See Inside Joan Rivers' Private Collection of Jewelry and Clothes

ABC News' JoiMarie McKenzie visits Christie's Auction House to see all of the dazzling items on display.
15:02 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for See Inside Joan Rivers' Private Collection of Jewelry and Clothes
I'm enjoy Marie McKenzie with ABC news and here here in New York City at Christie's the iconic auction house for a very special collection. It's the Joan Rivers private collection. The late comedian died nearly two years ago at age 81 and now we can see items from her New York City apartment and at some really great that. Here to help us get their politics it's Gemma side load she's the specialists. This that the head specialists. Forgive me at Christie's she's right here. Night in morning welcome them so what can we expect to see today I hear it's really great stuff from Patrick's day hearing and to me he. Yes and very exciting opportunity for clemency. Step inside the well Jane it's. Which she's an extraordinary. Well jewels. Costing shall. Fashion. And it wonderful continents at an EU countries hot spots and so let me get started. Can't process. So Gemma tell us what we're looking at here. 30 PM we have two different costume piece is and you auction pieces of Bob Mackie down here on the next. And I hit it right it is spectacular attack. Things were gonna get really that close it's just that you guys can see. Just the born Meeks. Kind of in greater eat at this direct tax it's just gorgeous. It's Jeff stories ahead. And this code is kind of a nod to Jones hit show great passion and pats me. Cindy acute nice iconic statement. Right at the entrance rocker you name. Price might be welcome concede here. Great series we were treated. Within easy some optical thin and Silva. It would mean to wounds. The Israelis. It's cuisine dinnertime sleep pac ten famous friends and happening. I mean how many items of the entire chin happen. We have to teach different options and we have to light pollution. I was you'll be counted yet next Wednesday twenty seconds you. 10 AM knots faster it was not. Half 77. You know online Sam. Which went live yesterday Cindy thanks Chris Stockholm. Kick off a brilliant kids generous. CE summit costs means something to me it's better to buy and they don't now. And I don't think so much. And basically it's just. Just so much John Barrett I can feel it hurt me through illicitly gotten him. And literally in them. Said yeah actually yeah. Let me engines. They snapped I don't athletes. Was this year isn't. I have parents let us race to you sixty. Senator and it's passions. Could act fast. Race. Some really happy in this. Summit sweetening the Q politics. She can act and eighties compared and written here is being questioned the important. Into the public's and in the end Clinton plans. He says via the public today and and you know we hadn't changed harmony not until I am on Sunday saying it here in town who want to step inside look to and comfortably. So he treats me out. It's a good looking at here I mean X reunion things. It's incredible. Saying every England and easy to see here in this case that may not change grant. Shop. I'm pretty we have acts in the car east. And the great tracks and his friends and friends. And this is on the sleek and consumers only daughter Alice. Daughters Margaret Harris didn't act. Fashion police. Awesome to see them together. I'm English. Yeah. The tiny things it's really time. But obviously someone that downloads. That's this. It's. CE ET. Spectacular highlights from hurricane. I'll update he's been talking off this man. He estimates it will slash its TT 300000 dollars. Seeking care workers in this case here. Bill is passed I can hear me and he concede it's getting there. We heard tendencies. Letter. Back in the day into. What I'm in this the end it's an important extra pilgrims in. Pillbox. Check in Kabul. Nineteenth congress gasoline blends dad's a ski slopes taxes and Jack and it's Marianne. I'm from eight actually slash 1898. And we don't here's just record maybe re create it acts in the original receipt. Speaking trash that acts act was passed passed. The superior medium. People are here and inside. Collects used looking and it's beautiful. And the cost is no where it. Some jurors heard her raise. Here in New York City that was sixty history. Today. On some things she has three levels. I'm here Saturday spectacular pop and don't feelings. Architects hearts. I'm when he's ready. Ecstasy it was a mistake and to answer cat. But she states and Latin how this ends at this we create and still be experiencing its original glory. I'm what's really interesting houses many pieces. I think the problem hearing me. Up text updates take center. I skis and Julian have changed acts that day she's at 19100 killed in age height and pump periods. Into the cockpit and for being hands and neighbors who saw her reality show join Melissa you got a glimpse. Her apartment and there are so Courtney and her yesterday. And will be looking here. Canadian we have some of the more constant pieces in the cities brushes and kinds of things went from singing. And we couldn't resist and it deserves a company. Harassing. Do you honestly I think. We'll hope went into its engine and vision and finding out about it shouldn't yeah. And so here in just continue on. To meaning in its Julie please read exquisite. I know me well I can't how tough guy. I mean I'm prevalence or diamond. This is yours yeah do you Tina. And it just want to. Can relax plus this unites. It's. You learn something dimension. Yeah she is LA. She loves her city. Did this come out. Her jewelry. Again most interesting imagine where this is connecting. He's seen how little tunnel Julie. So he and possibly. Teasing me. Perhaps we'll sorry I can't picture not me. And then we Lucent have. CE eyewitness money to sign such as apple claims. Well. This is amazing. Pieces of news. Diamond really are girls wrestling and it seemed that Jim. Her store and great vacation as wanted to say thanks to you again XXX. CXQ my. Someone Jennings clients on the didn't feel like she's reading into this one point favorites. You can. I don't exercise. But even if they don't exercise gone when he had been deliberately but not. Our payment yeah. Whether he's beautiful he's inside he's he's he's really looking back at night. Thanks and and that's okay judge joining threatening I had. Christie's the iconic you're sitting on. He's feeling Joan Rivers. Relief comedian died. And Christie is auctioning off its. Online. Any person. Beautiful. Thanks not just story it's everything. Your furniture. But popular items personal items. And items centimeters PME. We list a BC. Thank you and me. It's. A senate race time. What's that takes its key connect carries it will represented he had to say Julie Abbott today and signage. I'm and as he stepped into this carrier exhibition. If it's. Factories. You know online sand which is currently lions began to Christie's dot com right now extend it. On some of these fantastic he. Is Julie. To me now and no I am pretty tight here greet. And again our. Angel who has known her passion since the past. Anyway and she's feeling that style she's not shy. I'm he stated industry. Jack issue alone humming rights to. This is easy credit card the I can see just how you tell this jacket and it. I don't continue online course you can say anything he sees life amendment. And I got her online. What did the greens party. He says yeah. Friends. Well I. So every yeah. And artillery. Now. And the world there you don't jacket. Okay. Quintessential Chicago. In his humor and it's. Every hotly so much time. It's it's. Hollywood studios and exciting things. That's one of the things the only exist ask injuries and real estate he was under designed to be seen. Think she's just my TV guide cystic. Glimpse of what we're seeing here. And every single case. Just beautiful. Life you see myself going out on. Percent. Her old. Gold. And of course like diamonds. Not a problem let us. Turning place here this evening. Really my beautiful. So before we close out I just wanted to kind of get to these Kirsten. It should assistant home. Can't honestly look at the store where analysts now fleeing. I mean. I think she had a favorite designer. It's of this entire room right now it's certainly. Up for auction on line. Yeah. Not see aunt Laurie and I am ready the name. Want to come and join us I don't throughout the sound PT this weekend's entry next week. And live auction which is the intensity of pop. I'm honest to god thank you speak on Wednesday tanks and have gene. Come see it. Absolutely. Well guys it's doing Marie McKenzie I'm here at Christie's it was so the sell off. Get the preview of this collection that you so much Gemma and guys come theaters it's quite.

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