'Idol' Alum Talks New Season

Jason Castro's take on "Idol's" new judges and his new music.
3:05 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for 'Idol' Alum Talks New Season
And that in a sample of only a mountain the latest single from Jason Castro of the American Idol alumnus just released his second album. Also called only in mountain and he joins us now -- talk about it welcome basins for let me hear things we have only cell only -- tell. A little bit like those mountains in life that did not have to cost more time and -- -- -- -- your inspiration. Well you know the whole idea behind this zones that we don't have declined and we just have to. Have a little faith -- know things are gonna work out in. And has really no harm behind this only you know we -- go through these things -- I think in retrospect once were on the inside we realize that. While these challenges we face weren't as -- as we -- in the moment and. So yes and that's one of the great sound great outpouring thing going on board as a fourth yeah I'm currently touring right now and -- -- -- mention Rincon. -- 42 dates across the US through march right now. Yeah. You -- before obviously an IFA you have a one and a half year old daughter is that right nutrients so what's the plan there are gonna take everyone on the road with you well you know I'm hoping to at some point but Torre is -- -- A rough life especially for a media and didn't -- -- go to bed early as they -- ultimately and -- and every -- they have -- half -- is right now they've they've been -- -- images for -- much they can -- typically once we can I get home. Now you of course where on season seven of American Idol and you -- with the original judges panel Simon Cowell Paula Abdul Randy Jackson what -- -- the changes. And it happened to the show since then. You know it's on the -- MB -- Same as the regional three catches. But you know I think to adapting and I think it's apparent in that kind of a new thing which -- can collect actually get to see it and advance screening isn't the first episode of this -- season. Last weekend thank. I really enjoy any. And -- Democrat I was inspired and think everything hit in any hope for in the TV shows and religious candidacy what what talent shows and real competition begins what -- fact that American I'll have on your career and her life. Well you know I think. Very direct effect in my life and I'm not sure what -- do right now it -- -- -- at what level you know definitely persons and -- that we gave me. You know jump start but in doing that very thankful for. Give any insights now the perhaps you can share with the new contestants. Things he wished you'd -- then. In the home and not really think the best thing you know changes -- -- -- yourself in China China to take -- to -- is that I think that's. And in the day and viewing experience -- do your best for the half and don't be afraid of making an Irish ahead. Our holidays in cash -- thank you so much and congratulations on your thanks.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Jason Castro's take on \"Idol's\" new judges and his new music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18234011","title":"'Idol' Alum Talks New Season","url":"/Entertainment/video/idol-alum-talks-season-18234011"}