Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Phillip Bloch with gift ideas where proceeds go to charity.
4:41 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Holiday Gifts That Give Back
We're getting into the holiday spirit with gifts that give back our style expert Phillip Bloch has gathered -- the people on your list -- -- to get. And you'll feel good about giving companies that donate some or all of the proceeds to -- charity. And also endorsed by some of our favorite celebs of course hello felt great to see no later this year I don't know -- that's -- this is exciting that I really have a lot of people on -- -- myself to shop for a -- this is perfect because it makes you feel good. To give something back. To a charity when you're buying -- so it's just not. Consumerism. And you know. That we gets a cut up for the holiday in the spending in the money in the decorations but it's nice to be able help and do something didn't think time -- -- -- with consulate much it costs -- we do what you guys. I was inspired by -- all the celebrities that do good fair. That is so it's a combination. Let's let this make upset from Mac I love it because it Nikki and Ricky Rick yeah. Yeah and Bob tell us about it panicking and Jim and M Ricky Martin are the spokespeople for Mac and -- got involved in this and all of the proceeds from this all of -- -- 100% -- -- HIV aids. We search for men women and children all around the world and this is great because it's -- -- -- It's 39 dollars you get the little makeup -- which can use the -- little clutch undoubtedly love -- you -- sticking your purse is great fight on your valuable than their unity which yourself on your money in there when you're not. If your lipstick and color as Phillips checked at the very -- Carla love I'm thinking that's -- -- -- -- -- -- take it then yeah let's take a peek. How loud that yes that is -- and you would be very -- less -- Unconditional love it if you follow every lead the people in the active very helpful not -- -- faces look beautiful let's move on to our body absolutely -- this is from -- and it's a limited edition -- to court. And -- -- artist did these bottles which represents our globe our world that were in. And -- -- a big fan of the body butter. How much did they get back to had to percent of the proceeds also a 100%. Go to various children's organizations and other big fans of Kelly rip -- Mary. All it smells delicious smells like Oprah. It does it smells like you albeit Trenton it's always a great holiday captain I love what -- -- woman doesn't like it and beautiful that less than this is really fun because it's from the company's not yet. And they really -- -- invisible children around the world kids are just an invisible voice and they. Sometimes get caught up in that pandemonium. Store and they don't really have a voice of this charity is very very important such. And end at one of my favorite things about this it was co designed by Kristen -- Looking pretty and it will stones or -- have this item as a little bit pricey here right about 78 million dollar jets have we love you go to WWW -- yet jewelry dot com you would have it's a pretty this was funny again and chances. Here's something for the Javier anybody this is perfect actually is this if you can just by five of these and keep them on and get absolutely. Belt. Dear to special edition bottle if you're going to somebody's health -- having people -- your house decorative it's fun and I hear tastes really good. We had a test it felt lately hesitate -- and Mary. -- your biggest fan they love it and this the great great president. And the price depends on where you are. But -- -- of the great things about this is 50% of the proceeds 50% that is a huge hunk so that you can have fun and help somebody. Same field that now one -- these fabulous headphones these are. These -- the splurge I guess is that they explain how these are 22999. But you can't -- monster sound system. Everybody welcomed the boys from the band wanted their big -- -- but everybody -- trade at his B. But the red campaign which is part of this -- the red campaign and he -- -- -- with monster and this is great because this goes to the veterans wounded warriors. All of the -- and the proceeds from these not all persons and persons that are given go to wounded warriors and helps veterans events or anything. Our job we need to help them are coming home we need to do some -- -- it -- tell -- You look fantastic and I'm always is a fellow but he that I think you just think tank at Brooks Brothers this has been there's a little belt that matches on thinking for here and Europe and other I love and I love and how much of that as -- -- five dollars a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 55 dollars for the time. Fantastic and colors because it's Phillip -- think you so much -- our fabulous gift ideas court as fabulous as you and Newton Newton Newton.

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{"id":18000012,"title":"Holiday Gifts That Give Back ","duration":"4:41","description":"Phillip Bloch with gift ideas where proceeds go to charity.","url":"/Entertainment/video/holiday-gifts-give-back-18000012","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}