Inside the Oscars Nominees Luncheon with 'Cartel Land'

Meet the team behind the best documentary feature nominee.
11:57 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Inside the Oscars Nominees Luncheon with 'Cartel Land'
We have this team behind. Parts handling and congratulations. On the nomination for best documentary yeah. Six about what it is plain view have all your hard work and that's important argument. These are part please I think I think it. They're making documentaries really challenging circumstances. It's night and which you hope is is that people get seated and I think being part of this thing. Now and it's and it's you know I mean here we aren't the school. Maybe we'll. It's not my love. Youkilis and my. Yeah. In. Again. Never expected. Well the cliches there'll. I went it's a surreal and he didn't realize until today that this nomination is real did you feel that way. God collection was surrounded by all the other nominees are headed. I think the mistress announced. That morning and X I was watching on YouTube and it's true. And I and I tell category a maximum agreement I don't know and remember we talked on and you. Sure now he needs now we'll. That's silence him chopping Annie and I think I mean Mac took his life in his hands to make us. Few the agency season. Numerous times. I. Nearly dancers Google news. I really in the middle and I've all of that he recognized news stories good and journalism. And I had been a journalist and ABC news yeah many many years. And this is a strong apiece. That was my next question was how do you Latin how do you look at documentary. Care to exiting together and historians. I think you're you're tackling a subject that is important. Where audiences to learn how. When I was ABC news I did things took a year and things again I was sort of mind managed to live permanently reduce. Want to happens and I think we're going to win those instances is trying to give the audience experience and it's been really learn something about the important. Interesting yeah. And so since I think. It's very similar to telling a story for news crown city. Particularly today's news. Really. Granted. Admitted amazingly audience. I'm taking my audiences. Senator yeah. The vigilante groups are for anything. For many air and then. Some relatively quick three you have to people in the news business taking it sounds forever but it's actually pretty fast something. The story on food and Alina and. Classic sort of good. And everyday citizens dries up music cartel and then over time. Just searching. Fascinating and in this city and and right now. Frightening and and it's important. I mean I think if you think about in the news you know how tough those games. That's really a symptom of government it can't. Performance most basic functions and another symptom is that parts of Mexico or just. And. Went matches lands is one of those. He added we. Thank criminality he found that some of the opposition's action coming from the government itself. So it's a really important story and and what does that mean for the people in your showings of the plight of these people who are being affected by the reason it happened. Admitting that flew him to do wonderful things for the nomination percent of its service in Atlanta this season was on the suffering. Of Mexican people. So many of whom live. The cartel and. This case. The sun that's one of the things that we've does that do. So much of his these issues have been talking about media and glorify him in movies. We really want to humanize it yes that are talking that we outside. Someone who myself and. Three ever read your image I yeah. I was I was breaking yes. I mean if I'm gophers Hazmat incident as many times I've stayed mostly new York and that night after night I'd sit there looking strong going come on matters its name once he did something right because I knew he was out there indefinitely with no man's land. Perry and. And I think it's I think what you do as a journalist excuse me taken on the risks. And where. They're real glad you're doing it for a reason. Story. Name and you were scared. Yeah. As soon as two of them out of world war. I've never been in place. So my hands. Very varied industries shootouts between the vigilantes. I tell math clubs and inducted tonight there's. I'd be. Something is very terrifying. Your daily must have been so it's tough when you got on the plane to come home. He went multiple times I mean that's enough here's why it was such things at him and I producer at ABC news. Ultimately it's violently. America people were shooting at each other but I would go hand in. Wreck and maybe I went back and let him go back to its. Back inferno the same people. Over time Warren dangerous because you do when you Patrick. And that is really make them really. I just wanted to. Okay yeah. I didn't concert inside. This easy even more excited having her eldest. Now they're getting. There. Work that you didn't know which I think he's happy selling one. I'm glad you're back I feel like listening to that makes me nervous trio consumers parents. Assessment Grossman I think so that it that you at the awards. Yet united and we were all of snow and US. Yes some. Every day in. Come again it's. Passes synergies. Amazingly filmmakers. In our categories it's not documentaries on in his. Quite what one of the died thought I had cancer incidence and I was kind of on same business you know news stories. Feature length socks. Featured there films they're really just trying to figure out and it's cents a now I'm found but it really is what was going through my hands under these great storytellers. It's very telling as a way of making sense. When you do not fiction or nonfiction. I think there's a lot more that we have in common. Differences so it really feels pain during meetings and tenacity included an. Stories resonate. Right human volunteer went to the story needed to be told it hasn't really getting the story like this and hot with near impossible and and tonight he's infinitely sensitive issue down much happening in order to account person answered that. I'm me and Anthony missed out on this album Allen you're thinking what happened to me. She last. And Bulow zest to the silver bullet and this an issue that's been trying to be. Attempt results for decades. And I think it believes he's done to. Lines. Basic economics advisors demand for her. And the states in this fight them to Mexico and South America and all the violence. And so you know until we stop our race appetite for. Drugs. In the US. In this war won't stop there's a lot of others she's involved. In their government institutions in Mexico. Noble border policy. Things you know gone on for decades at least at this point but at them at the base of dolls are demands. Production and consumption to us. Also the government's. When they don't work. Out and things are happening too long borders of the United States won its non cash and most of the drugs I'm. Announced his government. Is less successful. In methamphetamine which is the students. Featured in hotel land made in Mexico could also be made candidate just as easily. There's no reason and and in some ways the workers more perhaps Canada and the government Canada's more effective government. Providing this service so I think it speaks only to the problem Olson to the importance of governments at us. Why this story why did you decide to me that now. I think news you know the little reason I've been an article about what was happening and it moved in ways. Weigh in on time it's a world that I really want. Assassin. I think intellectually would movement and its. This is seeking covered so much in the media and glorified and TV shows movies and video on again. Anyway I don't yeah flowers and also quite a window. Into this world scene. Human down and dynamics by hopefully sort of illuminating the micro. Both are making more macro abstinence as well. And the idea that people tend to government and their hands is not new dispensers from us this street and it sort of shocking and it's pointless entry that's still. The stones. Understanding. What happens when citizens do that. Really an interesting narrative tries. It was irresistible when people think these kinds of issues be so far away when in reality. Generic in our back yard and pop. Are so hopeful in a way that could mean problems of the world aren't. And hopefully this will inform people that it's. We have some work to do. And it's yeah and we we've we've you know necessity arises through excess of this conference on world there's this conflict that's happening right on our border neck commissioners homelessness. This accomplish that response yeah funding turn them drugs and a 100000 plus kills. 200739000. Customers here. These are staggering numbers the numbers are often. I think about it. Yeah that's one of the things again. Yeah thank you. I've had anything we didn't ask you. Generous maternity view him. It's free press three. And spicy yeah yeah I think pat.

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