bragging love little well that's the problem with people who need to be loved so much they have to lobby now would of The Beatles weren't saying. Piety and and in the end the love you get. Is that equal to the labs you give. So he's got to give it out a little about how fast I. Yeah that you know when he talks about happy he's thinking you know actual voting booths being hacked and owning the I know boats being switched. And that's not now and into an election can go a number of weight isn't releasing information hacking. Into you know individuals or the DNC European desk does email releasing information out and that could potentially have hurt Hillary Clinton I think ultimately did I think people sought out at north slave and that and that's my opinion but. That's also influencing election and we know now that Clinton was at the how to back that he he orchestrated an influence campaign. That he sought to make it as as possible he could for Donald Trump's when you had paid social media trolls it's incumbent upon the leader of the future leader of the free world to say. You Russia will not undermine our democratic process I don't care who wins elections it needs to happen by virtue of the wishes the will of the American people and I gonna be held accountable what you know when he. He says he's insisting. That having a good relationship with Russia is looking and that only stupid people ought polls. Think it's bank. They broke into your house like hitting pretty much broken in Canada Debra and an ounce and present have. There she there's a trust problem here that ache I don't Kiki Dee their right in on the history order which you know it's interesting. I think Republican senators especially McCain has been a senators a second 1987 and then you also have Mitch McConnell they're coming out and they're telling. Donald Trump we'd do not support this position that you have and I I think it was interesting Mitch McConnell also said on CBS's face the nation. I don't think it's unusual for new presidents want to get along with the Russians George W. Bush wanted to go along with the Russians and that. And is very very quickly you learn very quickly. I don't have a Lauren ad later got along with Gorbachev and Gorbachev was a different kind of Russian from food but yeah. Reagan also canine cop and also came from a position abstract. It's very hard you can argue for diplomacy in the situation but not when someone's undermining the democratic process of your country before you can be diplomatically and not the second straight and say you want me at the negotiating table are what luxurious and not start with what he had so unless hiding behind the true. Scott I'm a Shanahan and yeah. And you can't handle the truth because the truth and sent a what would have happens. If you hadn't been backed up botched fake news and Lye yeah and all kinds of things that U plus why did people because. It appeared in a thing we know that when we seat stuff. If you say that we have no reason to think that your line budget that we should know holding over really didn't go well. Finding different there's no guarantee there isn't and now I'm when I tell you what I don't like I don't like the fact that there's a dark cloud over. I don't like I'm back that they have stinking dark cloud on the right 'cause I have to tell yet if Allbaugh I had done any adopts. Daughters. What Michelle sit in which I'm sad and it as many meetings. As much Tom's daughter has sat and yeah. We and its laws that's not yeah not stop. At mrs. Clinton to begin at closing was to win column I don't forget I mean and I'm not talking directly to not. You know I didn't you know this is what it this is what started this ball and it was now what big while he's stinking cloud. Hang in all I'm saying you know probably rust and all women are cannot be roads and now we Americans. Have weird tat that's me done yeah. Well right now.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the latest news on the intelligence community's assertion that Russia tried to influence the election in Trump's favor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44654501","title":"GOP Urges Donald Trump to Accept Russian Influence in Election","url":"/Entertainment/video/gop-urges-donald-trump-accept-russian-influence-election-44654501"}