3 hottest toys from Toy Fair 2017

ABC News' Angela Williams shows you the best toys from the New York City toy fair.
14:09 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for 3 hottest toys from Toy Fair 2017
Good afternoon every line antelope blame for ABC news in new York and we thought at. Pizza at the convention center with big split there and you're very lucky today because we are here but the point inside a mom Laurie sat. On some living right here written a set to be but I wouldn't let you mostly get tickets then yeah pop up at every now and then and it is today. Look at them didn't let this year's Intel is talk about a couple of trends. And thank it dismissive let everybody know that these toys are. What we see today is that they are not complete without love them are. Prototypes and most of them are part attacked so they'll look differently and that whether it's holiday or spring with a lot of holiday things here and basically what that look like later but let's start talking about some. Plastic toys. Blankly at its always attract there's a lot of computer screens and there's a lot of high tech marketing gets a pat at pick but what's better and that's. So well minus makes his port just puppets and I love this unit that was the whole thing he did meet election. And I love this that not only can he talk but. Look at his ears. It. In out and a great place for kids. Parents you know great storytelling rate at that time. And Great Britain patented language is so important to kids as they grow up on it was going to be there you know we did it always is ever gonna go away. Collectibles. A been trained in itself but some of that plastic leaf pattern. This is happy surprise so Wendy's it's different sizes there's difference they're yeah. But look what happens when I picked up off and and I'm so when I think the top officers are not with patent. To be just what this. And now what to sleep apnea is beautiful little dot that is an hour after his surprise each one comes with a little brats. And now we put next time concerns that there. And an. Sell lots of different sides and they're beautiful they're easy glad these are just coming out now all right now greatly. Like light doesn't doesn't think teeny tiny thinking but even know. It's the price point thirteen hanging it's easy price point. The little ones of course you know when you get it's like the shaft in August and much lottery yeah 39 born and and certainly easier on its allowance. But we're still gonna look at this as a whole line of these and like I said these of the large sizes are smaller ones. Okay. There's a young child in light chances are you know what you're seeing Nast and it's regular boys idea hate. And it sounded superheroes. And I. Expect that's. And Barack how to save well particular air out to save the museum from the night Ninja's OK so this does not and I. The vehicle to bring him but he's an entity out in the spring what a secret holidays is the rival race there and sell. This is a very delicate part of tech and not finishing this carbon it would go around in the open around but let's get this month's rent. I. Don't know that. That is free on them. Irate at a little bit of arts and France isn't something that's important hit and run DIY in the months simple things. When you talk about. Nothing that are not expensive. So all year when you're thinking that what do you birthday party and arts crafts it is believed the perfect answer. So crazy that makes this brain you just bring these are pre need you out and basically this is finished. We have our all of these. You paint on the stickers their plea when you get them you young man named basically stick anything so put them on your lockers near Obama. On your windows. He would love creating need a lot giving more weight to their friends at. We're in Great Britain they're still here. That's ten to 25 dollars when you're looking at these acts between small market so it's always going into that night. Are they finding means that. Right. Hollered yeah so much is so much you can do and you know when you you know it's arts and crafts and then they might not running. Have been Alex really anything good about what they created you know their personal lives. I drowns. Around a big news lasted bigger news this yet. It really can't. Tell you these Q are so this company called alpha forced. And I say alpha forest at the drug and this is part of a collection called wrong force because it's actually I thrown in the whole package. And actual impact each round is something different so I can't even fly because it is such a gentle product I don't know about our. And it kind of is on. So when this is why it's going to be in there that it's all going to be eliminated. The drum it's different if you look here I'm gonna actually trying like it's OK OK Tulsa this. That early. This isn't the type of this best life let's see if we get it out. OK and wait out an won a biking and it also has. Suitors. Look at. Battery life but that's I sent suits there's despite Baghdad's debt and arms in the air. So that collection makes at a it won't force of the loans at all kinds of different and there is. And are going to be at least eaten at they have won an election next use a little bit younger probably its annual night of you well I'm so this going to be range of prices. On. He added I'm not pay a price chart but. It and it's still early in the game a lot of prices that I would stadium now. And it changed by the time you see that minutes are these are holiday items and it will say what an alliance technology lot of cameras. This that the streaming hammer it. The you know the virtual reality when the battles which we're seen. That's when your. Lights and it's like times that simplest and that favorite lines. So the hottest toys and Mumford now I'm going to hit the auto start he's gonna take off and then we'll see how well it like this when. Right now what am I. Is that wherever I my. If he bumped into. So why is Adam I'm Ron white at the camera and at. From that that I. FII. Am right and I love like these things Pakistan president segment doing it can take it ambulance and keep them. And I write out robots. Robots are cool but this is the list wine yet lies that the accident just spin master. This isn't. It some that's a lot of things simple one think Macs can tell you jumps. He can become a DJ instant record sport you inside and not really in the your personal insisted he's that can't hear that opening close he can rip they. And he and keep your Kaplan. A couple of Clinton knack different is that Max is actually robot that will learn. So I day. Max I want to show you something. It. Some it would under the higher sensor and when he's. Getting it. It's my own. It's just us. Okay what you're seeing is a robot that is actually. Learn. Insects to wait at every acts will be unique depending on what children eat. So no accidents and in coming out of the box they're all the same but once it starts teaching and playing and they will all be different. Eight will be used only and that's some acts by the way Cuba you can see that next it's else used looking at about eight. That. Now. Again and he'll start talking right out of the pack help you put him to act now to what Max is gonna do it also asked a lot of profile questions when it comes out of the backs. What's your favorite food what's your favorite color. So that's the beginning of the learning process like Max Max actually had navigational else. You wanna send something to get sister down Ali and tellem what you want help they hear it adding fees when things are in the way. So he's really a very raw but he's coming out while his about a 149. Ask us that million. I packed. Where so I'm Smart strike this hour three line activities answer. So what is it that it but he wouldn't you isn't. What it's. Delphi. Now we have this great little trampoline. Went isn't live it's called I'm but it looks like you're ready to take this now. Like I jumping without. Okay excellent it's a look what happened when our kids get older. One piece now we have a trampoline without the very cool right OK I'm asking is for 12 just don't. Percent. I think and we have a ball. Our rank and we got this whole playtime in them on sell its growing your head at last for a long time he left to sit and then sell. It's just an awesome. Add this is about a 129. And I. Right. I. First and that activity the we want to keep our kids active and busy but we can do with the bigger kids. Now these indie acts that Bobble wrong. Can't you just lie and it actually straps and your old it's just like a backpack handled the prime. I don't port chose what we're doing. So this is a look at I think I'm. Battling and that's. Okay what things that I love them out if the price point is I think that it either gonna have a ball again. Played outside role in the grant the people you're gonna land honest I question. I didn't while. Now. At. I sit out one of the things is on the price point on hits a 4999. Eats out in the spring by the way. And it isn't mentioning it is because there aren't went on the market. But I haven't seen one from less than 259. Out the fact that they've gotten it down to this price at kicking and complain it's affordable it's kind of fun. Yeah he's absolutely. An enemy or I mean the kids love them too but they are made for younger kids to have fun. Again more games than badly and right. It looked like those ninja by an. Act. Probably. At odds that may act I would reckon I wanna say it. Self importance. Whereas my however where is taking off on me. Is uncomfortably miserably like Alan but of a boy. This is the accessory that you need this is why congress and it's called the Nihon aren't so what and when we aren't everything you need right on to hop aboard. Now instead of standing up honest humble. Images. I liked the app. And off by now. It. Yeah I. If the not everyone is that there's a lot of money. Anything on that it makes them I don't quite clear how hot lap mark and and and it is really easy it's very expensive and it response to me very quickly. Howard back where it right but you haven't written papers and I'm not shellac. Let's go a little backwards. So Barry Barry response to your have a boarding. Temperatures. And and neon carted well this might. Yet. Talk about a price point that it. It's. And pat pat pat pat. Adds that's. Well I like. Writing you know for me I have a lot of debris and month think that I can ride and let things that I can lie just makes a lot. More thought of liking it on that mice. In this it is there it. So many cool things any parent any surprise me see that dolls coming out this year there are some so many ones. I'm me really just it's an exciting time in the toy industry it's the second year in the row that we've seen the industry go up. And I expect to see a whole lot more to think that the tech it's cool that classic is cooling and a little bit everything that sending to make every child at. I think he's so nice is that great review and if you like find out more about. This these products will tell you everything again abcnews.com. Us and you could take a look at. The mall within it like that but they think it there.

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{"id":45617480,"title":"3 hottest toys from Toy Fair 2017","duration":"14:09","description":"ABC News' Angela Williams shows you the best toys from the New York City toy fair.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hottest-toys-toy-fair-2017-45617480","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}