Ian Somerhalder Discusses His Role On CW's The Vampire Diaries

The actor talks about his character, Damon Salvatore, and his first rehearsal when he was 10 years old.
3:00 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Ian Somerhalder Discusses His Role On CW's The Vampire Diaries
Fifth. -- someone forgot her team building exercises. Not apologizing for not wanting. You know -- just -- here and -- certainly -- moving around. -- want you to think he's over union wants me to think that I can't get understand. -- right. The formula. Pollyannish toy refreshingly is no friend -- -- -- to -- Terry Kent human Rebecca. Ten million of them thanks. You know. You never talked about what he'll do with feature -- kindness and he's taken. I don't ask. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn when we tell you what happens in the pop culture that's what popcorn everybody in you have just seen a scene. From season four of the vampire dollars words nobody is allowed to know anything about it. Everybody is quiet it's as if you're given -- Wayne State secrets. The Vatican doesn't have secrets like this but. I'm gonna change all that because my guest today is in some all of their welcome to -- program good to see that children -- -- -- us. Everything that happens until the end of season four. And we just expose everything we just discussed what you just discussed the fact that we can't. So maybe we should do is we should do this from the Vatican will unlock the secrets of both. We'll both do the Vatican and the vampire diaries and those are wrong and -- I never kind of thought that it's been a long time -- done done something semi professional you. I don't do anything professional use -- city basis is Sam I understand attack progression that's the way it works. But I wanted to start with vampires because. -- -- Me you know that I've been through vampire diaries from the -- You know I know Damon Salvatore is I knew what you plane I've been through why agent class of five us. I've been through you being in love with Catherine and Anne -- and then not knowing and then being conflicted. But what would you set. For those poor benighted souls there who had never watched who might wanna come in right now when I -- -- year. In -- Who the hell is this thing -- partner. He turns a vampire and 1864. It was a level civil war was ending civil war was an important. He fell in love with the very beautiful. Woman. Who he -- his brother had relations with. At this well not the exact same time maybe an hour to after it was and -- still -- its -- problem is that naivete of youth. That allowed him to fall so deeply involved there and and ultimately she betrayed him. And so we spent -- 150 years searching for her way to find out that they. -- -- there -- nothing to do you. And I think. That sends him on this. Downward spiral but as he's going down as violent as those looking. -- the best does not really enjoys himself by. You know he's funny -- if he's funny he's not as funny as he used to be I -- but he still can get it he can still get that remark in. It's really good put -- him he gets in. He's horrible to his brother's hair. He is he really it -- What does Paul think when you have all of those put downs of his hand he laughs and laughs. -- is -- funny -- people of Edmonton so you. You go out of -- something comes back very quickly and usually in a -- -- -- them does he do different ones yeah we yeah woods -- we do all day. -- -- -- -- -- -- Getting that's going on down there and what has -- you know you all these dire situations everyone's living you know console in the precipice of death here. Sucking people's blood you're killing people and you know -- -- said Damon. Whether Damon saving kitten and more ripping your head up he'll have the exact same smirk on space. This is how Matsui is textures to millions of -- so you're you know you're you do a senior -- someone -- -- had often cut. And then we go directly in the making -- -- one another. -- do which face which is the Damon smirk -- And that's that's Merck. Has -- you. The person who wins all of these -- Even when twilight was at its peak and rob patents and was supposed to be it you would win People's Choice Awards you everybody's -- vampire. He's if you do them. Really -- -- by the way we're very very very thankful for the success of the twilight franchise because it ultimately gave. Pave the way for us I thought you guys never went near -- or never even looked at your way you kept -- I've never seen it seems there. And I liar pants don't -- have been one moment never I saw one scene and denial is seen yeah. No I saw a trailer. There's one where there's of course it. To block citizen and from. Whenever and instead I can't watch anymore -- -- awarded the order the judge myself and everyone. -- compare notes. I just figured ignorance is bliss -- in person on the planet he -- never seen. -- take pride that I think to ship -- That's. -- good -- you heard it here it's never gonna happen even when vampire diaries is no more which I can't imagine happening. Well you never died and me even when you -- on lost. And you were -- you came back. Yet but I you don't mind but then you're there in the finale again you know and he came back that was phenomenal experience I'm -- -- that was so cool. You know having after -- six year run on that show that final scene. With everyone -- it was heartbreaking. You know those people -- my family so we're all there was definitely last day of school so. But -- Quinn. Picking playing it Qatar everyone's singing. You know any -- by -- was -- -- by I got. It I -- that -- -- why isn't that on the dvds. I can -- -- which this. Any more bad except I wanna say about -- again a guy who is screwed up in -- anyway -- I mean he's in love with this system. That's always a problem I think it at all -- -- -- -- an award -- -- vampires it's a problem I think. Yeah good thing David have a sister -- he might be leveled him. He loves his brother in -- -- But there was an episode a recent episode where the Brothers had this conversation about a plane you know and it's beautiful. It's really well done well thank you -- there are there you know there are some great stuff between the Brothers I think. Especially now we're in search of the secure -- by the way I secure. 900 times and -- do you so if you find me. Going around about way to describe it about curious yet the citizens citizens -- think it. That the that the boys they you know they have these. Very choice little bonding moments over. This whole thing -- but Damon doesn't want her to take it. And stuff and does so there's that really great kind of push poll. With the two of them and then. Well liked there's the push and -- that's -- emotional thing. But -- thing that happens to people like myself who watched this. Is that we believe everything is true we will talk about the sire bond like there is such a thing there isn't I think well that's what I worry back. You guys -- an Atlanta. -- saying this all the time about the Q -- one can have it one you know and you believing in art this is the kind of life that you. I can make you lose your helmet how often are you with -- -- isn't. Done you believe. We need help often -- with a therapist Christy Erica about living that kind of -- This is my therapy. This is it just talking through and you're not revealing to individual client what actually happened on nothing with pictures and that we you can make -- do almost anything you wondered if I look at this chair -- the -- -- could make you could you could do that. Do you love doing that scene when just. It is fun it's it's highly manipulative and and a little. All you need it is theater. -- -- -- --

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{"id":18790198,"title":"Ian Somerhalder Discusses His Role On CW's The Vampire Diaries","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor talks about his character, Damon Salvatore, and his first rehearsal when he was 10 years old.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ian-somerhalder-discusses-role-cws-vampire-diaries-18790198","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}