Grimes Interview: Claire Boucher's Artistic Alter-Ego

AudioFile: Claire Boucher's Grimes project includes electro-pop music, artwork and experimental film.
4:43 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grimes Interview: Claire Boucher's Artistic Alter-Ego
Yeah. I do think there are lots where in fact -- on top of that would be considered. -- very happy they are very very Smart. And this is ultimately a -- project I -- -- the music is ultimately streaming. Music it just seeks to hit Atlantic. That huge priority. For me with music silent. That I Carolina's -- -- Carolina kind of production. -- -- -- -- Stuff that he's not. And I care here's a crime and you you know really emotionally relevant. The -- -- the -- feeling of think -- And we wish wanted to do something that was hit. Using the idea of masculinity through physical power and it. I am just building something beautiful that. Kind of -- being that there voyeuristic. Figured what you. -- -- -- Things animal fat little plaza during his -- I had everything from very different views. -- -- Three. Population and a -- -- this holiday -- -- of the capital of America pretty you know have their feelings and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It anywhere near anything professionals for me but it's -- -- yesterday and drying because -- trying to job. Enemy that was like the plane. I care about production more than -- -- -- You know making building an image something although that's sort of becoming a thing that I realized. -- -- to wield a lot of power its campaign to help direct. It's -- to affect a performer to also be up. Again if he would produce music if anything they do anything preposterous and it. I think that's beautiful way to make me think about playing -- dealing with anything you bet and personally I haven't -- budget. I mean nothing or even years transaction is learning to be. -- -- Outwardly adamantly. Treaties introverted person but I think I just words into the situation and -- didn't even the second -- -- with the police unique there. With you know thousands of people every night. And repeated that the biggest thing ever played -- was -- into people's willingness. -- weapons are doing and has been really interesting to see how much you can actually. Just created this. I don't -- an extended weakness and lake and the practice of holding area I love you man again with -- I I'm getting into changing -- I was fortunate in music I need conflict. It's always has. -- -- -- -- -- And it personality for it. I mean even with music exciting things of that kind of pop music because it's so much about personality. Behind the music forever and it and coming to lake -- great pleasure -- -- building. Branding things like idea of what her eyes. Controlling everything about didn't really feel like Pauly -- holidays -- creative visions and it. It's nothing better.

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{"id":17894607,"title":"Grimes Interview: Claire Boucher's Artistic Alter-Ego ","duration":"4:43","description":"AudioFile: Claire Boucher's Grimes project includes electro-pop music, artwork and experimental film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/grimes-interview-2012-claire-boucher-artistic-alter-ego-17894607","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}