Ice Bucket Challenge Pours in Big Bucks

The latest online trend has raised $41.5 million to help fight ALS.
4:42 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Ice Bucket Challenge Pours in Big Bucks
-- -- Good morning it's Thursday August 21 the markets in new -- open. And today's big number is a whopper 41 point eight million that's a lot of buckets of ice water. Until it happened so many also it's just such a huge splash. And it's not cool enough the money pouring into the ALS and the fight against Lou Gehrig's disease. Raised in a cool 41. Point eight million dollars from all those -- challenges hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Here with the details the one and only warrantless search warrant -- -- challenged. I am not -- -- tonight well I'm challenging right. Well well aren't you happy if that's not the right I'm not have a right down here -- you borrow it. -- -- This could be -- that -- big money maker 41 point eight million and earlier this week just talking about ten and thirteen minutes then jumping a lot this year how much has gala raised. This year. It is incredible such a sensation in -- LS association had no idea it was -- -- into anything like this. They even starting it was it was someone that suffers from LSU who began challenging and it turning to a viral sensation and Danny -- Association got involved but as you said never to date they've raised 41 point eight million dollars just compare that to what they reported yesterday -- yesterday's race. 31 point five million dollars in -- -- this challenge that ten million dollar jump in just a day. And even just earlier this month after this had already been a sensation going on for a few weeks -- mid month the twelve interviewed the chairman the board of and the association he said it was amazing that -- raised. Four million dollars compared to. Much less money you know the period as of now what they -- last year with two point one million dollars so I mean a huge huge difference. And -- this viral challenge is really just been such event and it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves to coming up with very creative ways that we've been watching how exactly though is the -- skating all of the money so many people are taking that there. I'm getting drenched. The right gap for people have been living under the rock their original dairy that you either get a bucket of water dumped on you or you Jenny -- box I think today LS. Will what's ended up happening is that so many of these videos that we've seen particularly with all of these celebrities politicians business leaders. They say you know yeah I'm gonna take the challenge and I'm also gonna donate so it appears that that. Is what has been happening because the donations have far exceeded anything that -- -- race last year during this period. I and they said that some of that from existing donors that they've gotten at close to 740000. New donors so it looks like. More people bang -- you would initially expect abide by the terms of the dinner had been doing both donating and getting nice bucket dumped on you and also there are the folks that. Have chosen today to just take a donation -- like. The president ever are acting president a -- -- -- is challenged by Ethel Kennedy in and he said dad I will participate by donating I won't take that ice bucket challenged. Well speaking of president's former president George W. Bush is the latest to take the challenge let's take a lot. Compliments. Laura Bush he was doused with the ice water before we go a LS is asking that use these hash tags to raise awareness to the cause. Such as ice -- -- And all of those things -- what else -- be watching. Today. -- this is not gonna sound anywhere near as exciting as ice bucket challenge but I promise you and some point that is constantly put acting work out. But everybody is anticipating at Janet Yellen a fed shares keynote speech tomorrow -- Jackson Hole which is an annual symposium at central bankers. And it's really even a big deal over the years because it's a place where that the Central Bank chair hit. Hinted -- policy news now that isn't expected this year but in the market is watching it closely for any -- against. About what the Central Bank is speaking out in terms of when they're raising rates which this debate I know it seems so new ones didn't want you but it does have a huge bearing on on how. Investors and traders are thinking about the market how economists are thinking about the economy so that conference I'd get. Kicked off this afternoon in her keynote will be highly tomorrow morning so that's really what everybody's kind of mulling over right now that'll be a good thing to keep an -- and who -- and -- -- -- -- by the challenges that may be -- Allen will do the ice -- tell me you blisters I think you think of -- for -- -- thanks Michelle. You of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on ABC news -- Connie even watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in the Iraq.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The latest online trend has raised $41.5 million to help fight ALS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25070438","title":"Ice Bucket Challenge Pours in Big Bucks","url":"/Entertainment/video/ice-bucket-challenge-415-million-raised-als-25070438"}