Has Hollywood Learned Lessons From #OscarsSoWhite?

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and other journalists break down the effects of #OscarsSoWhite on the Golden Globe nominations and on the crop of films up for major awards this year.
4:55 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Has Hollywood Learned Lessons From #OscarsSoWhite?
Michelle our rivers and Eileen. He's deploying his. Actor. And I and I keep on thinking about and yet we I do think that. I think of that same kind of inside the. And his closest competition is it time Israelis differences. We procedures at different attendance inning double engine bridges and in that category is in the interest in want to watch it here on C one of the best early looks at. I'm the ospreys have been civilians Internap he knew of hate Americans it's due to district's. And I'm so they just didn't in addition and that one is a once you all right what does this time around it's been about aids and announcing it looks good elevator in the spring. And he could have a shot to be like mad Max in this here if you want to make rivers last year kind of Donna filmed it denigrates women. Analysts if they do this program is now suspended as from its getting interest in this well I. Just think we're hurt feel poverty is taking cement. So when it was his year I just don't see how that guy. People maybe that's his name right and date heat they know him that he was raining on house car and you know that goes on these caves they know that he. Can do almost anything so he wasn't just appearing for the first time that just learning how to say his name it. That's ridiculous. Health and figures. People aren't really talk about today. It's not a movie brilliantly moving particularly apparent. I'm right now in the season. Tommy Payne. DN. Wave. Politicizing a black. On whether it. How these aren't the to mideast. You know white. Woman and really don't like it's amazing how that's reflected. Happening this. Anyway can keep yeah. How much. And mark what kind of. I think it's how many punches they went through with participants. Again in this rates we right. It's and we have been arrested you bring up for the when he left here at the Oscars it was all about us. And this is a year where. That has this been a correction. I think it will exceed the twenty acting categories. It's not. A rehearsal. And I keep in mind and. Maybe lightning also. And urging into the right. They're just people and configures I think we'll get nominated as the physical right. 31. Oh. So it means it's it's changed and there where that. And I think it will be the Golden Globe people who really go out of their home. Basically they hope. That this its existing and I think that it wouldn't play the. Incidents like. You speak. Planes that I'm still it's not an attempt I think if not done in the past it's. Hot ticket. But. Right now. Particularly out coming out there turning I personally thinks it can pack his neck high. But it. Actually me the east. Good morning conference essentially getting a frenzied. Snow me it is time and now it. Are you here I'm yeah I don't know oxygen which you really think. Think that's been going. That's its renowned picked up. And so it I don't know if people aren't renting honestly I don't know what people are ready it's. A warrior. Back hi my. Inexperience. Or. The vikings. Like now. Email. I don't know if they're anything but they shouldn't. Have to point that's really don't win Oscars why is to have people. Normalize. This.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and other journalists break down the effects of #OscarsSoWhite on the Golden Globe nominations and on the crop of films up for major awards this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44572713","title":"Has Hollywood Learned Lessons From #OscarsSoWhite?","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywood-learned-lessons-oscarssowhite-44572713"}