India Arie dishes her new album 'Worthy'

The artist talks about her new single "That Magic," and her upcoming album.
23:38 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for India Arie dishes her new album 'Worthy'
This is ABC radio of course I am always excited to have at magnificent. Guests with meat sitting right across from me being comparable the Grammy oh yeah. India.Arie. Today wonder I. And I am so happy to have you because we now talk about music I love music I love your music. Because you have a new project coming up. Next month that's very new called worthy. And you are still weren't be enhanced clarity appreciate back. Do you Wear a fifteen. The day after Valentine's day's low level continue into another date to when you purchase of album you'll filled. It's a nice idea yet again. And yes of course all of what it eight is is really significant it means new beginning. Is that what it means yeah. I mean TO eight to me means like. Boss executive mining them. Mama and all those things are like on business finance as eight means to meanwhile. Beginnings is one to me in. Idol finality is nine army war out you don't I am I staying out of the metaphysical arts is that since I was a little kid. I have now his opinions. I've never heard that means. I I know. One could be yes I could see one as you know did the beginning and but that's 88 would because after seven is pulled the completion than a would be the new beginning of that. I have other friends who. See the numbers to you. Know deet before we get out of outlook. The new knowledge they'll be all wrapped up into the amaze need type clothes existential type of experience at sea and back at. Diplomatic had a deep down the way I KEL you know I want to tell you why is called warranty yeah typically ask yes but as you said so weighty and as that you're too. I. So him. Parts of love were. Of course. In this. I heard the word word be somewhere. Someone was saying it or something. And it it felt good to me. Because it encompasses so much it's not saying you're Smart. Is not saying Dupree yours not saying. Are confident or let is saying what you're worthy. For me my favorite definition of the word worthy is deserving of regard and respect. Just because the world doesn't always treat is that we doesn't mean we're not deserving of it. So I did this interview with Oprah on super Seoul Sunday the end. The question she asked me needing get into the in the moment because I want to talk to Oprah about everything but I was trying to be focused selections do the interview. And one of the things she asked me was what how long has on wording is in your calling card. House like. Now a kind of looked in the air and looked around like I'm not sure. Sure. Let I don't know but he gave me pause and I hit and I've been. That's crossed my mind reluctantly did Indians when he thirteen. Mess crossed my mind many times since then. Because in from the inside and yell feel like that's my calling card I can see how other people would look at me that way as much as I've talked about being sent are at the grammys in the difficulty in the music industry the difficulties black women have in the industry in the world and I am I can see why somebody would read me like she doesn't feel good about means does not actually true there's some days I feel great to me they don't like anybody else. But that gave me pause and they won it in. I chose to. That he led the next day act she asked that question to make it clear. And I know I'm worthy and so then what I do when I make my albums and when I make my songs every song. Wanna take people on the journey I'm on I can't I can't ever say winning tonight's gonna get out of anything our creator anything like that I just offering and I haven't intentioned foreign. Alley say that I hope people get whatever they are meant to get. So I just tell my stories and I hope that someone will take a journey with me in that they'll get what they need. And so on for the album where the all the songs are either implicitly or explicitly. Imbued. But even like I have a lot of love songs in. He noticed someone loves used to know your word and that's what lets my love feels good you know somebody sees June rate. So implicitly we are explicitly imbued with the energy of that were. Sown as my favorite word right now I have years of for an years my word was resilient. A few years my word was integrity there was confidence in there right now gorges where eighty. She dropped that does did that eyelids you don't give the permit and an order collapse that we I think. I am a harmonized. My history actually an island used a year because minivans and is this what we do act of faith that I mean perfectly in infill wells at and I Philly Q you were very poignant on WB. Boning in on on on what pieces and in what it needs to be worthy which is. Especially what I wanted to get into with you because. I feel like you know as women of color you know there's that constant. You know. Trying to to fit in to this this microcosm in this barrel worrying the world says you have to be or do something specific for you to be worthy. In us. Is no one's job until he would be a worthy enough at all it's your job the cultivated inside of you mean this is always going to be reason. Worse. Or is an eye and I think what we needed is that this album that you have because you touch on that and again you know I see. I love that mean really bring us to talk have a conversation. About what I feel that album is to me it's a conversation with yourself that's true on you it's true. And I think that's powerful. I think you and the great habit of doing. Yes president Hamid conversation that we. We need to hat and you so Kelly talk about this. Single. That magic and yeah I yeah. And I saw him ice you know I interviewed him as an actor on another project but he's such a good person who's on can. A little bit about that because visuals are in my opinion also just as important and you have a way of creating. It is. You know Holstein is this feeling and emotion within that ill do you also when you approach just like your music. Approached visuals are you like okay this is what I want to accomplish this is too icy and he toppled at about process. Let's be honest Southland my approach to my visuals has been and is intentional or. Tight as my approach to my music in my songwriting there and know what I want to say what I want to do my projects in my songs in the I know that. The videos I try my best but for that magic. I'm growing into a person who's being able to expand my vision outside in my songwriting my music. So that magic was exactly what I intend it is exactly what I want is I thought I'd love I love automobiles I think this is the first time that I really really hit the mark it. Capture the feeling that I was looking for. And so with of that magic video. Mean I wanted it's is when it's just look like the song sounds. And it's funny too because. I'm a fan lyric. To. But I didn't really knows name and not in and I watch movies despite really in a real. Pedestrian way how it like it may be filled that was fun I was minding I don't have I'm not real critic of Gilmore TV outlet what I like I don't like lateral. Williams the music and the super critic of corn and so I didn't really knows name l.'s like there's that one man. That you know I'm Todd might I couldn't that knows me. Annika someone or someone who looked like in adults. Anyone a model as was one who's grown and really beautiful. Look like and the dial looked confident looked like and the man a man not a male and a man. So. You got him. Yeah yeah and in big Indian when I've army Donna Page Erez like oh yeah. I had that guy. Many say yes smells like oh crap I totally think it subtly through like he's going to be here and we don't like like romantic partner I did not think yeah Ali do. He made me feel really comfortable and I'd like looking and I summoned be nervous you don't have to walk me through this news that you needed. It was fun working with him in this fund heat is is nice to be around you and the whole video was so. I'm fulfilled. Try to outcome. Having giggling. Is Clinton for the spurs that the bitsy with a bill of my I sat up I was like right not present in other humans altogether. We can't I can't read it as did know how to handle. Then they you know you are part of us that is a mature in and hours as we can be. Found. I. He's joining yet become a friend and I'm happy to know him Diaz Ballard wonderfully and I definitely yeah as enjoyed watching the beginning and in fat and house of earth to do it he can. You know you're already bed alum has yet to to only drop and we're ready yanking on the charts so I had to be a good feeling answer is number seven today you could regulation and you I mean how does about your music that just inspires people I you know I I don't think it's. Really anything foreign to see your music charting because it's good news and from what you know as an artist does that particularly make you feel I mean do you still. Arianna of oh. I say oh yes because there years when it doesn't chart and I'm in debt does it feel good but and that also say oh yes because that means people are hearing has I don't. I'll have time to listen to the radio. Passed Aaron nearly units are your TV's we worked for and he missed. So it just BC to chart number dimensional people are hearing as those like those on the radio is being made on a race. That is on Israel cool. No it in your process and of course reorganize its you know you have another single that's Alan and in India and speed now what Ashton all acted none. On an act like eyes and so excited but during the process he talked about that a little bit. What men in your opinion some of the challenges because I feel like. Art is can be very in their hand you know I mean. That you feel like will see on this particular project for you know for fans like what has been able challenging funeral is the most challenging sound to really making kind of you know allow your year narrative to beast oh. He's mentioned a song when I was the most challenging one. Because I wanted to see set earlier that I have a way of making music that. Gives people a reason have a conversation with themselves. And IA. It is. Nice news I didn't know that that's what I was doing the best what I am happy that it is wooded dense I don't know that I lose. Self aware or powerful enough to go okay how can I get people to look at themselves. Just like us that I do what I do and I hope you get what they get I do know that it and it does that now but it's not as intentional as it makes in the and so. I soda to say that with the song what in. I won a two. Intentionally give people a reason that looked and so. I don't it was my goals that he intentional. And so. I. Haven't said this in public yet some see if I could save an concise way catch me first argued not programs with head. So you know and back between thirteen in this pitcher came out now is accused of bleaching my scale U member that so no. It's so there's so much about it and Will Allen fizzled apply learn a lot of myself a lot about people through that. 01 of the main takeaways for me was that. I remember thinking so if we didn't really even do anything to this picture and people have a whole narrative about it. What I'm learning is that people I triggers something that was already inside of PO in your triggers are your responsibility. It's not my responsibility your triggers are your responsibility that's how you choose how you're gonna feel in life right. It's so. The song what is is about. Taking responsibility for. Your power in the world eager small 'cause we. Now and now that the world is so crazy. The united making music like this for almost when he years but now that the world is so crazy or are looking like well what can I do. Look at someone like me do I'm just a schoolteacher but everybody's trying to find a way to do something to help heal the world because we know we need all hands on deck. And that's what the song what it is about us about. Inspiring people to have our hands on deck Ike I don't care what you do do something. And so it and that's not as much you scratch that is not I don't care what you do is what you do has the power to its. Ian Angell for someone everyone can change someone's life. And so the thing that made the song hearts are right is how do you I can make a song like that that's slow and ballot be in the end goals lot of plays with orchestration. Is Harvey me to make a song like that. As does have the big beat. In that simple and that goes straight to people that's not all musical that's just speaks to the regular listeners that's hard for me to put it message like that and something simple. So I flew to my favorite town which is Seattle. I went there and stayed for twelve days and I worked on that just writing the lyrics or twelve days. About how could it does make it simple dump I don't wanna say. Nurture here is your job and Lego doesn't and that's not lyrics he now. And so did not this nonsense. Poem where the ones we've been waiting for him we can change the world with Emma simple. Because it's us. It is gonna do it visible. Is no hand is gonna come from outside it's gonna do it is us. So that one was. Challenging. And fulfilling because I. Idea what I am what I want to do with that song that's when a growing up Stevie Wonder was my hero. Amman as my year with Stevie Wonder to. And B he's my hero because he made songs had a beach and a message jam in the genius he didn't mean he's he what museum. It's I didn't incorrect ever sound like him are due to his level that wasn't my goal. I always wish that I could be jamming and talk into the mine like the Arctic on with the king says. I'm now I'm gonna miss quoted essay nine times yesterday's strong minus gentle heart. News strong is not a right where but that equity sense. S let's Meese TV's music is. So I wanna tune of one of the song what is to have that quality. No one in my music in general that's what that's why he's my inspiration wanted to do that in general. Always a hit the mark I'd make very gentle music is gentle minded gentle art music. I think what is that the strong minds until our company should write. I think you hit the mark acutely because. It it's so timely yes timely song thank you to timely song it's a needed on you know am al-Qaeda it was just yesterday and and I feel like you know not to get political you know but sometimes. The importance and significance of those things seemed to be on the radar and more. And as legal and sue and I and Lucent which is for a second because I feel like oh I have a tough mind in the gentle heart. Yes OK ballistic yes yes and no and I mean this this is all perfect because to me I feel like at this at this song is so timely you know you you polls all these questions and you really. Get to the core of of of what we should be really thinking about Martin didn't standup would have Rosen I'm sad when in. Yeah those are important questions at an and distant looking ahead for a second. You know Yuri album comes out fifteenth it's awful black history. Which is a time and meet before lack. Let's use people we're doing today and are we honoring our ancestors. Can you talk briefly about just because I feel like. You you always managed in my opinion to be so revolution uniting the words are significant. What we say. It can in sight and hopefully be a catalyst as you mentioned to change what would you like Eaton keep old. Respect to the significance of Black History Month. Really be thinking about. You know I thought that they feel like we glut we talk about the important goal though until invented this mantle and so did this right. What's different this year. Zero point analysts amateur deep die yet just follow my opinion men. I can't say it was going to be different this year can tell you what I hope. I hope. As we really when you said that sometimes we don't really own acknowledge the importance of Doctor King he's kind of think of doctor king and we get a day out. What I think you're talking about our world the way I would I am. Hear what you're saying. Translate what you're saying is reverence. I feel like so often you'll have reverence for things that should be revered and really should I really really shouldn't. That lack of reverence makes our culture what it is like with things look funny people and adorned funny things that they shouldn't. I shouldn't be but that does make some. Crazy to the rest of the world in the jungle that if your travel globally you'll never now. You know when I started traveling I was like all. Apart of I'm part of black American EC is a certain way. And so. Now is when a to be respectful and that it. When in my head when I've bars that I was that was what my grandmother be embarrassed by this that's I've always been kind of moderate Mike. And learned. Anyway. Black History Month. I feel like. My hope is and also kind of a prediction. People are gonna have more of reverence for what it means to just be black. To be a black person in America specifically. And I think that black panther has what to do with that is not not to black panther dated but black panther. It's something that we were hungry for in reminded us arm of our roots. And not just done. On paper in my logistics liking moment that the king was born Janet fifteenth and you know he fought for us but like no he's actually your ancestor he's actually what you actual leak com from. Everybody in this world was born in different place on the global. This is your culture Dr. Martin Luther King is your culture. I feel like this year I hope and my prediction is that people are. Looking at it that way more is that I just actually you didn't see me but my eyes got a little bit why when you even said the word ancestors. Right because we only say in February news but the truth is those are always there and sustenance and you are men comprised of them period. So if your not. At least in some sense remembering who you are your lineage as an eye and some sense remembering. Having reverence for it you're missing the whole part of you nestled people start to look crazy. We see him out you know just doing weird things as they're not remembering. Some people don't know you don't a lot of us don't even know where our great grandparents names war. I don't you know and so have been calling on the answers is for a long time. Because the London and we are come from so I have. I carry with me everywhere a picture of my great grandmother my great great grandmother my great great when my great grandmother was sixteen. On her wedding day I carry everywhere because. Because I have it because I want to remember. Because the would this especially this industry is crazy. There's so many threatens not about the word were radius so many things that'll make you feel like you don't deserve to be heard to be seen or you're not. Right kinda woman of the right kind of person or the right kind of singer that's. You know you're not right. I know the ladies I come from and I'm standing right here today because of hundreds of years of people who live. Not the only singer in my family by far not the only person luster right in less to speak by far. On the person who is to speak to the world and I don't. Take it for granted. Everybody has only means there's somebody who was powerful and everyone's thing and we your name Rick Greek Greek camp item might have been the mayor. Whatever of some small town in helped out of let me get right you don't know. We don't have any reverence for but I feel like this year. As people are so hungry for things that are meaningful. Because now outages hungry. I feel like I feel my hope and I predict who's gonna be a little bit more maybe not things that I mean a lot more people who are going to be like hey this is that this is our culture bizarre. Mystery our ancestors but now my eyes got wide when he says likes that ancestor. Yeah in a and I think. Got back. As well that's perfectly said because I feel it we do any reference we do need to be honoring those that came gulf war it's a two way. We are we're acknowledging it it's not just about. Yeah you know I'm so glad they came no but why and when how and what are you gonna do it what do you than an hour what you're doing right now is that OK yeah I think it would be okay with your great great grandmother drag and I have to say this and that and know we have to wrap it up with Allen you are honoring. Your ancestors by creating this album in nineteen due amazing. And you are aware the and you aren't and you. And so with that being said. I'm just really excited or fan few pick up album. Okay everywhere didn't team now Prioleau. There is base available are available in the house armed and no reason for you not to get the Ahmanson if you agree or he'll get the song that Mexicans on what. The perfect gift for all seasons in. And just before we go out I've already hit on it but if you don't mind kind of reiterating. You hope people can leave with because this such a meal. What I mean it that it will fill you. You won't be left one. What would you like if you could say anything is specifically to fans because you know eight bugler been. The UMI people who love me they love you yeah. Or forward or them you know we're gonna definitely go out in droves to pick up the album on drone and drone in euros reclaiming. Yet enclave heads very important to claim it. Wet wet when it what is the message. Mine all of this if you had no Michael. I messages that you are worried the a near significant. And you matter and you deserving of regard and respect no matter what anybody says in your only person who can make it not so when you're the only person can make its. And I have to say this. Ocean so five cents on a document like this need to be silent I have missing misty. AP. Well be Lama and every lung illnesses. Let me. And I was leave that best known. Yes I received that ain't Q thank you take you for being the wonderful amazing woman India are read thank you name my ABC may have thought that Al. Incumbents he checked it out. That's right Eddie wary if team united okay thanks again for not mean by his name is William signing off.

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