Inside Yayoi Kusama's 'Infinity Mirrors' exhibit in Los Angeles

A tour of Kusama's exhibit at the Broad museum.
7:36 | 10/19/17

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Transcript for Inside Yayoi Kusama's 'Infinity Mirrors' exhibit in Los Angeles
Hi everyone I'm Lesley messer senior entertainment editor for ABC news and here at the broad museum in downtown Los Angeles with their lawyer is the assistant. Curator here at the museum it's been a telephone about the new. He's not exhibit which opens on Saturday and yes it opens on Saturday and and that thanks for coming to CS here. We're standing outside of dots obsession love transformed into the dots which is one of six infinity near and son are on view here. For the round of the show. Mind you this Saturday through January Paris and he. Instantly Shannon Spann the artist's entire career he mentioned right yes yes exactly so this is the first time at six rooms are being shown together. I'm the most rims that I've ever been shown together and Nate van from the earliest work that the artist made from the experience from 1965. All the way to the most recent work from 2016. Cents to be done and I'm so that's what it's in 2007 re. Are. Oh my gosh. We seeing here. Yeah. Sighed at got -- accent and eighty easy it is -- lions chamber in DC marathon offside. Is that you can see volatility environment reflected on or around June and you can also see your self proclaimed yeah. Also using modern day. There's a plastic bags and what she's thinking when she's putting together this specific threat you know. A little different than others because it happens. Environmental. Elements to it bag you can actually. There's that heat they can look in town exciting there's balloons out in the lobby are also part of this artwork. And it has all these kind of vinyl balloons floating all over the place that's a little bit different that in an airline chamber that people are used is being here at the bread. These souls of millions of light years away which is been on Houston's Leo van in fifty years ago but OK so I don't know that we of their people coming in simulations spend too much I didn't hear but this is one of the rooms is that for people can come and most of the rooms are a little smaller and yes so that's why I'm does not have a small platforms that your freedom roundabout that rim and we cannot how many more people and it's really mad at times then some of the others the others he'll enter one or two at a time leaving only sent. Yeah most of their hands are doing thirty seconds to yourself you can get yes aren't just experience. Lakes and American diet gas well what is. This is the second grim and serious rain for the vs yeah second any accidents and yes and that you can take a piece in upkeep. Over here. Oh well I'm. Yeah this is that people you can actually get up close if you lie. Com and seeing there. Yeah. Pilots fast. Yes but it's basically a tiny smear headline Cambridge just like the large planet we're Jack stand and so witness Ricky didn't see she's playing like this kind of experience of the body and visual experience of these freedoms from different scales as laugh. Yeah so soon he mentions she's eighty years old living in Tokyo and she's still working on an art. All the time she works daily at her CBS stealth so this day gas. She's incredibly active. On and we have worked Sunday used spanning from the 1960s. All the way and 1950s actually all the way till this very last year. So what is what is best for their we have here that either accumulation softer than actually. Perhaps we can just go quickly in two. Ballets feels. Which is the it. The earliest work that's our news from 1965. Pregnancies than any near Adams. What her thought process behind doing anything that adherence what exactly is she hoping to capture. In these works of art I am so I say that they are kind of fits come. Experience out of clothes interior our needs so the year yourself but also seeing yourself reflected all around you and kind of what artist called. Self obliteration. On this way at becoming radically connected to other people. By a senior south kind of reflected infinitely. Gap and this is. I think. Oh wow. This is and that is in the sixty's yes and I worked from 1965. And we can just sneak inside. It. A feeling every action must be oh my gosh all the time when people come into yeah that's fun Israeli special outside. An artist has recreated this work. Specifically for this show. So the original one is turned 1965. When she first made and it's the first near -- not she needs and its top allies yelled you can see that. But Huber is all over the floor that are reflected all around that's. He's really playful white seabirds covered in the use. Red spots. And they come out of these accumulations vouchers that she made so she was selling and stopping each tube where. One night line and then placing them on the panels opt to gather actually see the repetition in the physical objects and and we see our own repetition reflected. Seemingly infinitely around that's how does something like this tit for Hertz have together. Not how long actually she worked up near original one so this is this is a wreath fabrication have though Eric. But it's. Really close to how the original on what have been experience how the there's just so much detail here it can't imagine stuffing them and then putting him just now. You guys have the a lot of these pigs could. Pirates and this is the third room in the series of sex that this is that there that visitors will experience out of six. Mon cards people to come by and see either asked we do have stabbed my tickets available that. The advance tickets have already been sold out we saw that like that's right I think what you think people connect to you so much with this because there is a line out the door already. For people. Just hoping to get a glimpse at that's why you people connect to this summer he I think really hard everyday is back on this experience. That it's really a personal experience I knew coming into these infinity near rams is really relatable for people. Of all ages. Nine of all backgrounds I think because you see not only be objects reflected on around you that you see yourself reflected and so it becomes this really. Experience that's about. Finding yourself as may be the most important thing in the round but also seeing yourself as insignificant at the same time the getting is really relatable and this moment his. For all her Infiniti rooms patents. That I know hook after axiom is that had FEMA for all of our. Actually. Yeah I guess who young hot and they act and Timothy Michener also darker not all of them have this much life TSE act that is the brightest on now well. And really appreciate you taking us through is there anything that the artist that I didn't ask you about that we shed. I mention covered it thanks so much service and think you guys so much for being with us again rather broad in downtown Los angeles'. Looking at the new could sign exhibit we're gonna leave this room see what else is going on outside and then we'll say the bottom.

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{"id":50593932,"title":"Inside Yayoi Kusama's 'Infinity Mirrors' exhibit in Los Angeles","duration":"7:36","description":"A tour of Kusama's exhibit at the Broad museum. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-yayoi-kusamas-infinity-mirrors-exhibit-los-angeles-50593932","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}