'Hamilton' Cast Delivers Speech to VP-Elect Pence

Find out what happened when the vice-president-elect attended "Hamilton" on Broadway over the weekend.
4:15 | 11/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hamilton' Cast Delivers Speech to VP-Elect Pence
Thompson VP elect Mike Pence caught Hamilton on Broadway Friday night and stop random victim Dixon. What a bit off script and the curtain call he asked parents to look at the diverse cast on stage. And urged him to work on behalf of all of us that we're going to be talking to Brandon live in a bet. But what do you think of that statement. I would I just look Bravo Bravo I mean you know take. Yeah. On Broadway. It is a political play it's about our democracy and if you think about it I thought that was important to be directed at Mike Pence. Because beat that the star of Hamilton. Have yet when Yost is an openly gay openly HIV positive actor. And Mike Pence has on occasions. I think. Try to support the notion of conversion therapy where you said he believes it conversion therapy where you can change I gave. Personally to illustrate her she doesn't know I'm yeah. Are actually. Redirected some funding from aids research yeah conversion millionaires you know what's so ironic that you know these people on Broadway in the initial having such a wonderful time that dancing having a great time whether they want to have conversions are there there like in OK the lines yeah yeah yeah I don't get that right why would they want to do anything differently I think this was and I think this was important. And I think the reason being I've I've said over and over that we have not heard from president elect prompted since election night. And when you've had such a divisive campaign where in the east half if not more bloated for the other candidate regardless of who was standing before us. They would need to come out strongly state. I represent all of you keep me a chance you don't need to apology I don't care he apologizes I just need him to say I'd got your back and. And miss would have been the case if someone else well I don't know what he said. Isn't and that that's what the actor said in his statement he said we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of but see I how does that about big ice this. I don't mind the statement. But I I minded the way it was done because I think has to be a place. Mike Pence didn't show up they asked president elect he showed up with his daughter to see a play. And he wasn't enough and I don't know did not know you can't let that I knew this was not a political discussion if I went to see apply now I'm very vocal politically on the show if I went to see a play but tonight might even Reza. But it's and they wouldn't be doing what. If I explain how this works you'll understand a back problem. You don't necessarily know when somebody is coming. You now so you find out thirty minutes maybe twenty minutes before. Generally they then watched the show and they will come backstage. And take photographs and against talked to them into all kinds of stuff. What tennis does sometimes happen is if the politician gets out and everyone sees that they're gone. People are trying during during. Curtain call to like do what they have to do what they're so it seemed that he's gone and that they didn't if he's not coming back we need to say this as they won't this perhaps. They wrote this to him because of the show so no they wouldn't do it for yeah and they wouldn't do it for me but. When you are the president elect and it has been as device. They were saying to him look at us this is what we're hoping you will wrap present and and we do this. Out with presidents and vice president. There is a precedent that we set what we goal. During certain months of the year will we do Broadway cares equity fights aids so there are statements that aren't made. That is fourth at. Looking to sell. Have someone like that. That's what I think if I were him and had gone to see that show though I think I would have been looking he was with his daughter he's looking to see you shop. And the wicked I felt hearing it was you're basically you're basically marginalizing that person in the audience you're paying an artist and your part of the problem I hope. That you won't be but my perception is peanuts they hell yeah. And seizing the moment now. Admitted to have this chance again dairy is the perpetrators. Followed mama I'm not anti today.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Find out what happened when the vice-president-elect attended \"Hamilton\" on Broadway over the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43695600","title":"'Hamilton' Cast Delivers Speech to VP-Elect Pence","url":"/Entertainment/video/hamilton-cast-delivers-speech-vp-elect-pence-43695600"}