Holly Robinson Peete discusses her 'Morning Show Mysteries' films

Holly Robinson Peete shares her longtime support of Autism Awareness
21:36 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Holly Robinson Peete discusses her 'Morning Show Mysteries' films
If Candice Williams ABC radio and I'm back once again and I had an amazing wall men sitting right. It cost me the one the only Holly Robinson. And you look at its low thank you I have a team of people back back back back. But this old lady together happening are not at all. They use and of course we we have so much to get into because supplement is an extremely busy woman means she at. Theories she got bull BCC all these things that she's working on. And chief champ being something that's very important that we need to talk about autism awareness monitoring units all of that. That first informal. Well he. Your family the family dynamic on this theories that stocky theory at least the on the hallmark tan on and it it it's something that. We'd meet your. You're asking him now because I thought we get this EU and is dynamic oh over the years. Now can we talk a little bit about this is second season. And meet the Pete's. Aired Monday night at 10 PM oh god what makes you. Here again and didn't he raise it to dvi spending DVR and you're busy on Monday nasty catch up again. I just love this this ME dynamic. Talk a little bit about this season because. I'll see obviously the family the kid everybody and then your mom she and who. All this and only had talk at all we really wanted to do a show. About a family. You know that are positive that you know work together to resolve issues and mean. There certainly are other shows so many other shows in the genre weary and it's all negative and it's barely about conflict in. Open tables in Austin drinks we will see that obviously on on meet the peace it's really about positive India. And vary. Aspiration alt TV. The real reason why really wanted to put the damage on TV's really wanted to chronicle it was like to rally around RJ. RG has ox is and the journey has been. Really long and sometimes arduous but really. Pretty amazing too we wanted to share that on I have not seen a whole lot of representation of arts is an in the media. I mean we have some scripted shows now. Atypical in the good doctor a couple of shows. Other and that late. If there's very little. Representation at all autism. Certainly not in this John in the dock you series reality genre. So we wanted to do that because he wanted to show RJ we wanted to show families you know that they can have hope. And that they can you know get some take away from the show to we try to inform people about things that we learned along our journey. And we do this in a way that's positive and uplifting. And and then all and other stuff happens obviously when your family of six. Beings are things are happening all the time every reach transitioning in the east meets old Delores and there's seven. And so just all kinds of things are happening we won aid really to be part deposit television program. And EL IG the too bright light too bright light and it's so good it's to Levy being able to even journey yes no we appreciate you for that and you know I am deathly when a touch in a lot about his -- hand this month in your foundation. You guys have been doing. And I did not before we get into that I'm just curious. You know what what what are though there admirals exciting or are fun aspects of of bringing your family you know two. It's reality TV or doc he series platform and where I've. Heavy scene had been the most challenging because. Again you know you guys are so unfiltered and your your allowing us to really do you know. Just join in RA family and I know I'm just curious you know your experience how has it been what what have you seen really. In of help towards your family and what has been really challenge well that's just. We are just really just. The invasion of privacy because we have so many people in the house eighty knowing us and and he'll maybe 25 to thirty people a day. In the houses crowded is a lot of the gonna be big dogs he is just like there's always motion and things happening. So that's probably the biggest challenge. Com. But. He's in really awesome especially for the autism awareness piece. On the kids are teenagers and young adults so I didn't you know drag your feeder going are awarded I'll feel like a whatever. When the shows air they loved to show they laughed at each other they make fun of it they think it's cute they think it's a lake and wind shows come out so. All in all it's been a really positive experience. For everybody. My mom is particularly enjoying being recognized in Bed, Bath & Beyond. You know you can't tell her not the because she's a little realities are now. She really is enjoying all of that in her next chapter and she turns 83 tomorrow so. It's like she's living her best life as they say so. It's pretty positive thing I mean it's still work I mean its work and it's on it's a real show and we have to. Cut it together and post production and I've really try to instill a work ethic and the kids with densely do you are you have a job. You know your job is to basically be yourself. And and we've been able to do that and I think would be able to a very authentically. Traveling around Europe with my cousin and the cousins linked. Trucks really try to driving up the road when you are Ryan driving that are BL leg ye yes I mean. Everything that happens and meet the peet's is Berry authentically happening in that moment. And I. Really feel good about that we don't this is not a script it's now. And so on mostly it's been an amazing positive experience. Especially when we all watch the show together. And that's against such agree paying because you McKee said. We innocently at the youth am me this type of representation he mentioned snow. Moments of that I mean I know you have a holly rod foundation which has been. You know just many many years have been any pushing this and little bit about some amazing things that you are doing. Around this month the meaning of the year round thing for you guys don't have been one off whenever I talk a little bit about to some amazing thing to Jude that your doing because I am I really want people to be as. How much she is she walks her talk. Well April is odd. His in the awareness month and some really great month to you know celebrate not just autism awareness or raise ought to some ways also. Autism except it's odd to some compassion in ought to some action doing pains. You know I there's a lot. In some areas are still needs to be a lot more awareness and their allow you have awareness very wet and actually what went. How we put that awareness into action so. We've been really fortunate with holly run on the nation to have such a great partner like Palmer channel because they not only cover our family but they cover everything we do feel rock. And as you know anybody that has something they're selling whether it's even a Philanthropic grants. It lists it to another level the platform has been tremendous for us. It is. Is brought eyeballs. To our cause is brought onto ships to our cause people want to get involved they see what's what we're doing. We're just opening RGA's please which is that a B a vocational training center for young people on the spectrum so they can have jobs like Arctic as a job. Which changed his life. Om and so. We are able to really take some of our. Philanthropic dreams if you will like our Philanthropic bucket list and check them off with this show. That's how valuable it has been to bring does not only awareness to autism but to our specific foundation so. We even teller around this foundation for twenty years a we've never had these kind of impressions in this kind of awareness. About what what is were doing besides RGA's please you know word this month where. We're on selling. These bracelets he's oxygen awareness bracelet for. L and diet and keep collective a great partners and they make a donation to Hollander. With these little bracelets and you're so sweet and I loved them so much and we've been doing this about five years as partnership. And they've raised over 600000 dollars for holly so. This a real to talk about that and to be able to raise that awareness and then. Corporate sponsor wise this is been probably the best part. Eighteen some of our longtime partners like Outback Steakhouse in. And some of the other partners and we have American Airlines. And in and we have a new partner Cigna and the of gotten into this whole job hiring. Putting autism people putting. I mean we just feel like were able to get the message out exponentially now and that's something we were able to do before I mean you're talking about it I could come talk to you but to have a show every week. And be featuring a nonprofit is really cool. I mean again it's like. Almost groundbreaking in and the effect of just really showing that hey you know. You may be on the spectrum but you still can have this life that everybody else has as the didn't change things in that respect and I pray love that and of that element and an all right and I always say you know I wouldn't change argue for the world but I would change the world for RJ and so. That's what we're trying to do with the shows change the world little bit. Island ultimately. Seen by senior hampered by breaking because it the more more people see our Jay being accepted in society and amazing thing he's able to do it gives people hope. And it shows people who don't have experience with autism. You know what causes and can look like and in in me so. It's been a tremendous help to our Philanthropic grant for sure. The end. You know you're talking about the hot channel and mean again at the very busy woman right here. He does this month you have these movies that are coming out and I it's called the morning chill. Mix yet and tell you there are re different. Mr. read write that now we all have to figure out why they kill people in the town of what's going on at. I I need a break and data used our alongside Rick Fox read and also amazing yet he's been in green leafy sea and ground easily blended backhand chops. Now I'm I'm really excited about this and just I've not someone is saved the day. April 14 twenty earth. And twenty and wrecked three Sundays so there must solve Sundays that's your hat today for morning to mysteries. You know they gave Billy blessings that's my character's name. And she was. Based on another character from Al broker's book so Al wrote these books called morning show murders very successful. Mystery novels. That hallmark option to develop and then they said well you know we really kind of what the lead to be a woman in. And Alan I've known each other for a very many years as well also we're very good family friends and when they asked him well what do you think. About holly playing Billy blessing postings the Billy why to an IE. And make the lead character. Of whom was kind of loosely based on Al. A woman I was late. He was like yes and I was like yes I've always when the play Al Roker. So and it was really actually the perfect storm and then when they cast Rick it was just like icing on the K because he's another person I've known for so it's like spam. So it have to be as these suits are grueling eighteen day shoots Gary very tough and and we have to know our stepped on it that we proceed to and that really is very helpful. So yes and a little town that's basically Seattle okay. Like these murders are occurring and Billy is a talk show host slash. And she really has a penchant for solving crimes. Our father was a cop he's not alive anymore. But she has it in her DNA. But she's also just the pain but she's just gets in. Ian Jackson whose plea and Rick please him. Gets in his lane. He's trying to you know be a detective and solve murders in here comes Billy does. All of in the Kool Aid strategist. Here everything out the thing is she's actually good that it. So Ian Haston eventually figure out like okay maybe I should actually enlists her help a little bit more. But it's obviously not something that that Billy does Earl live. So it's kind of the juxtaposition of the many things that she does Billy is a multitask a must like me but Billy is single and childless. Oh I kind of you know. Embraced that character. That's kind of fun had been that along to. Those ticket via dialogue to ego. But I've really enjoyed playing her and I also developed a really. Really pretty interesting. We spat or the murder mystery genre in writing. You know the writing especially mean please could. Rick and I don't always Nolan will call each other Marines it's and go do you know what do you think it is you know because it's written so well that you really don't know the last act like. Vegas is person and it's not so. On that whole genre something have a new respect for one yeah I mean what does this leads you into doing some writing team behind this thing you know one my father was a writer and I kinda had that you know I had that being going. I've I kind he was such a good ready knowing your parents so good as something new you kinda get intimidated to do it but I've always wanted to write more. But and I Britain's couple books and and and and whatnot but. The murder mystery genre is definitely something that is it's definitely a skill set. And so I was talking Al about it numb like I'll respond how bulls lakers is nothing that Nanking in the I mean he's just moles multitask in his band I've ever met. But the good news is is that you know the respect they have for the genre plus Stanley atmosphere that we have. Let's have a great crew issued everything in Vancouver British Columbia which is miles stomping grounds and when he went on streets. Who will be living might. When he. That's it's a really cool thing. Again right. Yeah. And judging in Vancouver Island whole thing and it was a brand new network in a brand new everything so. I was green fresh out of college you didn't go broke in got me a job in. You know and it's a network is brand new and so it was of really easy time and so. Soon I set foot in Vancouver all those memories in my twenties as I'm running back. Time that. I imagine father. And here you guys carrying this season of Whitney you can eat you guys are gonna Bieber visiting. Kind of walking down those same lanes of Baghdad union rather that. Talk a little bit about that I IE AA can only imagine those aren't it is a feeling those moments. First in making Jim line. It's just parliament. And me I'm just like seriously like and a little misty and now it's so. Exercise got the chills is just such. OK so my father started this little show called Sesame Street use of regional Gordon. It was 1968 ever been coming to me am I ever six and he was telling me. Not this new gig he had about this children Cilic took place you know on in a city block and Alvin and hand whenever you now. Again it was not you now a flammable I scooby do. Though it became obviously this iconic show that still wanted to use slate so when my gag got on the show. How Google on its. Eight budget data's garden where anywhere Galen you know big bird and Oscar and RD ever. He didn't want me to be showbiz king and he knew enough about me that young aides know that if I got on SA and all these bright lights and I think now we. Airman and that would mean out and want to be showbiz is an island and had become the doctor lawyer sanity when immediately. And sure enough by on the got my chance to be on the show and I went on ahead when land and bloom one. What was I suppose they hi Gordon. When I say my day. It was our I'll bitch you know at that age I was more FIRA how as a martyr by bet I couldn't that I messed my lineup so. Yeah I'll bet you the kind of floored ideas you know his background basically I was just an extra. But. I do want a duo or for fifty years and so now I finally get it so the good news is that we got to bring to meet the Pete's cameras to Sesame Street. Anyway unbelievable so I can't wait for everyone see that episode. On it was just really really special and then they surprised us and brought out my dad's old Motley at Roosevelt Franklin yet certain age remember rose about. But they brought him out and we and seen him where he went years. My brother and I were just awful and we were so emotional the whole time we're there. Yet it was amazing so. That spend the real blessing I think with the show is it. You know she's documented being able to document really important names. In this way. Is as limitless. Mean justice hearing about it already make it any kind of it's deep it's easy it really really just. I mean I just don't know Andy it's a very rare moment on TV to have that kind of all star comments you know and then the other thing is that you know about four years ago assessed as she reached out to be asked me to help them into use their new character with autism Julie. The new mop it. And I was. Overwhelmed with eggs happiness to do that ray. And that appellate thousand full circle moment but this. This visit that we made it was was something else can't wait for grades. Reiterating. It's shining down on you bring I could feel my dad's presence on that that. And they were some evil that was still there that would there when he was there Susan. Bob. You know even a couple cameraman when their Carol speedy who. Who does big bird and Oscar and me was one of the first people I met IVRoots issues old he still remembered me and added there was a there was a moment of stallion like as they say advocates say all the fields they. Are there that's perfect making weakness even at in line with Snowden. I mean obviously we impeachment tuning in a Monday night in the album movies and my DR before we go I I want it suggests Nicholas he said a trip down memory lane with you because I was united. Average attainment and I was writing about this them. They revival of near under Cutler. Yeah and it made me think about all the show that I love you just let it went undercover and Matt Maloney. Yeah yeah yeah. I blood. What are my ring out and saying it's kind of brings some of the online and had not hang on that ran. These. Well yeah. Not that I am right wit you I love the idea rebooting Cooper. Mark curry and I talk about it all the time we're still very good friends. Raven Simone she says she began so there's a reason pressed not to reboot it. We he's got to get Warner Bros. on board and so that's really all it is but we would definitely do it that was an iconic show off line show. TGI after it was like you know who adjusted defined a whole generation. I know this because when I walk around I see people that are on net ninety's you know TJ generation it's it's it was something that they grew up now. I love abbey toll down to bring Vanessa Russell back to life again. And I B will IB toll with and look forward to gain. I think it's as I've. Somebody. Had kind of you know I think what a parent or whatever but they had kind of mix. The idea of bringing back all the TG I have yet I meet some amazing don't out are still are ready team being that. Could only imagine what would be the cap hold only I thought you know when I saw Fuller house can recognize that all we have the same producers. X I think it be great and I'm toll downpour and be toll on CD thing again this woman is busy and she's always great let's. Congratulations on her beauty and you so much I mean we we just enjoy having you coming into your home during Annan heat and you were gonna see her as talk shall flash death. Last detective and hello I'm is going to let Billy blessings is doing every yes and of course just supporting. The much needed awareness of ought to yes they absolutely. Always. A pleasure and families don't seem like having me the it's now he's shows that. In my head right back. Our lord thank you so my Yahoo! Pete times in his hands as they.

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