Getting a Handle on 'Scandal'

And that moment when we almost lost Jake.
10:24 | 05/14/15

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Transcript for Getting a Handle on 'Scandal'
Yeah yeah. Surprised I used figured out by now. Levy is supposed to get you. That's part of it. Truro and that's the best part of it how he exert his control over who wears power. For him if she never knows you belong to him he needs her to know that she's never safe from never. Out of his craft. Sony twist so many turns that of course is seen from the hit ABC shipped scandal. And what do you now after a near fatal encounter new year being the emphasis. The death defying Jake Ballard is alive and well and guess who's in the studio with us today Jake himself actually it is Scott Foley stop and by effective stop and I thank you rep. Whoa boy and I mean we thought you were goner. I thought I was gonna say that yes sometimes have that effect you know I gotta say it was it was not written that way in the script we that we had table read and I. It's at the end it's a Jake at Staten well everybody who comes back from the stab right you've been stabbed. I mean we to access FaceBook status and it finally set. And then they went re shot the ending to add an extra line for the Russell character there and he just. Kept stabbing me in a route sums and stop him some Tenet the director is gonna come in and they'll built on the stop and they didn't and I. I email my Boston subdued. We need to talk about something is there some connection to my wife assured down easy. He's in and it's going to be okay but it was it was touching god forbid. What we've seen in the script that there I mean how was it really written as it say like print to see. And you get stats and then stat immense if he usually did Omar knows it didn't see and sadness at the script said. Giants like Jake and masks subject it pulls the mass that this of this intruder and we. Reveal its Russell. The Russell pools which played out and stabs Jake and in the side but a cat gets stabbed in the side but then the rewrite just had a line it didn't say he was gonna Staten that the. Actor that feeling again and again and again and they loved it. And I guess it was fairly dramatic but that's like confident if anything kept them you know it's scandal obviously is part of the ABC family is we are part of the ABC family families don't keep secrets from each other then that's in a very very like do that I visit my producer I mean that was a push. Unlike any effort of the debate that you sort of let guilt that means that a bit I think. Was that that's pretty logical reason notes on fantastically logical reason to say what kind of talk about that reasoning for as long as I can't without getting anything. But this is the unit we go as long line up we're not gonna run go red. I can't say. Very much about the finale which is airing tomorrow night it sound. What I can't say is that what the writers have done with this finale is take a lot of the conventions that you're used to own scandal and a lot of that the roles people play. The positions that they fill and remove them or switch them around it really is going to not just openings up for great fifth season. But it's gonna make the fans wonder what's gonna happen to great effect. A parliament that that's all I'll settle for that thank you for now I don't like the idea where to go at it if you can settle but we have the enlargement others in Russia on Iran to do what he just in Haiti's sensing this argument it's an. With a that we talked to some fans on line on FaceBook. And we wanted to know what their thoughts might be if in fact there was a possibility not a which are sticking around for awhile objects are but in fact who would they rather see Libya where you. We're fit and and and and that the results this is unscientific mind you can mean this is not a scientific hopefully on time okay I think we're probably just looked at the first three responses on earth three in the their response and that we every minute slip wrecked on the middle which I don't know how that's possible when you get three but. Anything to Muslim militants which he is. No they were very definitive because this is what Tiffany's he had to say that's. Been that the preferred suitors sure but he's a baby Jake is a man. So. A backhanded compliment. In a way to adequately she wants she won once he hit with kids yet though is that they even always debate. Maybe Olivia be able to handle and looks at an easy idea that you get up the computer well. While I object to the fact that hectic but there is doing annually in fees said this 100% teen Jake. So that that is doing good jobs and help monitor that I appreciate your response to demean Al wrote I like Jay but. He's just a boy toy she'll end up with its. And Jake who go back to felicity the slogan that's like that's it you know kids have differing opinions because Tiffany said that you that this president was the boy yet and I don't understand yellow of the presence of baby in a boy toy which can be different maybe it wouldn't argue against. And in the club Richard and -- you know take as long as people aren't sure that technical out there. On in both camps I'm pretty happy. Fans were not initial the you know rooting for you. When the ship start. They words it was it was really sort of tough position be in because I came. Objects extremely happy to be in the show the character. That I play got in the way of the what was the main. Sort of love story of the show and people really believe and idealize this relationship between Libyan fits and my presence was. Not very welcome that but they seem to have come around there was a lot of chatter on the Internet on Twitter people really being. Devastated and upset when right when Jake when the going was dead the dialogues very Smart it's very pointed. For somebody giving opportunity give me 152. On a 152 appeal that you could may. Two Olivea. Over fifths. Well look it's very simple fixes a married man its is a politician he's always going to be in the public light any light with Fitz is not going to be worth the truck eight. Seven Jake sticks and island Jake is available and ready to go. But that's it right there ready to go I think you probably going to be said that in strong enough you can seconds and that would have been ready and. Among them in the. Tough she I was Olivia Pope obviously handles everything so when I have a phone with you wanna give you assistance in situation of this. You know what to keep the negative situations. Who he would go to to handle these various situations in my life for an insulin to rely OK in in in your life. You find a last minute baby sitter. Finding a lasting things they're I would go to my neighbor. The name again. Good trustworthy folks I don't know don't know OK well and so what if I help good with online trolls on line trolls I would go to Shawn Ryan's. She said she could I think that they answer that question to answer that answer with which dyes are yet. Up advice and much mutual like forget advice when moderately birthday if you know what I might go to Twitter. Really yeah but that's usually invention might have no way yet that you think that was a good guy. Which in a position found that I was thinking about it actually before the day and she skinny yet. To shivered adjustment when when you get that kind of adoration from all the fans out there and in this awhile and we've been together for. Twelve or thirteen years now she is. Notes as need to spend more she she understands that it's if she's an actress herself she understands that's part of success and and when it stops shall be word. That's been with the employment that is accurate or here's a situation. Helping you get in shape fast for a scene is clearly you've let yourself go from officer was seen that you guys have probably wouldn't notice -- monk who has been read of the craft services trust me that you more than that make you fat. Who I go to for that yeah. I would go to my local crossed that Jim OK you you've crossed that is you are about three months ago and love it and you're you're totally addicted to because that's like one of those types of things we're thinking giving you go bigger ego with that I love it. I gotta say I was worried about it rid of what's bad stuff online about it but I wanted to try anyway and I went and it's fantastic and get you know in an hour hour and fifteen minutes and a great workout. Both cargo and waits and it it is close to my house it's. You know there was and that's where as when you do excellent. So when humans and rivers over and it's right there are a restaurant recommendations who would you be handled that. Aside from Yelp. And I'll let let let's go to right there you you know you go on -- alive all the reviews yesterday coming to sushi restaurant in my hotel but now do you contribute to yell or you just one of those takers don't think. You can easily break that it yeah because I you know. If I contribute then like. It's tough weeping as an alias yeah. I can brain aliens into UK it's cheating that went with from using Jake. Yesterday grant all right and assert certain helping under yellow there does he keep an update residents are now get a change who last when making you laugh when you go to who would you get to handle. Make you laugh my five year old. All the time. Fans passed all the time all right okay now you've got a lot of projects going on right now including. Yes this is Alf right here this is Alf out. Allison a long day. Now is beautiful I so I am here part of the reason hear certain talk about scandal as I partnered with Muriel maker of Parker which is a Harlem preventative medications that you will. These dogs on a campaign called I hurt my dog okay I have and you don't have ten month old puppy that we rescued and Frankie and she is. One of the loves of my life and I made with merely made her a basically a love letter video love letters that you can go on her cart my dog dot com. And C and I'm asking people to make their own love letter or tweet a picture of their dog and any time someone does it and post something makes an actual social media. Muriel sponsored dollar to CCI. Which is Canon's enhanced for independence which is he had the organization's nonprofit organization. That provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities and really really changes their lines that is amazing to me he's panels can use. Some crazy amazing thing amazing thing she can Sheehy Alf can mean the all these animals but. Alcan opening draw or. Take out Sox close the door turn on the lights which if I drop my keys this island wheelchair I dropped my keys you can pick it up. Handed to me he is. Truly unbelievable it's a great cause scandal is a great show basement you are great actress got fully thanks stuff thank you for having me thank self.

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