Inside Marvel: Big reveal in 'Secret Empire' designed to provoke questions

Spoiler warning! Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer give a hint about meaning of issue 2's final page.
3:16 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Marvel: Big reveal in 'Secret Empire' designed to provoke questions
Now we gets it again what we've been delaying this entire time at who knew weird all character that you introduce at the end of this particular issue. He added. Let's nine that collects data indicates that the last but well. We are looking at a guy he beats of a whole bunch of again. The height elect if it decides our agents boom so maybe that'll hold on to certain sort of society and the only topic and it is it is that the bigger turn. Lately it certainly looks and sounds like blues. Air. Blood you know eight it's it's designed. To EUS the question is now it's the aids designs than a year wondered what happened next. But you know you're looking. Her a ray of hope it's. You know this is the earth and we union while. I mean my name is Steve Rogers I'm trying to get home that's the standard chairman and its scenic character that is so essential to marvelous it's. Go through quite a bit of best year. What's what does this what are the stakes here how do you redeem this guy. How do you mean we'll be driven into a corner yeah exactly did like black and access that page it's meant to provoke questions first and foremost I had many. At that the profitable this incident but we set about telling the story. We knew it was gonna raise eyebrows and we also knew that we are painting Steve Rogers into corner into the question is. How do you get him out indeed can you give them out that's going to be the phone. Absolutely and so. Again the news actually instructor this week that this is going to be an attendee she series. So we have again looking in a more issues after this the kind of figure out what the journey. Of this Celeste you'll figure in the woods of Canada. Emerging triumphant after beating of the serpent society and Ellen. I wanna cut in the volumes are by the. Supposedly I I would ask. What the possibilities are for those stats a nobody an answer. Go ask the way let me get asking around out Whaley what do the craziest theories and scenarios you've heard from this. This ending page. Is an industry you Mina a few come to mind immediately is an altered timeline is this that maybe the keep spit out. A creek you know a person to balance the good and bad of Captain America there's so many different things here. I just love to get your take on this because it's it's so fascinating the questions he's a few questions there's millions and asked. Yet senator it will Gila it. It gets the old theories to opt out or any. I articulate and I would just say we were terribly your city he you know we are. It. Stories about stories we do something like act. Who beat something at least you don't. Fundamentally balance the rockers Steve Rogers we year old bets that meet all workers years. Meet so much so many people. You know we really wanted him to be or Serena always. And you know that's that's that's really what these stories about it not so much about. Pulling from something. They used to enter her you know and Burton mark.

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{"id":47494198,"title":"Inside Marvel: Big reveal in 'Secret Empire' designed to provoke questions","duration":"3:16","description":"Spoiler warning! Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer give a hint about meaning of issue 2's final page.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-marvel-big-reveal-secret-empire-designed-provoke-47494198","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}