Hip-hop soul artist Musiq Soulchild wants fans to 'Feel the Real'

Musiq Soulchild discusses his new album, record company and Denimoji line
20:43 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Hip-hop soul artist Musiq Soulchild wants fans to 'Feel the Real'
Good morning everyone and welcome TEB scenery. And we had a very special guest here today. Mr. music sold is here how it's Easter I'm good thanks and asked me thanks for coming it's a pleasure. So great pains to talk about one being your album feel the real events are writing everywhere this Friday which is really exciting because fans have been. Waiting impeach him he four. This new outlets drops just to go right into this it is a double disc you've had 24 songs which is a lot. I'm curious now. Powell is in camp out or what inspired it passes. I was actually working on this album before my last album life on earth. Some songs that I've been sick known for a little while so that paired with new songs that I came out with. Pretty much what contributed to it being wonderful records. I wanted it to come up fairly. Soon after life on earth just to let people know that I'm still here still making music if you care you know. It's available to you. And the process basically was I just wanted to be consistent with my monitor of making real music. For real people in in in real time. Orville a lot of people most of most of whom if not following which is my home east. One of which sin right next to me willingly and he's all five records set out of Atlanta. And you know just China jumpstart. His situation and I think I just thought that this was a good way of doing net. Wait you don't have to ask and have to wonder here it is laid out for you in a few inches to it is way way way way more. Absolutely and you've already put out three singles from the out there are fantastic thank you absolutely and music videos which I wanted to touch on because I really like the direction of each video to intervene in the top eight which I think. Products and very important issues and relationships in its guidance that. But yes we had simple things aren't yet start over NAND my fever humble pie they can because I love. Does the title and I think that the lyrics to school very well as the title itself and he. Message as well. So I just want to go into each three of the songs and talk about for simple things on just what inspired that because this council Sobel about appreciating the simple life we're. Yeah. Yeah act as they we live in that time where. Folks so focused on things that are not real. And this is no of this OSHA to nobody is its total wick of social media culture. Lot of things can be misinterpreted and misconstrued. You know as a lot of fraudulent stuff going on. Unfortunately. You know that stuff that Pete would chase and try to mimic. You know and will play says you know hashed goals not realize in that there was a process. Four. Was on the go on and on afford to be what it is that people was to still seeing them be anxious city and engaging with or it's just simply not a thing you know it just looks cool. You know so. I wanted to put a song about their that comment. Brings things into focus a little bit with. Mean over the chicken nobody of preaching to anyone to saying hey is cool to do would whatever it is that you into just remembered you know. The things they're really matter in life the things that a lot of people seem to be dismissive. In my wanted to pay attention because. Units. Like that it could be gone you know so says reminded people to be grateful for the things that you do have rather than. You know chase and things that may not be for you. Here and it's a working passage absolutely and I agree with few capsules media I think it's more people. Need to talk about especially art and music you're on your next song start over not it and correct me if I'm wrong I got the message from that's nineteen starting over in a relationship. Yeah. Thank you well first of all shut out the mile Williams she's she's my counterpart in that. Video. She's also an artist and I'm working with. And we have a history together but. She's in the video because I want to introduce will reintroduce. The world to who she is and she's starting a career as a solo artists now she's most known for. Being the lead in the group 702. But I think that it's important that. She starts her journey in being in her own thing and in standing on our own because you as a whole lot of creative. Ideas and and the whole lot of creative energy and she's as he's personality that they people will be. Third inning and attained by in the inspired by the get that woman's perspective that has been in the game for a lot of that has. Pretty much seen it on done that and they and still embarking on the whole new chapter in her life is a very exciting thing and who batted itself within you know. A fairly young black woman in America right now you know and in any that it you know not to be deep but just have that woman's perspective a positive inspiration of prospective. You know. Other than ways seems to be perpetuated a lot nowadays again no this no Shaq is just that. In these to be room for everything and I think that she would be a breath of fresh air. But the video is basically about. The one that got awaiting you had an opportunity to. Do it again and I think that is something that at this a lot of people. I think a lot of people currently in and it definitely. That's what isn't like working with new line in the studio in with your legal get into the legal. And a little it's time but what was it like working on music video with her and. In this coral it was Kol ami the fact that we we actually you know have a good. Relationship we've we. We respect each other you know. You know despite all things as real love there so and we we we we support each other. So if it was actually. I'm grateful that I can. Port and to her career in her life. In we can assist each other in recent respective goals. And Avery tumbled I hear anything until the message of this is thinking and video itself on and it's pretty much is. What the title since I need talk about. Your significant partner in the song is seeking peace in learning to speak means is seen you know yes it's did Aniston and it was wrong and I forgive the use of just to get your inspiration behind that. Is is another way it's another thing there I'm trying to chains and narrative of how people in Iraq with each other in these relationships. You know and as saying. Multitasking. Opposition media. In their. Just another thing you know just China changed the whole perspective of how we interact with each other in these relationships you know a few wrong wrong. And then on up to it because you want the person to do that as well so. You know in this song I'm the pursing saying that you know I'm serving though. A slice of fumble you know however rom that exempt either you know that the town is glad to on the you know an excess. You know a serving in the nice people big heap heaping serving of humble pie you know so in it's it's it's a fair game kind of thing and in a I think that things that there are important because. I like to make songs with things that there on those songs for. You know he's now in that nowadays you know. They may have been a time where. People would write songs about these things in these notions in these Constance. Over the head emirates paid these things that much anymore so if I'm gonna represented. It in any way I want to be able to maintain the legacy of while we we were all here. You know it got to be more than just make him when he a got to be more than trying to get Sony got to be more than just turn a little cool. You know has to be you know for more than. More than that you know because this is the so that we gonna leave behind when the longing here. And the next generation and generations to come on in these are in the feed off of in the way of inspiration. So I'm just doom apart and shut out to everybody that I work with you know a wrote this song. Humble part with for no money zero heeded the trek to shut out the ink well. On start over our wrote that with. Osiris tissue and home with city. You know both writers don't writers artists. The chart was done by blacks Murphy. As simple things was. Produced mark my musical director Jay Troy who actually introduced me to alien. Out of Atlanta and as its own QB interest in keep the substantial you have things that people can keep coming back to in getting more out of it. I think. Profit of eleven it will feel the real comes out this Friday. And where can at Kennedy. Everywhere everywhere you can also get it you know. From targeted in Wal-Mart in and best buy. The united they're pretty good price you know so you know is available to you you know I never like to. Borough beat anybody into buying nothing you know by you know one of buys this nowadays is on the eastern and platforms there on saying it. However you know if you really want to support you know. Put no money down on it does go a long way so I appreciate. In care. Now there EAS so. Really quickly soul star music group is a name. Mood music companies are. Is the name of the label and in wanna go were records. Sent to anonymous. And I needed to make the point that we specialize in making music that's what we do like any other company. You know on and we talk of a mile you know she's and artist. All in sells them he's accompanying. She's not here with that she's. Here with us in spirit you know legal and talk about us today announced a part is right it's in right now. Com but we do have willing in and he can speak for himself. I you. Finally could such as as all good ego. When a world what a world. It's just it's. Easy when it's working. It. It's amazing I he ID say he mentions a Droid as music director. And I game acog was I'm man and the and the eight of rapper and he's the united delirious is for a particular record. And I was at work when I got the car so he was like yeah I need you to write it comes at a studio today -- night Ohio be doable that we need his record in night. Wrote it right on the job taking orders I was taken orders and writing in the same time. Next thing you know he rearming my attempt people lot of time I get tighter here in that way his album was a first I'm gonna ever purchase ever in my life. And sort of be on the road and then just be here with him even now like previous pro moral right. It's is amazing you know unbelievable. Well what's most profound thing that you learned just traveling with music in. Really diving into the business and industry on the trying to you both juggled the artistic side of it as well as seeing the business a behind the scenes aspects. Patients. Are. Patients are you are. It is maintain impatience. Visionaries that last step is to deal with a debate comes with these I mean. And there's a lot of things are creeping in Madden native TV they can preteens. And knowing there's an app and its you can do about it but it. United air at the end in the daylight I learned so much from just how much she just puts on his shoulders and he just keeps on gone. An ounce taken time which you do you know and edges making it does make me classic making it make and everything that you do classy and yeah I'm mad as container line every day from. The workings are nicely I have an album out and I have several albums are but I have worn out there that we just XT man movie for thirteen rose as the movie. Battle was actually release rash here. And we did a movie for it and there we released Dayton's and that's when he says they were doing them do premiere was sold BME Rouge's wave beginning what we've done it was going to be. So rancid on our core. On October 19 so I really sadder about day phenom I'm a big prints. Prince fans so you know her brain moon walkers. Slide my pain. So home. Digital or right now is right now is our premier in Atlanta and I'm were working on here Kabul the premieres is where. Maybe no maybe trying to get him out of different cities but. Which it would kind of keeping it close to home right now because he's just so precious to us but. Nine times at a T and will be released in the you know. At the top of the year are you know for everybody to see on our. And non damn sad I'm on music album as well feel the real mark five records are wrong to a directors. It's just amazing army even wanna record back pay and it was I would we was gonna keep it in. I was like you know this is news mrs. music's Oates ally in Amy no he received beating is as is the joining us a giant country. It. It's. Yes definitely at William Meehan is WI area IEH a Y means. Ominous known twittered. Facebook is to ground snapped say. I'm a fool most marriages are you when a good man come on in join the party but yeah army willing mean everywhere. Oh. Is HY eight Y any act that would kind of get to spend a mixed some time great seeing right hand he would now. H wiring yeah. So. This act and he ad hoc app downloads. And this act think it's. He and music it I think so we also stand you have a dent in the G line was sounds really cool. Yeah it's in a Mozy apnea. Assistant to base at where you can. You know show you emotions through. The EC Mo geez I mean that's what. They their forced police pretty self explanatory where it came about was the title of the song was Caulfield the real and I want all of those currently racking my brain trying to Figaro. Excuse me how do you. Petraeus feeling in an image and Boca 1 morning and sent in motifs. And it was so fitting because we live in the very you know. Socially interactive. Culture you know what better way to do then and in need be in this whole on this whole denim thing. I just decided to make them Denham and and in the book at Roland on and a man whose that we should make an aunt. We had the resources and we just figured out so a really great out people who have been a whole lot of phone within you know. Everywhere and community a firewall you can find north due to funnel iTunes and buy an App Store and you also funded. In grew place or as well. Cooler than cool so well we're always tweaking it you know sorting that a fugue a few cool things going. Capsule. It's okay and you are capsule it's right. At people. In. The think this is it's not new is is that. The name the name the name than the words have pop soul. That debt may be new to people but hip council itself is not news any time you hear anyone. Using hipper amusing and soul music together that's tip outsold that it's been labeled as R&B. Or is does this simply labeled as rampant about me you know. But any time you hear a hippo have beaten somebody saying and own it that's hip hop soul marriage implies comes to mind. You know I don't think that it's a foreign concept I just think that people have a hard time transitioning in their mind because a so accustomed to viewing it and calling it calling it. What they fume call list but I'm simply turned and re directly was attention. Not only because and destroy I'm be different. Is is is mainly mostly actually just simply because I want people would negate the base experience that they can. Out of listening to my music because those are the two main elements that Macomb my music. I don't think that is. Beneficial it to just focus on the ballots and that focus on other stuff because then. You're essentially getting in and complete album you know win the intense in the same intention is put on to one song. Is put on to all the songs you know and in Ottawa to come into the shows. One or one turn and oh so much when argued it was come for the ballots like because this is of the part. In nobler when you keep saying R&B artist R&B artist R&B artists do when they expect one thing. And maybe become a confused when you get something else is well so. Hip hop soul saying hip council giving people to understand that on the proposal artist is so that you can get more out of your experience your music social experience. Who. So people say. Allow allow let outlets LA time in history. Determine that I don't think I get to say that. It's not I think is really cool but you know I don't ever no leg you. You put your best work out and uses cross your fingers and hope people weaving care. And that has I mean and and I appreciate that they do you know so. I don't know you guys that me Narnia film bug. Eat. Working on them we're working on enough they're really solidified quite yet but we're working on it alms house up to any promoter anywhere they're one of what these insults out on. You know reach out you know reach out some my. My agency. We've month booking agency. Reach out some of the okay pages see her or you visas Diem meal is a grand music sold. Com a man is run might disagree and so the best way to get to me is to DN music soldier I'm and his will respond I mean if you serious if and that. You know day in the war about it. I'm glad you brought it out because another question popped in my head about label on. Are you accept seeing and me a solicitations from artists that are. I mean definitely I mean we're just starting so you know we don't really have a fully operation new. You know situation weakened support everybody you know you know that's on stunning with mile and a son with Willie because. You know that's that's home team so we we make compensations. You know however we need to. On let alone it is B you know and Nino events. You know is a hit. On its credit that you come with the only work. And we will see will weaken do you know and death in the in the you have to be ready and willing to work if not. And you metal found somebody else you know so in an Abaya and and to think is you know I'm not. I'm not necessarily looking to sign anyone however if you want to come this way. You know I have nothing in the bush the best of intentions for anybody that all types of information. Ago all types of inspiration. And no more than its share with anyone has one of this and. Not content when it. Everyone out this Friday you can also hurt is rumored to pack yen in teacher. Acts you sent Nazi one that was really cool that they put that together via looks and passed it and yes your. Current and past the Yankees. In an instant having I know it's. For.

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