Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Talks 1st Presidential Debate

Robby Mook stopped by "The View" to discuss the debate between Clinton and Trump.
9:55 | 09/27/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager Talks 1st Presidential Debate
Okay. And ends of the main. Of elections when he sixteen is officially in the history books right now we're getting that day after plant by plant from a man who probably didn't sleep waiting yeah please welcome Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. Robin wrote without thought. We want to dive right. Three he sent a memo to supporters and donors saying don't panic yet. I would until last thought I was in this bit of a panic when I see the poll so close and it's outrageous that. Chips to be on the same stage with a guy yeah but why should my panic. What nobody should panic we do need to be very focused and worked really really hard. You know what I recede our supporters this I don't wanna just win by a little I wanna win by a lot you don't send a big fat. This fact having kept. So there are some states we outlined in the memo five states the Democrats have historically one in the past few cycles we feel pretty confident about those. And then that we only need ten more electoral votes and we get that by winning Florida we can get it right wing North Carolina. And that we can have an Ohio and we're done. There's there's a lot of pass the problem for Donald Trump is he basically as one path. And he happy if he has to win Florida he has to win Ohio he has to in North Carolina. I would even argue he may need to win Virginia in Colorado which he hasn't been winning this entire election and used to be battleground states he's really alienated the voters there are so. We have a lot of past but but I've always very clear we got to focus and work. Really hard out. Happening now the vote out (%expletive) so many strong moments last night but as you let's head into the debate number Q what do you they don't work on pretty need to director focus yet well. Look at every time Hillary's had an un filtered opportunity to talk about what she's gonna do to help families you know. She spent twenty years fighting for kids and families that his permission and so I I wish we she'd had more time last night to really reflect on that. Talk about her plan to help people afford child care for college a four prescription drugs. These things are voters really care about and Donald Trump likes to throw Bonser wrenches in and you know sparks and clashes and all that. This election is about people's lives and Hillary has such great plans and ideas to really help people get ahead that's what we want to spend one. I am I free with some people felt that. She got a pass on something like the Clinton foundation like big passing like emails. He caught Donald Trump didn't come back with a quickly and shot an ITE that he wasn't shouting at. Do you think she got a pass on most things and issue ready if those tough questions currently next management and. Well I think she's ready mean she set herself she spent eleven hours in and part of a congressional hearing about being god the I think she's answered all those questions. How many times has she been asked about emails she's answered those questions. And we're happy to talk about foundations. The Clinton foundation. Has saved literally ten million lives around the world funding aids medications making. Treatments for malaria more portable. Donald Trump used his foundation. To go you know to fund lawsuits against his political enemies and device self portraits I mean it's just the difference is so clear. And that's so. We're happy yeah. He hasn't things that have been brought up about where those donations went the kinds of countries that received on things like that those types of acquisition as she readied at some sent to be open and transparent about those things and and stand for the stand for or against what those countries that receive those donations and I. Think that she is happy you know efforts Aussie took they took donations from countries like Norway odd they wanted to help save lives Australia. To see people from dying from aids I you know. Donald Trump can call that a scandal I think I think it's a wonderful thing that they were saving lives. I'm not relevant products you this question. Is all the information on the donations. Then made clear I mean everybody is seen at all the enemies say no way I don't guesses why and who they came from what they did so. Those. Those. Are not in question it's that's all they all their money that she's earned all it's all where it came on hold at depth and with her emails GM have been hacked. Oxy. Dade today that the FBI led to this he said there's no evidence that she does has ever been half. No evidence is still. I'm really I'm I'm I'm. I'm glad. Our follow up on as we talk about transparency and it was stunning to me last night. Bristol Donald Trump doubled down on not releasing his taxes we would any definite and admitted that he didn't pay them and he said Don isn't happening you know crap he is that billionaire all working people across this country you know myself included we are paying our taxes and he's proud that he's paying. He expects Paul to pay for the police to pay for roads the paper bridges and he doesn't pay any taxes back to his suit is Secret Service protection now repaid I. Some said everything I wanted to say I got out except for the transgressions of bill. Was Secretary Clinton prepared to answer those questions. She's tough she's ready to talk about any thing. You know for me. This election is about families it's about how our kids get a good education it's about how we all get quality health care it's how we create more jobs get wages rising. How in the world has bringing that up help us talk about those issues. I don't know any moment Donald Trump you know he thinks everything. I think it troubled players they'll blame her for his friend is Lindsay he doesn't think nothing to do the pot cannot call the kettle black has Bechtel. Because. I want hanging talk about her husband and that's not her she didn't she did strands grass now. So bringing that up only opens up another can it warms that I am pretty sure you don't want to open up. I mean on the underside about it so I kind of open about a lot of that stuff well I don't blazes Obama aliens 'cause he's not just seen a lot less not yet know it I wouldn't mean she told me look like a cat back. Yeah to top that 1986 miss universe winner who's accused on all of calling her. Miss Piggy and mr. housekeeping because she's Latina. This morning trump said she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem that's a direct quote are you surprised he is doubling down. And taking a. You know sadly we've seen this again and again this is the guy who attacked a gold star family a gold star mother. You know. I it's just it's unfathomable and he gets back to why I don't think Donald Trump can be present he does not have the temperament we don't want. You know we are kids seeing their commander in chief in their president insulting women. You know I have two nieces I don't want them to think this behavior is okay and I don't think anybody does. 56. Hillary is she's outstanding Donald Trump ought to want on the airwaves. She arguably has a better ground game and in terms of winning this election she's been politically peoples of the house will be people know who she is. What does this race in a dead heat why isn't so tight and why isn't she running away and it's you know look. All these presidential campaigns are close I'm very confident that we're gonna win this election has its that I wanna when it by the biggest. But people are angry and they're frustrated. And a lot of what Donald Trump says might sound good at first I mean he after white can really follow it anymore and that's are I think. But the fact of the matter is when we look at his record at what he's done the people he's cheated you know he talked class say about jobs going over news. No he Norris is clothing line oversee. And part of what I said to be here today it is actually national voter registration date. There we're courage encouraging everyone make sure you're registered to vote at whatever party whatever just get registered get out you wanna be does me the biggest election in our history record turnout let's all be part of thing I would say. You guys have been top. In your campaign about how you gonna talk about race because I don't think anybody did a decent job yesterday and it it. And I don't know. It felt like everybody was tipping television and did not and we had a conversation yesterday about people trying not to say the wrong thing I think you have to be really clear. With or or ask her to be much clearer as president Collor I didn't I didn't know what either of them was sent. And I've some that to be a problem. So I would like to encourage you. What org you know encouraged the group still liked figure rat a better way to get that part of the message across because I think it's important. He's trying to weasel out of the next debate he's already saying that Mike was effective list all of a sudden I back when dot dot dot but. I'm serious because raises an issue again and it's one that we have to. Apple saying I'm upset that Pitt. You would have to win more than 33% of the Hispanic vote to win an. And the African American vote I don't know the percentages and the women well but you get when they're having Ali has been clearly does a little bit clearer for me. But rob come back. Come back after the next one so we can talk about that was Nellie loves it all right let's I think so. A allotment went. They want to let us. Let you know that we are prayer today but we're going to be talking McDonnell times campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Thursday so make sure you come. And if you got questions you don't. Maybe we'll ask them not from you but it will -- them and figured it out. Whenever we do we will be right back.

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