Ian Somerhalder Explains How He Started A Foundation To Empower People

From promoting global conservation to green energy, Ian believes he has a duty to use his celebrity to help the planet.
7:35 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Ian Somerhalder Explains How He Started A Foundation To Empower People
How this happened. He's -- -- following this whole time -- but the cure for silence there was anything -- also gone. -- so funny -- have no idea actually for -- eventually came back. Damon wrongly. Using -- -- -- children to bring Germany back to life con. -- -- And Jeremy was one of the five. Nocturnal. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is what you always wanted to do growing up in Louisiana. You said this is assumed you would modeling first what we got from when I was ten -- -- and doing. You know acting classes and doing commercials and modeling and and but studying acting and doing theater local theater and and what have you. And it's. Now looking back it was a very very cool experience and your ten years -- -- your breaking obscene or once I broke on the scene with this girl. And had to be eighteen years -- I was ten. And it was a scene and removed from what movie. Old very -- Where. The girl. -- the guy kisses the girl -- -- -- content from. And man I just remember I knew exactly what to do. I went and you know did the scene in and and sort of somehow is the mostly connected to what was going on and I leaned and -- Kiss this girl. And I mean I remember that feeling going all. This is completely artificial moment this it's very cool. It's happening right now. And ten years old. What are your parents think are they saying in great thinking this is what we want you to do. Well my mother actually. Achieve put our best foot forward and actually. Invested every dime we had. For me to be able to do that. When they get their classes in. All that stuff and I -- getting a contract with the big agency in new York and we moved to New York for Summers in what -- -- but. The means that we needed to do that she invested. Everything and for you know to give me the ability to do that so I'm very grateful. For. My mama. Because you're grateful for even beyond you're grateful for the world -- you kind of living you have any in summerall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we talked about this but I've never asked to. We're -- where he thought I've got to -- -- incidents in question it came out of necessity. Which is the mother of all invention and yes. It came from a place of actually being extremely vulnerable and wildly. Helpless. And then during the BP oil spill that the Deepwater Horizon spill. I knew that what we -- seeing on the news was not most -- what was going on -- because it's what I've heard and so I went there and got my feet on the ground. And in the water and realize that what what we were hearing what -- was seen with two separate things. And it really made me feel angry and helpless so would turn a negative into a positive. Out of that. Helplessness I realize I don't want anyone ever feels helpless again myself my family you definitely didn't. And so I SF that's what I itself was born was the but idea to empower. And educate -- activate. People so that they could put a stop to things like what was happening -- and have been in Power One. And so that's -- came from and it's grown into this unbelievable global. Family. You know we give each other a lot of digital -- social media is allowed that happened. -- without social media. It would be impossible to move. This about it information. And -- second you know and in. And with riot the cool thing about right is that the platform has never been done where you live in -- news to -- action and so at the at the end of an article. There's -- donate one. And you can click on and whatever that particular articles about -- goes directly to the best organization. Dealing with that one particular thing we take no processing fee -- So this how cool about this -- I don't tell me how cool it is and what you do -- everybody what did it. This company -- has designed this -- It looks like an incandescent light there were used to using them but it's not spelling -- And this thing it's gonna change the world because it's still giving you this really beautiful late but he uses 84%. Less energy Peter. That's incredible them. And the -- -- its shatter proof. You know you can drop this thing and -- -- break. Mean these are this is a major major major and these guys have come up with this so. There are people out there who are again putting their best foot forward and making. Stuff like this happen. -- you're using social media to bring this kind of thing total lack of slow music and every kind of -- -- -- -- whether it's Twitter or -- -- and report any easier -- everywhere I -- do you everywhere doing that. What motivates you to do it. I have. The access to the public. Through this thing we call entertainment than I have. A social responsibility. To use that. -- share of attention. For the greater good. You know that I always end every interview that I've ever done. Specially with you in song. I know I wish I could know you can do. Now -- it I just went a little bit of one. What -- -- for the whole thing and might be a song that's in your head or it might be a song that is saying something about. What you just said about the foundation -- I would say. All you need is -- All you need is them. All you need is. -- All you need is Peter. That's all you need is -- you -- and tossed loved. -- -- flow should look into that camera and and tell them by giving them the game and I'm. That this is what they should do oh you don't want actually yes yeah fire bonds the -- Love each other. -- -- -- when he's ever done it. And we'll say it might change everything you went on -- -- donations. I just love that top it was energizing that human that was great.

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{"id":18790227,"title":"Ian Somerhalder Explains How He Started A Foundation To Empower People","duration":"7:35","description":"From promoting global conservation to green energy, Ian believes he has a duty to use his celebrity to help the planet.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ian-somerhalder-explains-started-foundation-empower-people-18790227","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}