GoStream: Inside the Village Marketplace

ABC News' Charli James tours the Marketplace and meets the "Royals".
33:56 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Inside the Village Marketplace
Welcome back to ABC news digital coverage all day live coverage of intensive born here anyway. They now I'm running game and even watching all day you'll notice that I am in a different outfit I have gone pulled the heat on him. I had to get me. Warren experience so I'm happily they have outfitted me. And we also have a different guy now from the aftermath it's honestly. We're very. I'm my hands out signs and actually drafting him closer depends again this mine has more than. Tonight it and enjoy all the pieces we have here is so happy to share when you going to be explaining some battlefields numbers Linux and adversely connect. Check out more and then updated daily life. Here at yeah. In the hamstring our skin the mark. This is just one portion of the art is that it's really me an example. One of the smaller what is really has more active just a little bit behind them and kindness and there's another after Isaac pleasures that. About its battle. I'm Aaron. There's I think he's not he's actually use. Out on the field. People like Disney creations in there well when it is to do so these collectors items I would not eaten. Yeah are you won't say anyone who brought this will likely be bounced. They're angry and what about the arc the these a lot of this is on the U de Tocqueville see. Page me. Okay. Every. Oh but as these echoed those very. A little more likely errors are of course but apparently visiting some don't. Well she. Yeah. And armor here. It's. Great brand right hand side yeah. Great whether some of them are popular and. I'm a bid to stay here is actually put more popular. That it needs looked like period places. There's captain Mohammed was suspended. Flavor as. Visit hothouse. Often means there I was. The marketplace. An intimate places absolutely and become one very special part of the marketplace that we are excited to show you is I hear that he. The last runner. Yeah. Okay. You're making me now okay. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I feel it from here. How long it even today. Five. People here. Well. Opens up a home. You know. I didn't really care it's all. Plus he. Anytime. Finished. Okay. Handle. On who could. Is Google+. My system. Relatively very special US. They're doing. In the leg. Had a dream. As they would have done. Because we really want something. Think back my. I would have been done. But in this case that you enjoy doing is our days. A little looking. Inside the flag. And I think perhaps it's. Yeah. Yeah it is yeah. There are those girlfriend practice. Exactly are you. Yeah. Then there are some. Yeah and dug them out. It's still feel very distinct. But it's seen its. Collision. Whenever I can hear me okay yeah. That chance for them to do this afternoon. The ways that look. It's not exactly. It was a case listless looking at them and have fun and we is that they're fun things exactly so. It is yeah. There's a minute. But hits. It isn't greatly impact. Yet this businesses. That many people use smaller ones if you. Supporters have a decision yeah. Things like that. Susan I did Howard is going through a small part of the park that's a big business. Well it's if you look bad defense. According that goes around there's probably. Usually have more ideas on the other side of barn and then. Teacher mortar silver. Cross the other side of the so if there's a lot of things and certainly if some people sell similar things. Slipped and died at. Like artists today this crap cuts after style that things will be slightly different you know these children aren't. I. And some sort of dig out. I had an amazing luck it'll put a ruining. Them. I admit that he had them in combat them face him ever now I have never. Know. What welfare and somewhere started it has wouldn't it be cool if and yeah I'd. It must of the lottery split itself and people don't it's quite an effort panic. And potentially you can't I did my best time you have to be prepared to do you authorized U headed it. Let him. There's there's there's actually very strict safety knows the others nations skills it's true that. Go either way minimizes. And we're going to be back on the battlefield around 3 o'clock and that's Alex actually in explained mark the rules even having a lot of people asking about. The rules here without also we have that coming up wearing. But I believe now going to. Have a little bit locker out of their way. There are actually eighteen. When he went when he kingdoms and cleaning them when it was just sounded utterly was actually suspended. And do you know how many teams in. They're right I think most of them posted on any. There but I know me I'm just you know one of the largest metropolis. Have so it's quite confident. Kings and queens for tasty. We'll make the effort Q. Did you. And others where. Hi him. And she. Speaking. To is. Today. Isn't. He. And that's that Canon U hairs I'm and other. Getting. And oh. I. I. Do you. And out. It. Yeah. There imagine its yeah. There's actually look at king queen and Maxine applicants. There's more. Kind of fill it will be Taylor yeah. Lots of levels and then when you're done that student has. While Clinton and gray. Back then that that's the short version of it there's usually a little extra time. Yeah it a lot of it is you pick it up. Could close. Definitely later there's court. Having no idealist view ports and of course it was introduced him. Kinda keep me pretty much the same thing here is what you do don't threaten it's and that they gave us. He did very basic thing. I'm not that snag. It is perfectly but at least didn't ask them. And I'm adding that efforts to have had ever since this this is the Atlanta here when actually probably a little bit early. And I mean that the king and the queen of specific kingdom of the Al Alam who for the eighth. Was leading going around in in the last tour we saw a lot of these gates. The kingdom's tends to make pretty some of them are really elaborate. It did it's a function especially here a distant past. Look into law which is the I. He's Australia's he hadn't eaten they have relatively low sequels because they're having the travel that it you have to pay to ship things from Australia New Zealand. You probably want to spend 10% shipping Natalie event that there's reasonable I'm Al NCR Colorado. Rockies so they don't have. Quite the enormous. Distant that they. And then you Ahmard decorations absolutely you'll see evidence of a mark where here is. As. Part again lots of analysts decoration. Yet it just depends where you where you companies can seek some some personal camps have. Explains even more. More is it complicated than this isn't an outbreak has an old wooden fence walls that there's an apple prosperity can't. And how much commingling it there. Things get your. It. Not all is actually been there are people who in some ways. This thing. About it because open flattening trees says pickup to say. Factors here much quieter and that's Tori and and the people peoples' camps and to beef up. Clinton amongst themselves. A lot of people campus and place every year so you get an amendment to the point where. Walk across hurt him in to. Expand. And its. People to camp out. Anti pharmacies. It seems. It's nice you know. Like I'd like you families. Union office. That there are party backed. Out. Drinking. I mean yes he had signed it it's not all it's evil you know. Formality. It it's a hobby for them something games quote wouldn't you can't. That's something we do some. When his hand. Just yeah. Teeth there which is kind of the way the group works and but can't you view card where you found me okay. And I can't my I was actually management without some college. So it kind of wondered between Spanish and restaurant and spent. In there and was kind of gone back and fort icy. What to do. And it's an announcement new language are. No more about that culture so ask him that. Are you. Hear. More rooms and art but it's something that you know this. Greatest thing aerial so kind of massage. It to make it work but it's CEO's there aren't they are those who. Tito and finest point and frankly I respect those moments as. He seeks to get some of these things. It would be. And then there's just as. And you're probably asking the younger. You hear how the how's the pen 68. Yeah its neighbor not letting the man who. You can't it's actually my. Two but here's my house buried here asked so it just depends that you can find. People might literary knowledge of their kids who grow up yes it depends again. And the baby before. It's just an artist that you there's always someone finds. Out people. You know 99 and and it's kind of thing. I think we are just about ready to leave singing queen. We have Catherine back here again bringing her. A mnemonic yeah. I. So I am. When will be able to. Enter to your majesty's presidential they have. Basically a bubble around them which out of respect. You we stay out of until they invited him and you wakin what you wanted to hear. It is your one currency how you do that. Please put one foot behind the other yet. Rotting and none of them you're going now. I just as they in the fear about dry season. Very very. Yes. But only does the shot at a night against. Etiquette the Shah. So that's that's how you show them respect. You refer to them is there majesty's. And you and when you leave their presence again currency. You mount. And coming out. Allow me just a moment. I think I have the rules again if you guys have any questions that you at some concert royalty go ahead either tweet us at ABC news Ari can tweak eat at Hartley. I'm turning ode. And we can pull out some questions to ask them. Network and implement me. Inside scoop on what it's like severe LT I bet it's pretty good today kicking in here. Here at the fast and well. It became clear pretty much anywhere area. Yeah apparently it is currently that they have people and fire and any of the great thing about fitness fitness. They're volunteers that people want to comes from the and some people say it's great fun because they see what they are dealing and you go to places and activities that otherwise they just wouldn't. Antonio Pressley for he had not spent time as usual on and but if it didn't. But I know people who will you know take time at this hour two hours of the time. And bigoted and their if they don't know before how to help Steve is so it's. It's not. Nearly as owner. All lot. And. I'm not good at that point on it that's it it would be amazing absolutely. That he had entered. Buyers. It you know markets by the year to determine the next. Step. They are. Ready. I. You're not seen a man Matheson. And Romney who is right there it. Do you think. We're taking the time. It. Excited to life right now on a and I were excited to give our viewers. It. What it's like to see you mean let me start just. He's getting here. And how you keep what seeking venue over you know like how much. I was geography that didn't. So. I'm camp Ansar camp. Keynote BO lambs this way wipes. Katharine Graham you know. We need the all lenses are kingdom programs. From New Mexico Colorado Wyoming and some parts of Nebraska. Almost. Canada down to Mexico through Google's. Country basically it. So me membership. Upwards of thousands of people spread out over many different. Little city using hands what we call Berry's brush fires throughout this area. Some of some murders have. Several hundred or thousand people many of the group's work and some owners have ten or fifteen. Fear that your motto we are you have to mean anything picking me to umps and six month. The leadership of the court and its tanks in the Atlantans. That's the size organization would work. And that's that's helped clients and honor its. The Houston has swords and land and every six months. And whoever wins it. Is yet ministry and figure. The next six months. One or some those duties. So. We have we have several trees and inspiring. Hour publicists possibly the most important thing that we do. We travel extensively to all of these places and we go hold courts and lead or are people on battlefield. Dan and work with other members. Records various arts and sciences. Week ago. I think of us as the magic makers to seem o'clock. Mom all the promotions that have all the excitement in the crisis and wars. From the crown. And so we don't want to get to recognize tell us. And to give awards and the lands is really special. Yang and what how we recognize the importance. Any time we have seen an artisan who has proven herself. Has Aaron a master. Crafts person of jewelry. Then we will bring her records. And we have a court where Lee greenhouse of the people together and leave green over it. And one day she will be brought up court escorted hands. And we will give her singing and he's our hands just that the deal. And there is everywhere there's a hand painted scroll. Done in period scripts and hand clean record hand painted this piece of artwork which he's presented in court. Absolutely want to get to recognize people in this way and it's it's so wonderful because at the same time it's honoring the artisans to create. And I imagine that it. I'm thinking between what kind of her part as well especially imminent and that there's so many people are so it. It's there are perks. We. Flew in yesterday and when we got yours several people had come ahead of us. All of our stuff in a trailer. Being here for weeks or camp pushers do we are adapter. This morning we went battlefield and thought. And I. Yeah me. Huge group of warriors fighting would mean again there aside from doing the bad guys they're number one thought what was protect me. And so I can put myself in dangerous they kept going into orbit referred me to curriculum and and being protected and being honored that way is just amazing and am I am bitter. And it will correct me and that's that's. Anyone can overthrow. Yeah who choose. It makes it to keep the makings under you stand down period. There's there's turn on every six months due to determine. Dude the next he wants to be. But he we actually our government formed today to decide our partners is going to be in about a week. I'm just didn't actually. And when we have that her man. Everybody writes a letter who wants to be in my current and I go through and decide if I want my firm has written someone choose who attended. We listen or permanent. And they fight game very honorable surest way to end and then they're they're desperate do the best fighters in the Al lands and they want to win from as their best against the Orioles who. And so if they want to do it. Better than me that's their opportunity we go determined. Clearly he on the throne. With them and rule as they can. Clean balance well no no no you're up against Sweeney. Lumix these girls we. Jumped into period gender roles almost certainly it is the man who wins this turn at arm's. But it's not always a couple who brings to campaign because it's an enormous. Investment of time and capital me you're looking in his mind traveling and and I use. Sometimes two people from different households will come together. And three times so it's it's really very. Well here you also it's it's not a marriage love it's a marriage. Politics. So any it's not require the amp Q you fight we've had women fighting crown and murder. Are any women could find and index. It's not common. Because it's a single combat. Speakers that are really really good. So. Certainly there are women in thinking of the islands at whim and find. They haven't done it. I have to ask house. Why he. And king queen and flying in and everything that I think people I am about. And then. How does this feel that yeah. OK so we laughed I anything. A couple of months ago yes I am in Danbury and we went to an outdoors store afterwards to get we're camping supplies. And there were slow people who witnessed with the push carts and there that wouldn't it just they don't keep. Don't you understand who I. If US is pushing his car are we in any sense that this thanks. The an MRI different people don't work permits already. And AT and master of arts and on the link your didn't understand thinking of the house plans. It's like you might making what is. I think it's due in your mind my. Co workers IA work and he. Seemed jittery incarceration. Our web. And a run any portion of the department. Are. I. My AP she's an anthropology and I study. Things like this can regularly roof tiles around enough teetering sinner. Community college asked him on college in Farmington and tell your co workers know about it. I hate fear and total differently. We iron. A pure beauty sweating it masses and garner and we would be all having a wonderful time together humans who enters her. Last question as all of you know from the threat that people goes gaga over royal date is how does that work here. When we least. I we have three children and my oldest is seventeen. And our youngest is step. Pan wean me. Princes and princesses. Which as we can do they want an error in except you won't hear the pros. Our little seven year old daughter to princess oh my goodness and NB. Crowd certainly here princess court acts on the Texas symbols on it the contest. Into princess party and invited all of the children. And we brought in the bunkers which are eating medieval Serkis created. Kind of an anti acrobatics and you can all of these things for their children and he had period Jameson. And and it just eat cake and wonderful things in. And she has. Little friends what a cool welcome hands of the princess who knows these little girls once secretly season. A little boys when it's to be her cards and so we've got and any group of NCAA has yet talk about the I haven't gotten through its own funny they hand fumbles and city. Stick with the ice. And just. Wonderful indeed. We arts and haven't. Seen you happier about the human. Well thank you your majesty's. And insights into the I'm seeking them here. We are going to be heading to the battlefield again I know you dollar really excited about that. 8200 ABC news digital and we will have much more coming up here live all day from the tense hours in Pennsylvania.

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